Moreno Valley, California ODAR Office

At the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Moreno Valley, California, 11 different administrative law judges (ALJ) conduct Social Security Disability (SSD) hearings and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearings. Currently, in Moreno Valley, the average wait time for a SSI or SSD hearing is 19.0 months. The average case processing time in Moreno Valley is 599 days.The Moreno Valley average for winning a SSI or SSD disibility hearing is 44%. Click on the name of one of the ALJs below to see detailed information about their hearing results. This information for the Moreno Valley ODAR office was last updated on 6/11/2019.

Average statistics
OfficeJudgesAvg. Hearing
Wait Time
Processing Time
Per Day Per ALJ
Moreno Valley 11 19.0 months 599 days 2.4 18% 44% 38%
California17.1 months562 days2.220%45%35%
National Average:14.9 months500 days2.120%42%38%
Full NameDismissedApprovedDenied

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Bruce McMahon
Judge: Marti Kirby
5/22/2020 10:44:45 AM

Judge Marti Kirby is a fine Judge and happy she was the one selected for my case. I didn't have a lawyer & just talked to her without notes & everything flowed beautifully. I won my case. I personally don't think hiring a lawyer helps because the first time I applied I lost my case hiring Bill Latour. Even though it took a while getting back into court second time around by going it alone I kept all the backpay. Who needs a lawyer? Thanks Judge Kirby! You are the greatest!

Judge: Marti Kirby
3/27/2020 10:07:17 PM

Marti Kirby is Cold-hearted to say the very least, a complete hack for the SSA in my opinion. I bet she thinks she's a good person. Yuck.

Ken D.
Judge: Lawrence J Duran
2/21/2020 3:47:24 AM

Judge Duran was very thorough and asked many questions some of which were very personal and in my view had nothing to do with my disability, maybe it was to establish credibility? I answered every question truthfully and as accurately as I could recall, and if I couldn't recall I didn't hesitate to admit it. in my opinion He is a tough but fair Judge.

Judge: Alan J Markiewicz
2/20/2020 2:12:06 PM

I had my hearing on 02/19/2020 with Judge Markiewicz. He was kind, respectful, and pleasant. He smiled, laughed and made you feel comfortable. He spoke clearly and knew the facts of my case. I felt he listened and paid attention when I spoke. He seems to be a just and fair Judge.

Master Chief
Judge: Michael B Richardson
2/19/2020 5:20:09 PM

I felt discriminated against for having a successful career and retirement. He already made his decision before I entered the room. He didn't look at any medical records that I presented. I guess he is a former Marine and must not like a career Navy Master Chief. Oh well!

Vicki Corkern
Judge: Michelle Thompson
12/27/2019 9:04:38 AM

The disability rules, law, I should of got my disability, but this judge denied me my disability. I am a very sick person, there is days I can barely walk, I honestly don't know if I am going to make it some days.. I have so much pain , so forgetful, the social security doctor said I was disable to work, because of my disease. She mention of me being obesity, and lack of education. It never stopped me working before. I have worked ever since I was 12 years old, worked hard for over 40 years. I have worked for everything I have, and now I am not able to work and about to lose everything I have ever worked for, because I am not able to work, and this Judge made this unfair and inhumane decision, on behalf I felt she is a prejudge Person. It is such a shame that a judge can make this kind of decision, because they don't like a person. What has our country become to. So sad that's it's become that such cases are treated like this. God be with us all.

Judge: Thomas D Businger
11/29/2019 10:19:37 AM

Yes, I completely agree with what someone else mentioned: that Thomas D Businger is a heartless shill for the social security administration. Any truly objective person with an ounce of compassion would've awarded me benefits, but not Thomas D Businger. Seems in order to keep their job and the SSA happy, these administrative law judges have to deny half of their cases, which is pathetic because there are so many hurting people who deserve benefits now. Yes, Thomas D Businger is a shill, in my opinion.

Judge: Thomas D Businger
11/7/2019 3:55:48 PM

Judge Businger, was extremely professional. He wasn’t very personable but I didn’t expect him to be.... He is a Judge. He listened very carefully to what I had to say and was very factual. I appreciated that he allowed me to stand up and move around because if I sit for longer than 10 mins it can be painful. The only reason I have posted this review is that I saw some pretty unfair ones written. Being disabled and having to talk about how it has turned your world upside down is difficult. I appreciated his professionalism. Awesome Judge

Kent ivan Davis
Judge: Alexander Weir III
10/28/2019 11:44:45 AM

Alexander weir lii is a kkk red robe and hood wearing racist at night, for black robe in the day. He kills blacks for a living, sends black to the grave in his court room. Zebras can't change stripes on his skin and he change that he's a racist and a killer of blacks. Look at cases and see how many of denied and dismiss are blacks. He has no business being on the court.

Judge: Mark B Greenberg
9/16/2019 6:47:14 PM

Judge Greenberg was nice. He did not make me feel stupid, he was not intimidating, he's just a nice guy. Some judges are horrible, they are mean, intimidating, and obnoxious. Not Judge Greenberg, totally nice guy.

Judge: Paula M Martin
9/15/2019 2:32:46 PM


Judge: Thomas D Businger
8/27/2019 1:52:49 AM

I was hoping for some compassion, when pleading my case to Thomas D Businger, who seemed nice to begin with, but turned out to be, at least in my opinion, just another heartless shlll for the Social Security Administration. Like they need anymore of those lol He summed me up, summed my entire case up using the testimony of a single, shady social security Doctor who spent about 1 minute and 30 seconds with me, max. Worse, he seemed very interested in trying to find out what political party I preffered by asking strange and pointed questions. He made me feel f my political views aligned better with his, then maybe the outcome of my case would be favorable. I guess if I had any advice for someone who was going to go before Thomas D Businger, it would be, first seek out another judge if possible , if not, at least try to research him to find out what political party he is apart of, and if your views are different, pretend to have them align better with his. Sad, and I know in a perfect world this should make any difference at all, but I wholeheartedly believe this was the case in my situation.

