Mental Health Disability Benefits

It is possible to be awarded Social Security Disability benefits for a mental health condition. There are no guaranteed mental health disorders that will grant you disability benefits. However, the disability handbook (known as the blue book) does contain listings and criteria for a variety of mental disorders. Some of these listings are schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, mental retardation, bipolar disorder or autism. As with any disability, just because your disability is in the blue book does not guarantee that your claim will be approved. 

The Social Security Administration looks to see if the disability is listed and then applies the claimants ability to function in daily life to determine if the individual is able to work at all. Some of the things that are considered are the ability to interact with public, family or friends. Social Security will also look at how well the person is able to take care of themselves in everyday life doing things like cooking, shopping, paying bills and tending to their own hygiene.  The disorder and the ability to function are both considered when deciding if a claimant is disabled to the point of needing benefits.

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits because of a mental health disorder is possible. Be aware that there are many factors that go into your claim being approved, just like with a physical disability. If the mental health disability also makes it impossible for an individual to function in daily life and complete routine daily tasks then benefits may be awarded.