consultative exams

What is the difference between my doctors’ exam and a consultative exam?

Your usual doctors’ exam is important to your disability claim. Your doctor will document your physical or mental complaints, medical condition over time and what medications are prescribed. This information is important to include with your disability application.

A consultative exam is also a medical examination but it is not with your doctor. You will be referred to someone who is an independent doctor and has been contracted by the Social Security Administration. This exam may include a physical, psychological evaluation and may or may not include blood work or x-rays. The doctor will be trying to get enough information to give the DDS examiner an idea of what the claimant’s condition is and what the limitations are. The doctor does not prescribe any medication or treatments.

Why do you need another exam?

If the DDS examiner feels that there is not enough medical documentation, your x-rays are out of date or the claimant has not seen a doctor recently, you may be asked to have a consultative exam. Not every applicant will need to have a consultative exam. You will receive a letter asking for a consultative exam if one is needed. Be sure that you attend the CE if you are asked to go. Failure to attend may give the examiner a reason to dismiss your claim.