Judge: Peter J Baum
8/23/2019 11:15:57 AM

judge peter j.baum He gave my husband a waiver overpayment of $83,000 he is fair we will see what happens.

Judge: Mason D Harrell
7/10/2019 5:09:10 PM

The last comment is completely understandable. I had judge Harrell and the whole process took about 15 minutes. The judge did not ask the vocational expert any questions and he may have asked to verify the medical expert special codes my Ssdi Lawyer had brought up. After all the questions were asked he asked me a few questions about my daily life, then asked my attorney if he had any questions and the attorney said no and that was it. With all that said I got a fully favorable consideration. I think if your attorney comes in really prepared and gives a pre-briefing that is perfect for the judge everything will go fine. I just got a fully favorable consideration today ( July 10 19). So for the last comment I really would not have anything to worry about. My Attorney said that case couldn't have gone any better. And just to bring up one thing he did say that the reason why the judge did not ask questions to the vocational rehabilitation expert is why he predicted that my case was basically going to win ( and he was right ). So if you have any worries please know, that judge does not really speak too much and if he does I think that’s where you have the problems, Because he is looking for reasons to deny you. So if I were a betting man, you have nothing to worry about other than maybe getting a fully favorable consideration, thanks

Judge: Alan J Markiewicz
7/8/2019 6:03:59 PM

I just had my hearing last week, I was so nervous walking into the room but he made me feel at ease, I believe he is a fair judge, they have a tough job at hand, considering the time they are given to make decisions, I thank him for listening to my concerns and for being very respectful

Judge: Mason D Harrell
7/2/2019 4:13:21 AM

I felt judge Harrell did his duties as a judge quite fair. However, he did not ask opinions from my medical expert or vocational expert which has me a little worried. Other than that I felt for my first time at a hearing I felt relaxed and calm.

Judge: Edward C Graham
6/28/2019 9:26:50 PM

Superb judge- fair, attentive to detail, easy to understand, thorough, understanding and a pleasure to meet. Thank you Your Honor!

Judge: Lawrence J Duran
1/18/2019 4:22:40 PM

The staff and security there make it unfriendly to the disabled. Wouldn't let me wear my prescription glasses to walk to the hearing room, treat you like a case number. I was so exhausted and in pain I had to lay down on the floor in front of the judge and adjust my spine so I could continue. Judge had the nerve to say I showed the opposite i moved to much! Sorry that disabled people have to deal with vicious litigators to get there benifits another sign California is The Failed State of the Union. This Judge is a *****!

Judge: Lawrence J Duran
11/8/2018 11:24:24 AM

This judge gets no stars. The whole experience was awful. The man just spent the entire time asking me question after question about how I spend my days. AT NO POINT DID HE ASK ME FOR A STATEMENT OR TO EXPLAIN MY SITUATION. It was a waste of three years of my life.

kenneth d. chavez
Judge: Josephine Arno
10/31/2018 11:35:25 PM

My judge was Josephine Arno. Having no teeth made it difficult to answer questions and talking in front of people is terrifying for me. My attorney didn't seem to offer much help. I hadn't worked since 2009 and made over 100k yearly. I cant remember much from 2009 until 2015. I was lost, not taking meds for my mental illness, except when hospitalized. They say I applied for benefits back in 2010 though I cant recall. The past 2 years I have been seeing my doctors regularly and started on meds to help my schizophrenia and panic attacks. I tried getting a job for the first time in 2017 as I was able to get out of the house more and felt I could maybe work thinking my panic attacks were under better control. I was wrong though, I fell off a ladder after working there for one month and broke my foot. This is probably the only thing that kept me from being fired much sooner then I was. I was put on restricted duty because of the broken foot and was allowed to work any hours and not showing up which became a big problem because the panic attacks have come back. I don't want to be disabled and want to work like I use to. I don't want to be a burden on anyone including my parents. I wish I could have my life back but am not there and because I worked I might of ruined my chances for getting help which I need so desperately. When asked if I had worked I thought she meant right at that moment. I became confussed and was fighting from having a panic attack. I just wanted out of the court room and I think I really screwed things up....I haven't received an answer yet but from what I hear she is very fair and am lucky to have someone who is. I worked my hole life helping others and hope someone can help me now when it is needed. I don't expect to need help for long though because the meds are working just not as fast as I could hope. that's is for now ….kenny

Jenna hothan
Judge: Michael B Richardson
10/18/2018 11:18:16 AM

He was extremely rude and lacked empathy. He didn't provide eye contact and proceed to judge my case based on my age. CLEARLY AGE DISCRIMINATION! I said " they (I) dont care if you had breast cancer. I was there for my judgment on PTSD and whistleblower. I was brutally beaten in my face for reporting to the ATF about a corrupt sheriff's department. This judge ignored all of the written and photographed evidence. He is in it for himself , I feel sorry for the further clients. #me2

Attorney Representative CA
Judge: Joseph D Schloss
10/3/2018 5:04:29 PM

I am an attorney representative who has appeared before dozens of judges throughout California and have appeared before this judge several times. Unfortunately, the comments that describe he lacks professionalism and general courtesy in treating claimants and representatives professionally (whether he agrees or disagrees with the strength of the claimant's case) are true in my experience. This is something that judges are bound to exercise and demonstrate pursuant to the model code of judicial conduct; Joseph Schloss however does not abide by those canons when he is frustrated or opines the case is not a strong one. Again, this is a fair comment based on my experience as a lawyer having appeared before numerous judges throughout California.

