San Bernardino, California ODAR Office

At the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in San Bernardino, California, 10 different administrative law judges (ALJ) conduct Social Security Disability (SSD) hearings and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearings. Currently, in San Bernardino, the average wait time for a SSI or SSD hearing is 16.0 months. The average case processing time in San Bernardino is 572 days.The San Bernardino average for winning a SSI or SSD disibility hearing is 47%. Click on the name of one of the ALJs below to see detailed information about their hearing results. This information for the San Bernardino ODAR office was last updated on 6/11/2019.

Average statistics
OfficeJudgesAvg. Hearing
Wait Time
Processing Time
Per Day Per ALJ
San Bernardino 10 16.0 months 572 days 2.4 17% 47% 36%
California17.1 months562 days2.220%45%35%
National Average:14.9 months500 days2.120%42%38%
Full NameDismissedApprovedDenied

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Nicholas Attard
Judge: Jay E Levine
5/27/2020 9:04:01 PM

My name is Nicholas Attard and I wanted to let the Social Security Administration know there is a possibility that letters and documents sent on my behalf may have been sent from another person without my permission or consent, constituting fraud and forgery. Should this turn out benign, pardon me. However, it has been brought to my attention there is a level of concern due. Should I need to be contacted, the Administration has my information on file. Thank you very much, Sincerely, Nicholas Attard

Bruce McMahon
Judge: Marti Kirby
5/22/2020 10:44:45 AM

Judge Marti Kirby is a fine Judge and happy she was the one selected for my case. I didn't have a lawyer & just talked to her without notes & everything flowed beautifully. I won my case. I personally don't think hiring a lawyer helps because the first time I applied I lost my case hiring Bill Latour. Even though it took a while getting back into court second time around by going it alone I kept all the backpay. Who needs a lawyer? Thanks Judge Kirby! You are the greatest!

Judge: Vadim Mozyrsky
4/10/2020 7:04:12 PM

This worthless piece of crap douchebag judge deserves to have his arrogant insensitive black heart broken!! This A-hole obviously does not care to look at all the facts of work history, ethics, and lifetime of injuries. It's obvious that he is a self centered dark soulless demon! I can totally see why this prick judge has a low rating and angry comments. Guaranteed that your a cesspool of a so called human that had no real friends, and probably got laughed at in school for peeking under the stalls in the boys bathrooms. There should be a negative rating for this turd burglar!!

Judge: Marti Kirby
3/27/2020 10:07:17 PM

Marti Kirby is Cold-hearted to say the very least, a complete hack for the SSA in my opinion. I bet she thinks she's a good person. Yuck.

Judge: Nancy M Stewart
3/26/2020 2:54:09 AM

Nancy this is gurinder the voices stopped but I need help and you didn't help me or decide fairly and fix my first problem

Ken D.
Judge: Lawrence J Duran
2/21/2020 3:47:24 AM

Judge Duran was very thorough and asked many questions some of which were very personal and in my view had nothing to do with my disability, maybe it was to establish credibility? I answered every question truthfully and as accurately as I could recall, and if I couldn't recall I didn't hesitate to admit it. in my opinion He is a tough but fair Judge.

Judge: Sharilyn Hopson
12/24/2019 3:13:13 PM

With all due respect, she is a terrible Judge. I agree that she failed to properly look at obvious medical evidence that was provided for my mom’s case. It shows when a person has had little experience truly understanding medical evidence (I worked in the medical field for seven years and dealt with enough of these people to understand this). She asked my mom what she did all day. My mom kindly responded, “Not much.” This response made perfect sense considering my mom is DISABLED you asshole. She thought it was proper to respond, “That sounds like a long day.” NO SHIT. When we have multiple sources of evidence from multiple doctors saying she CANNOT WORK, any other response from her would have negated all the evidence. She is the reason people like me have no faith in the “system.”

Judge: Laura Fernandez
11/7/2019 8:33:00 PM

She couldn't do the right thing and keep me on Social Security so I could keep my transplant doctors after TriCare really screwed me when my Social Security was initially denied by a person who claimed to have been a doctor but if that were the case then they need to go back to medical school; I lost all of my doctors and my insurance insisted I go to a doctor that wasn't taking new patients and told me I was scat out of luck on getting the needed referrals to specialist doctors so I can stay alive and continue getting the life-saving, anti-rejection drugs that I need to stay alive. Laura Fernandez clearly does not know what she is doing an is willing to do anything to hurt a patient, especially one who needs such expert care as a heart transplant patient. Truly uncaring and doesn't understand the plight of the patient or the specialized, expert medical care a heart transplant patient needs. A true joke of a human being and a bigger joke for a judge. Truly pathetic. I literally gave my heart in service to the United States and now I'm in a position to be killed by the very system that is supposed to keep me alive.