Debra L Case
Judge: John Trunick
9/5/2018 11:31:37 AM

I dont know my outcome yet . but Judge Trunik was a pleasant man, and very calm and patient. a gentlemen. He gave me as much time as I needed to cope with my illness in the court setting. He is soft spoken, and not pushy. He even told me due to my sciatica I can't sit long so he said I can walk around the room if It made me more comfortable. I really liked his demeanor, and disposition. Very mellow.......

David Marler
Judge: Peter J Baum
7/30/2018 12:10:10 PM

Judge Baum. He is a very straight shooting judge and is very fair!

Andrea E.
Judge: Troy Silva
5/8/2018 9:27:52 AM

I am so grateful that the fate of my case landed in the hands of ALJ Troy Silva. His professionalism, fairness and compassion rekindled my faith in the "system" when I thought that was no longer possible. I was most impressed by his discernment in reviewing my case file (that was filed 6 years ago). I feared that after all these years a favorable decision was not going to happen. It was no so much my lack of faith in the SSA, but rather in my attorney, Dr Bill LaTour, who was supposed to be representing me in my claim. His office was extremely negligent, sloppy, uncommunicative and unprofessional with my case. It was difficult and at times impossible to get a return call, medical records were lost or not turned in, his representatives were rude and unprofessional, etc. His office is ran like a puppy mill. His clients are just another digit on his paycheck in my experience. ALJ Troy Silva was able to look beyond that and focus primarily on my disability, which saved me from a denial of benefits due to incompetencies of my own representative. I cant explain how saved I felt during my hearing when I suddenly realized that Judge Silva could sift thru it all and see my case clearly and now he was going to step in and handle my case how it should have been from the beginning. Thank you Judge Silva. You are a fair, intelligent, patient and discerning man and our society is blessed to be judged by someone like you! Respectfully, Andrea E.

Judge: Michael B Richardson
5/4/2018 8:24:12 PM

I thought he was very fair and caring and seemed very concerned for me.. the claimant.. He read over the records and didn't stress me out any more than I already was..

Judge: Josephine Arno
3/19/2018 4:46:12 PM

My hearing was 3/14/18. I waited over 3 1/2 years. Josephine Arno was my ALJ. She was fair and listened to me and my attorney. The hearing was a fast 20 minutes. She told me before I left that I would be awarded benefits. I knew I would win, but I didn't expect to know the day of the hearing.

Judge: Joseph D Schloss
3/11/2018 10:51:42 PM

I went to see him on 2/20/18. He automatically decided that just because I haven't had any seizures in nearly 6 years that I am well enough to work. He also dismissed the fact that even though I was on the CPAP for sleep apnea, my PCP noted I was on it for smoking cessation. I never smoked a day in my life. When I stated that I was still on in because I may die in my sleep, he said, "Well, you're not dead, so why are you still on the CPAP?" I pray that there is no one else who gets this judge when they appeal.

T Rutledge
Judge: Edward C Graham
2/24/2018 6:10:58 AM

Best judge ever. Fast, professional and very attentive. I'm very grateful to you, Your Honor!

Mitchell Albrecht
Judge: Michael B Richardson
2/3/2018 7:19:09 AM

Judge Michael B Richardson ignores medical evidence. He also ignored rights violations, and won't let you speak of them. Judge Michael B Richardson is a criminal finacial terrorist. I wouldnt be surprised if he had little kids locked up in his basement screaming for their mommies. Zero doubt in my mind he does the bidding of deep state mafia, and belongs at Guantanamo Bay Cuba.

Judge: Alan J Markiewicz
12/27/2017 3:30:37 AM

This judge will smile, act pleasant, then deny you. He will give zero weight to your Dr, and all credibility goes to a medical expert (who's never seen you). He also thinks someone with serious back conditions can lift, squat,bend, stoop and crawl. He will give no weight to how you suffer on a daily basis, making it impossible to work. It's no wonder his denials are so high.....

Chris B Woods
Judge: Dana E McDonald
12/8/2017 5:07:10 AM

I Just hope and prayed that Judge: Dana E McDonald would given me ssdi which I desired in my case. Because he award me ssi which he didnot appointted a legal guardain to help me mangage my money because I was so poor for 6 years on all theses appeals I thought I was getting 26 thousand not 26 hundred big different which I had papers sign by a doctor showing I had 106 tcell in 1998 which should got my disability then but I just one more commercial befoe I died of aids that make my family happy and proud but they never care for me anyway because I was gay so July 15 ,2017 I pack up and moved back to Tampa Fla where I grew up But the problems that happen with my family was because they didnot want me there and so if i would had a guardin managing my money I would never moved back to Dum Tampa Bay and I been have waiting for months for my Section 8 to be tranfar back to Palm Springs Ca Thanks Goverment for dropping the ball on my case A Grow Man at 50 years old Does not cry for money to make his life better no worse by making the wrong disuccsion in my case. Merry Christmas to all And Happy New Year I am glad that the guys in Desert Hot Springs took me in !!

Christopher Kalt
Judge: Joseph D Schloss
8/29/2017 1:10:42 PM

Judge Schloss heard my case this past August 1st, 2017. I was very pleased by is professionalism. He is definitely a "no nonsense" kind of guy who bases his decisions on evidence and logic. My hearing was short and to the point. He asked questions and I answered them. He was pleasant, friendly, and noticed my long work history (16 years on my last job). I really appreciate him acknowledging that. When my hearing was over (approximately 15 minutes) Judge Schloss wished me well. I have to admit, I was terrified when I walked in to that hearing room, but my fears were soon forgotten within a few minutes of starting the procedure.

Judge: Kenneth E Ball
7/25/2017 1:27:40 PM

As an attorney representative, I endorse Judge Ken Ball as a fair, respectful and knowledgeable ALJ. During the course of the hearing he treats the claimant with respect and dignity and is very patient to hear all pertinent evidence in adjudicating the claim.

Judge: Joseph D Schloss
6/26/2017 4:42:27 PM

As an attorney rep, it is my experience having appeared before Judge Schloss that he is a fair and empathetic judge. His demeanor may be perceived as a bit 'gruff' but from a judge's perspective (especially with attorney representation) hearings really should get down to the issues and legal theory being presented to show CL meets the definition of disability.

Judge: Joseph D Schloss
5/13/2017 2:34:07 PM

I have appeared before him several times as a representative and I have always had a good experience. I do not feel that he has discriminated against any of my claimants as claimed by the other comments, and I have represented a wide variety of people. If you do not understand the Social Security administration's regulations for disability and the five step sequential evaluation then you should not be going into a hearing without an attorney.

chris b woods
Judge: Dana E McDonald
3/20/2017 3:14:46 AM


Relieved in Redlands
Judge: Troy Silva
3/14/2017 1:20:55 AM

My high rating is due to receiving Judge Silva's favorable decision though it was unexpected. The SSA is a wonderful institution which grants me the fortune of their assistance. Yet, their processes are intimidating and, in recent years, have resulted in diminished security for individuals of need. Consequently, I suffered severe anxiety when the SSA noticed me of an over-payment issue and had a dismal outlook about my hearing. With the help of Legal Aid, I presented my case honestly and Judge Silva was fair and compassionate. His decision offered me relief for which I am profoundly grateful. The world would be a better place if other judges aspired to be like Judge Silva!

Judge: Lynn Ginsberg
2/2/2017 11:13:41 AM

My hearing was January 11th 2017. Needless to say I was present without an attorney, nervous and didn't know what expect. All I knew is what I heard about how hard the judges are and how mean. I walked in a court room and faced a very compassionate, knowledgeable, and understanding judge. I am suffering from many disorders one being anxiety, and I couldn't thank her enough for helping me through this day to calm me down to get me composed enough to talk through her questions. I'm not sure what her decision I'd yet, but I know it will be one thst is fair and I know that she can see who's needing their disability and who isn't. Thank you again Judge Ginsberg for hearing this day. Sincerely, Elizabeth

Joanne Elm
Judge: Lynn Ginsberg
12/23/2016 6:14:14 PM

I had a hearing this week (Dec 22 2016) where Judge Ginsberg was assigned to hear my case. I had no idea what to expect. After 31/2 years of dealing with my disability I didn't think I would be as emotional about it that I ended up being that day. I tried hard to compose myself but the years of dealing with this seemed to take over instead as I realized I had a very compassionate person in front of me that seemed to understand my struggle and really listen to me. Whether I am granted my request for disability or not I feel her decision will be one I trust and can live with. Thank You again Judge Ginsberg for being so kind to me.

Judge: Lynn Ginsberg
11/21/2016 1:43:22 AM

My hearing was on September 16, 2016. I don't feel my hearing went well. I probably will get a denial letter. Judge Ginsberg is a very good judge. I did not not have good representation. The hearing started late because he was in another hearing. He didn't spend much time preparing me for the hearing. I was extremely anxious and wasn't able to answer questions. She is professional and I could tell she works hard to understand your case to make a decision within the laws of ssdi. Be prepared with your case.

Helen Lane Buchanan
Judge: Kenneth E Ball
11/5/2016 7:39:31 PM

I went before judge Ball and in the past eight years has been a rollercoaster ride with social security. I just couldn't understand why they are fighting me I had breast cancer along with bad doctors and surgeon's and hard to get a job with medical. Judge Ball is the only Judge that was fair and listened to my story and then I listened to him and his questions and I found he spent time to explain my case to me and no other judge ever did this. I have a hard time understanding legal and reading with seventh grade education and I found judge Ball to be fair and honest with me. As one human to another that's all we can ask for in life just be fair. Even if I am right or wrong. Thank you for your time to read.

Judge: Peter J Baum
10/24/2016 7:46:29 AM

I went before judge Baum back in 2011 and he granted me 100 percent disability with bk pay and than I was denied because my roommate started getting his someone filled us a married couple so I was cut off and had to reapply again fo disability and was supposed to get bk 4years of bk pay when I was approved again and judge C.Davis only granted me 1 1/2 years bk pay when I was determined 100 0/0 bk in 2012 by judge Baum now I feel discriminated by judge Davis so I plan to appeal his dicission to get all my bk pay I deserve from 2012 to the present time no better judge than Peter Baum god bless him

Judge: Michael B Richardson
10/20/2016 10:17:02 AM

This judge in my experience as an attorney representative is very patient, thorough and respectful to claimants and their representatives and will provide a fair and balanced hearing to those who appear before him.

Matthew Kealey
Judge: Lynn Ginsberg
9/20/2016 5:49:00 PM

I'm disabled trying to get on SSI a hearing was set up with Judge Ginsberg , she reviewed my case and long story short the Judge denied my claim and I respectfully disagree on the Judges decision regarding my claim, I feel it was unfair and unacceptable.

Judge: Marti Kirby
9/16/2016 3:40:53 PM

this judge does not look at the MEDICAL EVIDENCE... she goes by your age and if you are under 50 you are screwed...i had 250 pages and 10 yrs of medical evidence and was still denied after witness letters... STRONG medical evidence, letters by therapist, psychs... etc etc... had the dr get a RFC form that states severe in every aspect and still said lack of evidence...what else do they want?...if you are under 50 beware is all i can say...

Judge: Marti Kirby
8/12/2016 4:03:03 PM

My experience with Judge Kirby was nothing but positive. It was a quick hearing for SSDI. She was genuine, considerate, cooperative, and friendly. The hearing was very brief. She introduced herself and the others in the room kindly. She explained the process of the hearing to me plain and simple. Overall my experience with this judge was nothing but pleasant.

Judge: Joseph D Schloss
8/4/2016 11:23:13 AM

This judge and I use the term loosely, staight up lie in the brief that I was sent. He had me having an anurism and off work almost 10 years before my accident happened. Either he can't read or someone else did the review of my case because the majority of the stuff he put in the fact finding brief was NOT me. SMH

This judge is a bigot
Judge: Joseph D Schloss
7/31/2016 12:31:39 AM

This is not a judge. He is rude, disrespectful and has a serious God complex. He rolled his eyes and cut me off everytime i spoke. He would twist my words and everything i would say. In the decision paperwork my disability was stated as severe, but the "judge" said he did not agree with the fact i met all the requirements! How is this justice and right!

Judge: Kenneth E Ball
7/15/2016 9:02:11 PM

I have appeared before about 150 ALJs in 30 years of practice. He is among the bottom 10 percent.

Judge: Dana E McDonald
5/3/2016 4:43:24 PM

As an SSDI attorney representative, I echo the praise and endorsement of Judge McDonald. In my experience before this Judge, he is thoroughly familiar with the record, focused, and knows all the nuances and key pivotal issues within a claimant's record and smoothly directs the inquiry towards those issues. Throughout the hearing, he is exceptionally courteous, compassionate and treats everyone with the utmost respect and dignity.

Judge: Marti Kirby
4/12/2016 10:18:13 AM

Obtaining SSDI is a long and an arduous process, however if you do your your due diligence, go to the doctors, therapist, specialists and show you've tried to work and were unable too...then Judge Kirby will be an advocate for your case. I had over 1080 pages of medical documents from my Primary Care Doctor, emergency room visits, my wrist surgery, Orthopedic Surgeon, Pain Management, occupational therapy, mental health therapist, personal letters from friends and family on the decline of my health. And the most important is to get yourself an attorney. Not to battle with the Judge but because it's someone who can speak with her about your case on a legal level. You have to be your own advocate and make sure you have done all the necessary work. This is a time to teach out to friends and family and ask for help. Have them take you to all of your doctor's offices to obtain your medical records. If you go to the emergency room or a walk-in clinic make sure you ask for a copy. Keep a daily journal of your health issues. If you are working even part-time and you have to call in sick keep a calendar or a log it on a journal. All of these things will help your case and hopefully Judge Kirby will rule in your favor. Good Luck to you all! And thank you Judge Kirby and your wonderful staff who have been very kind everytime I call the Moreno Valley office to make sure my records are in order.

Leslie Starkey
Judge: Lynn Ginsberg
4/1/2016 11:19:16 AM

Judge Ginsberg's office (legal assistants) have been very courteous and much more helpful than the offices in St. Louis, MO where they continually said they never received my medical records verifying that I indeed have Lupus, accelerated degeneration of most joints including spine, severe or anaphylactic shock reactions to medications needed for treatments, and other records. Judge Ginsberg's office has kept up with all of my records thus far and has answered my questions fully.

Ruby Johnson
Judge: Edward C Graham
10/7/2015 3:20:04 PM

Judge: Alan J Markiewicz
9/4/2015 3:27:42 AM

In my case, it was already decided and it was in my favor, but when he wanted to see my medical file to check on some notes, it was not in the hearing to begin with, and he postponed a month for the file to be ordered for a decision in the following month. It has been going for almost (4) without any results. My attorney fault for not being prepared at the hearing.

Judge: Mason D Harrell
8/21/2015 12:15:03 PM

Judge Mason Harrell Jr. Is a fair judge waiting on his decision.

Kenneth Cameron
Judge: Joseph D Schloss
6/28/2015 4:01:03 PM

Fix the SSD office and hire honest judges. Judges that state the truth. I received the letter of decision which was full of #'#'#, let's just say I would rather read something that stated the truth.

Kenneth Cameron
Judge: Joseph D Schloss
6/27/2015 12:33:29 PM

I am a Med. Ret. Service-connected Veteran with a VA rating of 90% disabiled and 100% unemployable. But this cat thinks he knows more than the medical people and denies my case. Can I see your License in Medicine? And don't they need to be honest?

Judge: Joseph D Schloss
6/5/2015 3:29:56 PM

I filed a motion for recusal after he accused me of lying and he ruled on his own motion, DENIED.He tries to be intimidating but is really just a coward in a robe and a disgrace to the whole judicial system. I have made it a personal objective to make sure everyone knows what a disgrace he is but guess what, I could not file a complaint with the State Bar because he isn't a real judge, he is an administrative coward. My last hope is to expose him in Federal Court. My best advice if you happen to draw this Judge is to change the venue to another county and hirer a good attorney and if you have to represent yourself as I did preserve and state objections do not get bullied object to the paid hired guns he brings in to discredit you make sure you have more then 5 minutes as I had to review their resume and object,object,object,!

Judge: Mason D Harrell
6/4/2015 3:31:26 PM

Judge Harrell was fair. When he asked questions I didn't feel like he was trying to trick me like the previous ALJ. He was aware of my medical issues where the previous ALJ was uninterested.

Joaquin Apuente Hermano (Hack Jerman)
Judge: Joseph D Schloss
5/23/2015 11:10:28 AM

Back a number of years ago, I found myself caught between a rock and a hard place and emailed him. He gave good advise, I followed it and sent him a thank you note via USPS. This is a good and honest judge.

Judge: Kenneth E Ball
4/29/2015 12:25:24 PM

This is a terrible judge. He will not believe your testimony of disability, even when you have extensive medical records and proof that even working part-time is too much to handle. I would not give him even one star. He has no understanding of the struggles of a person with chronic medical conditions that taxes your energy and makes you tired even after modest activity. I feel sorry for those that have to appear in front of this person.

Judge: Andrew Verne
3/3/2015 3:36:46 PM

I had the pleasure to have my hearing with Judge Verne and before I go on I have not had a decision made on my claim. Judge Verne was very compassionate and patient man. He listens to you very carefully and speaks to you in a soft demeanor which will help you to relax and get through your hearing. However caution should be used for Judge Verne he is highly intelligent and does his homework reviewing your case records. He is a new SSA ALJ but you would never know this based on the above mentioned. I wish him luck on his new career and everyone that will appear before him.

Judge: Joseph D Schloss
2/2/2015 4:23:49 PM

I have spent 7 years trying to get approved under this ALJ ! He was rude yto me from the start , " I have tattoos"so he assumaed I am a lazy druggie , said so & treated me as such ! Told me Didn't have a disability,but my situation was the lifestyle choice of a lazy man

Judge: Joseph D Schloss
1/18/2015 7:43:31 PM

My son who is 26 years old was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia 4 years ago. We went before this judge and was told he could shine shoes. He was denied. When we arrived home my son burned himself with a cigarette 26 times. Enjoy this beautiful day.

Judge: Marti Kirby
12/5/2014 8:00:03 PM

I had the opportunity to meet with Judge Kirby in November 2014 with my friend applying for SSDI. I was surprised to see the negitive comments written because when I met with her she was nothing but kind. Judge Kirby was sympathetic, companionate, and pleasent. She had nothing but patience with us, and I appreciated that very much. I'm happy I had the pleasure of having judge Kirby.

Shaneela Marlett
Judge: Mason D Harrell
7/12/2014 9:42:14 PM

I am an attorney. I see lots of comments on here about the law that are completely wrong. If you want to see what kind of Judge you have, look at the percentages of awards provided on this site. Do not look at the comments for an understanding of the law. It seems many of the commenters are very misinformed about the hearing process. All and all, I highly recommend using an attorney at your hearing so someone who understands disability law can help you understand the procedure.

Eugenio Medrano
Judge: Joseph D Schloss
6/16/2014 3:43:11 PM

I think he is a strong judge and just wants to hear your case clearly to help him make a decision but my lawyer said I definitely have a case he just said it might be hard because of my age but I didn't pick my age to become disabled its runs in my family and I have more than enough work credits I just hope he makes a decision over my medical records rather than my age!!

Judge: Thomas J Gaye
5/30/2014 11:59:00 AM

If the record is not complete by the time of the hearing (i.e. you are still waiting for records to come in) you may consider requesting a postponement with this particular ALJ. His approval rating is high and he is a good judge. Just know your file and your theory of the case before going in! (especially specific grid number or listing)

Judge: Michelle Thompson
5/28/2014 8:27:26 PM

I would like to just say she is a fair and just judge she truly listen and provide fair decisions based on the evidence if more judges were this unbiased and did everything on a case by case basis and not under any preconceived stereotype this world would be a better place

Judge: Alan J Markiewicz
5/25/2014 8:57:18 AM

Even if he denies my case, I feel that he was a fair judge. He took the time to listen to what you had to say, and like everyone says, he allows you to make an opening and ending statement, which I feel like I should have done, but I had my attorney with me. You can't take his decision personally, even if this site says that he denies most of his cases, his job is on a level that many of us will never understand. The system works slow, but it does work.

Judge: Michelle Thompson
5/19/2014 8:08:53 PM

She took the time to listen to me and was very caring.

Judge: Dana E McDonald
4/26/2014 9:33:22 PM

As a very successful SSDI attorney, who has been before this judge many times, I want to assure every claimant that Judge McDonald is the consummate professional. He is well-prepared, very fair, and invariably courteous. If the Social Security Administration were smart, they would consider him a model for other ALJs to emulate. He's central casting in every way. Unlike other judges, he never gives the impression that he's already made up his mind. He also never cuts off attorneys or claimants, and does everything possible to put all parties at ease. That said, he rightly expects attorneys to know the file as thoroughly as he does, and to present their best theory of a case, even when the evidence is shaky. To the above poster, the vocational expert would have been asked more than the one question whose answer you liked. I'm guessing your decision was unfavorable because Judge McDonald adopted the Vocational Expert's response to ANOTHER question that assumed LESS than disabling physical and/or mental limitations. With more conservative limitations, there would still be jobs you could theoretically perform. In deciding your case, the judge would have assumed restrictions compatible with work activity (vs. disabling restrictions) because your doctors apparently failed to establish the legal severity of your allegations. This judge is neither pro-claimant nor anti-claimant. He simply applies complex federal regulations with honesty, precision and integrity. That said, quality representation is essential at any SSDI hearing. It's unwise to have poor representation, and absolutely foolish for a claimant to represent him or herself.

Judge: Tamara Turner-Jones
4/10/2014 11:21:29 PM

I feel she is not fair, she makes assumptions and will base your denial on her assumptions. The doctors they send us to are a joke. My sister is dying because they kept denying her and her cancer has returned and spread throughout her body. Frankly speaking I dont know how they sleep at night !!

Takyesha Allen
Judge: Duane D Young
3/17/2014 6:48:46 PM

I seen Judge Young on March 12 and I must say, he was very respectful and actually LISTENED!!!! He did not rush through my hearing and I feel he is a very fair Judge.I can say I was one of the blessed ones to have had a Judge that knows what he is doing!! Good luck to everyone on your hearings.

Kenneth Cameron
Judge: Joseph D Schloss
3/6/2014 5:07:44 PM

I had my Disability Hearing in Moreno Valley with Joseph D. Schloss as the Judge. To start, I always thought that judges were to be fair and honest. I guess that does not apply to Joseph D. Schloss. I received my Notice of Decision. The decision did not bother me as much as the fabrication of statements I did not make and the twisting of the statements I did make. This is unfair and NOT honest. Where are the laws to stop judges from perjury?

Judge: Marti Kirby
12/20/2013 4:59:41 AM

What a horrible feeling, not having any money, no where to go, not being able to get hired anywhere, and even if I was that lucky not being able to keep employment because of my disability. After being denied by Marti Kirby I am at a complete loss on how to even exist. My stomach hurts so bad, and i am so wrecked with fear that I can hardly keep food down. I really hoped and prayed Marti Kirby would've given me a hand up instead of a foot down.

Judge: Marti Kirby
12/18/2013 12:34:26 PM

“If you are looking for compassion and common sense try finding another judge. “ After my denial by the SSDI system and another ALJ, I no longer have any faith or pride in the United States. This country is a pitiful disgrace to the world. The rich and able bodied can continue to get richer while the disabled can die and go away, in their eyes the sooner the better. Wonder how many bonuses were handed out for meeting the “disposition” quota's? They might as well fire all adjudicators and judges and just let random computer picks make the decision, it would probably be equally accurate.

Judge: Marti Kirby
12/17/2013 7:37:48 PM

If you are about to present your case to Marti Kirby, I have two words for you: Be Scared. I say this because she does not seem to care about facts. I personally have not worked in two decades, have no real education, have been homeless for over a year and suffer from a condition even Marti told me she believes exists. The job rehabilitation person was present during my hearing and it was decided I was unable to work in any meaningful capacity. I have been told that there are some judges who act as pen pushers for the social security administration and are blind to any evidence, this is in my opinion what Marti Kirby is. Kind of like how a patrol cop needs to reach a speeding ticket quota, Marti needs to deny even valid claims. Her denial of my case could be the final nail in the coffin for me, it was bar none one of the saddest days of my life and will negatively impact the lives of my loved ones who are equally baffled by the denial. If you are looking for compassion and common sense try finding another judge. If you are the social security administration and need a judge to find any tiny reason to deny a hurting person Marti Kirby will fit the bill.

Shaneela Marlett
Judge: Mason D Harrell
12/13/2013 12:00:12 AM

I am an attorney. I see lots of comments on here about the law that are completely wrong. If you want to see what kind of Judge you have, look at the percentages of awards provided on this site. Do not look at the comments for an understanding of the law. It seems many of the commenters are very misinformed about the hearing process. All and all, I highly recommend using an attorney at your hearing so someone who understands disability law can help you understand the procedure.

Judge: Duane D Young
9/7/2013 12:01:21 AM

I haven't received my decision regarding my SSDI hearing yet, but I do want to say that Judge Duane Young is a pretty fair judge. I didn't see this page until after my hearing when I was told the judges have their approval ratings online, so I wanted to present a fair view of him now and how I feel regardless of how he rules. He's good when it comes to your records and will allow you to explain what's in your records. I was honest with him about my records and my physical limitations and he was respectful. He did ask me a couple of tricky yes or no questions that were hard to answer in my situation but he understood what I was talking about. I've heard about other judges and how they do things, but Judge Duane Young actually seems to be one of the more respectful judges. Plus there are a lot of people out there who hope for a judge that gives them a fair shake and they don't always get that, especially from the sound of some of the newspaper articles around the country talking about how the judges don't hear them out or pay attention to the medical evidence. My final 2 cents is that as long as you're honest with him and you try to answer his questions the best you can, he's fair and you'll feel comfortable.

Judge: Alexander Weir III
6/9/2013 9:52:03 PM

This judge denied my claim of past things i could of done in 2011 but my health went under also that i worked when i showed him proof a police report from Lapd and a letter from Social Security office saying someone used my social and they did not count those earnings i was a victim of id theft. I live in l.a and someone worked in Minnesota the same time i was being seen by my doctors.

Judge: Peter J Baum
6/8/2013 7:10:04 AM


Judge: Mason D Harrell
5/16/2013 1:54:22 PM

This judge gave great weight to the testimony of the experts who did not have a face-to-face interview with me and little weight to the doctors who had a personal face-to-face interview with me. Judge Harrell's final determination was filled with subjective inconsistency and relied on his on medical reasoning. Judge Harrell played doctor with my case. Of course, I appealed to the board in Virginia who discovered that the audio tapes of the medical doctor and vocational experts were missing and remanded my case for a new hearing in front of a different judge. Judge Harrell definitely needs a refresher course in ethical behavior.

Steven Sanchez
Judge: Duane D Young
4/30/2013 10:34:42 PM

My husband just saw judge young the other day and he was very nice. He seemed to know what he was talking about! Prayers to all that are in the process!

Judge: Joseph D Schloss
4/27/2013 3:24:11 PM

I am currently working with him to prove my case. Because the doctors I went to did not give me a decent examination it was basically visual and they did not have enought of my medical records from my specialist I complained to congress and have been assigned someone who is going to review my case from the Senate.

Judge: Joseph D Schloss
4/9/2013 4:34:04 PM

Abrupt, arrogant disengaged with claimant. Jumps all around timeline of illness and rushes you out of his courtroom

Judge: Troy Silva
3/30/2013 3:41:52 AM

Awful judge. Doesn't think straight sometimes. Doesn't understand limitations too. However, there are worse judges than him so he's just okay.

Judge: Joseph D Schloss
3/22/2013 11:40:42 AM

He is very arrogant and disrespectful towards claimants and their needs for disability. He will find a way to discredit everything!! If you are unlucky enough to have him as your ALJ be prepared for a very long and stressful time proving every aspect of every tiny detail.

Judge: Dana E McDonald
3/14/2013 3:15:15 PM

The vocational expert when asked by this judge if there was any job that I would be able to do? The expert stated "NO your honor, there is no job that I know of that he would be able to do". But in my decision letter it states that the expert stated that there were several jobs that I would be able to do. Now why is something that was not stated in court, in my decision letter and their for leading to me being denied or as the letter states "Notice of Decision-Unfavorable"

Judge: Thomas J Gaye
3/12/2013 4:50:03 PM

Although arrogant and rude, he actually is right most often. It is more difficult to qualify for disability when you are under 50. That is the law, not just the judge's opinion!

Judge: Mason D Harrell
3/11/2013 12:48:45 PM

He is a coward. He is abusive and takes advantage of his position. He is a liar and a thief.

Judge: Peter J Baum
12/20/2012 11:52:16 AM

Fair, happy with case

Judge: Thomas J Gaye
10/12/2012 9:23:53 AM

Judge Gaye is arrogant and rude, mainly to attorneys. He doesn't really want the attorneys involvement. He is smart. He does review the file. You better be prepared to step up and involve yourself in the hearing or it will be over and you will not have gotten across certain points or questions you needed to make. You need to make sure you make a record because he will make some mistakes, partly because he is dismissive in his attitude. I agree that younger people(under 50) are in trouble in front of him, especially those in 20's, 30's.

Judge: Duane D Young
9/12/2012 9:35:56 AM

Ever notice how if approved, someone rates a judge great, but if denied, he is a devil? Just sayin'.

Judge: Thomas J Gaye
9/5/2012 12:19:23 AM

This judge really had me thinking he was going to approve me. He even seemed to show empathy towards my medical conditions. However, when I received his denial letter I saw how feign he is. He told me several times that I was too young. His reasoning for me to be denied was based on the fact that I'm trying to go to school and cling on to hope for my future. I have both severe spinal and neurological problems coupled with depression. This judge was undoubtedly biased towards my age and told me social security was not a scholarship program. He put me down for getting descent grades thanks to the help from the disability resource center at school and could care less that I have worked for over 11 years. Unfortunately I am still disabled and unable to work.

stacey meals
Judge: Duane D Young
8/28/2012 11:11:13 PM

Judge Young Alj odar is not fair and dont no the system of mental and psychical disability.He needs to be removed of bench.God dont like ugly you devil.

Judge: Michelle Thompson
8/23/2012 5:03:21 PM

I dont think she took in to consideration what I have to go through everyday dealing with children that have ADHD and ODD have twins one approved other one keep being denied I wish she could walk in my shoes and see how it feels to get calls from school because your child cant stay in her seat or that the child is being suspended for fighting hope she one day look at the whole picture and not just her question she asked us

Judge: Michelle Thompson
8/23/2012 4:57:14 PM

I don't understand her decision I have twins one approved other denied several times never went to court one other twin but the oldest getting denied they both have the same medical history and they take med everyday which is five to be exact and hopefully when I appeal I will have some type of representation because why do one get approved and the other one keeps getting denied keep in mind they are only three mintues apart bug the oldest twin keep getting denied ever chance I apply

Unfairly judged
Judge: Mason D Harrell
8/23/2012 2:04:45 PM

Judge Harrell is very intimidating. In addition, he broke Social Security laws when I had to see him more than once, and he referred to my previous hearing when I had no legal representation. By SSA law, he was not allowed to review my previous hearing because I did not have legal representation. SSA law also states that once a judge had denied your case, you will not see that judge again. Further, he intimidated the Occupational Expert when she said there was no job I could do. He basically forced her to change her decision. To cover his errors, he claimed that he audio portion was distorted, and I had to return again. All in all, I had to see him three times and he broke at least 3 laws. He is the head of the judges in the San Bernardino area. AWFUL JUDGE!

Judge: Alan J Markiewicz
8/3/2012 12:54:29 AM

He is very nice, calm and pleasant in the court room, but has no clue how to make a descision! He contradicted him self in my denial letter, stating I was extremely symptomatic when in hot environments, and is unable to stay standing for longer than 10 mins. THen he says the job I can do is a Parking lot attendant. Come on man it is 115 degrees in arizona how can I be a prking lot attendant! No CLue!!!!! I have now started a new claim and am already on my redecision. THey said they have to uphold his decision. Hello

Judge: Joseph D Schloss
8/2/2012 2:46:31 PM

Judicial smarts missing.

Judge: Alexander Weir III
8/2/2012 2:17:57 PM

A very insensitive person.

Judge: Alan J Markiewicz
7/25/2012 9:15:07 PM

He is nice at the hearings but it looks denies a lot of his cases. He will allow you to make and opening/closing.

Stacey Meals
Judge: Duane D Young
7/12/2012 6:55:53 PM

Judge Duane young was the adminstrative law judge on my case July,11. He was very knowledgeable about my mental and physical disablity, Thank you for being a sincere judge. GOD bless....

Judge: Troy Silva
7/11/2012 1:57:57 PM

He is a nice judge but he is extremely thorough with his cases and so you want to make sure that you know the record well because he will ask you questions about it. He will listen to your argumenst but you kind of know what he is leaning toward at the hearing. Doesnt require a brief or anything. One more thing, make sure you have all of your records and if you dont he will ask why you dont have them especially if they are older records.

Judge: Michelle Thompson
6/7/2012 4:49:36 PM

Hottest looking ALJ I've seen. Very cute french sounding accent and a nice demeanor as well.

Judge: Duane D Young
5/30/2012 10:28:37 PM

missed the star rating on my prior comment; 5x5 gold stars for Judge Duane Young

Judge: Duane D Young
5/30/2012 9:59:07 PM

I saw Judge Duane Young today. He was empathetic, knowledgeable about my case and handled my aged case in a way that I felt heard and understood unlike before. I feel providentially blessed that he was my judge

Judge: Thomas J Gaye
5/16/2012 8:34:17 PM

Wow! Judge likes to make an entrance. He is condescending and rude to clients, he will allow no opening or closing and no cross on VE unless you speak up. Clearly believes all younger individuals and obese people can work.

Brandon Fleming
Judge: Duane D Young
5/14/2012 1:17:22 PM

Judge Young recently saw my case. He was very nice and very thoughtful. He was extremely nice. I wish more people were like him. HE IS GREAT. God Bless you Judge.

Judge: Alexander Weir III
5/13/2012 11:06:05 PM

Judge: Duane D Young
4/30/2012 2:22:05 PM

He was very patient,helpful,kind

Judge: Duane D Young
4/27/2012 11:39:15 AM

he was very nice