Michael Walker
Judge: Michael D Radensky
9/13/2019 2:14:56 PM

How do we all get together and start a class action lawsuit against this guy?

Michael Walker
Judge: Michael D Radensky
9/11/2019 6:24:58 PM

Just look at his numbers to see how poorly he does his job, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been denied by any other judge. His prejudice obviously plays a role in his decisions. He omitted things in his report about my condition to deny me,... there’s no legitimate reason I should have been denied.

Judge: Sharilyn Hopson
8/25/2019 7:21:52 PM

Cancel your court date if this is your judge

Latasha Williams
Judge: Elizab Stevens Bentley
8/13/2019 3:21:10 PM

Hello my name is Latasha Williams and I was at the hearing on July 3rd of last month and I don't remember what judge that I had but she was very nice and sweet she understood everything that I told her and she let me talk and everything else I just don't remember what judge that I had but I just hope that I can get good news from her soon bc even the witness was in there saying that I was unable to work bc I'm disabled so i hope I hear something back soon and I hope it's good news please contact me about the decisions that my judge said my number is 714-728-3040 or my email address is I really want to hear from my judge if she has approved me or not

Judge: Mason D Harrell
7/10/2019 5:09:10 PM

The last comment is completely understandable. I had judge Harrell and the whole process took about 15 minutes. The judge did not ask the vocational expert any questions and he may have asked to verify the medical expert special codes my Ssdi Lawyer had brought up. After all the questions were asked he asked me a few questions about my daily life, then asked my attorney if he had any questions and the attorney said no and that was it. With all that said I got a fully favorable consideration. I think if your attorney comes in really prepared and gives a pre-briefing that is perfect for the judge everything will go fine. I just got a fully favorable consideration today ( July 10 19). So for the last comment I really would not have anything to worry about. My Attorney said that case couldn't have gone any better. And just to bring up one thing he did say that the reason why the judge did not ask questions to the vocational rehabilitation expert is why he predicted that my case was basically going to win ( and he was right ). So if you have any worries please know, that judge does not really speak too much and if he does I think that’s where you have the problems, Because he is looking for reasons to deny you. So if I were a betting man, you have nothing to worry about other than maybe getting a fully favorable consideration, thanks

Judge: Mason D Harrell
7/2/2019 4:13:21 AM

I felt judge Harrell did his duties as a judge quite fair. However, he did not ask opinions from my medical expert or vocational expert which has me a little worried. Other than that I felt for my first time at a hearing I felt relaxed and calm.

Judge: Jay E Levine
5/6/2019 4:41:53 PM

I was definitely fooled by this Judge, I thought he listened but I was wrong, Do not go in without a lawyer (even if you’re sick, and don’t think you need one) I’m appealing his decision as I can’t believe with my medical history, the amount of hospitalizations, that he would deny me, a sick single mother, and take the maximum time frame to deny me.. Mad at myself because I really thought he cared.

Judge: Jay E Levine
4/2/2019 5:41:03 PM

I haven’t received a decision yet, and sorry if things are misplaced I have a hard time seeing. I feel that he listened to me. I couldn’t breathe during the hearing due to my asthma being so bad (2 hospitalizations and lung biopsies since my hearing) I feel that he does care and I’m hoping my medical records, letters from my specialist and my testimony will help me. I am young, but I’ve battled an autoimmune disease my entire life and I felt he heard me. Again, I haven’t gotten a decision yet, just speaking on my experience with him at the hearing.

Judge: Daniel Benjamin
2/21/2019 7:37:40 PM

I was surprised at the fair and understanding I received from this judge. I have heard horror stories about the the hearing process, I was very comfortable having my court date. Thanks to all in the room .

Judge: Vadim Mozyrsky
2/21/2019 2:52:27 PM

It was a short hearing but the judge listened to what I had to say. First time I saw my lawyer and he didn’t ask me much. I got my decision and the judge did a good job.

Judge: Lawrence J Duran
1/18/2019 4:22:40 PM

The staff and security there make it unfriendly to the disabled. Wouldn't let me wear my prescription glasses to walk to the hearing room, treat you like a case number. I was so exhausted and in pain I had to lay down on the floor in front of the judge and adjust my spine so I could continue. Judge had the nerve to say I showed the opposite i moved to much! Sorry that disabled people have to deal with vicious litigators to get there benifits another sign California is The Failed State of the Union. This Judge is a *****!

Judge: Lawrence J Duran
11/8/2018 11:24:24 AM

This judge gets no stars. The whole experience was awful. The man just spent the entire time asking me question after question about how I spend my days. AT NO POINT DID HE ASK ME FOR A STATEMENT OR TO EXPLAIN MY SITUATION. It was a waste of three years of my life.

Diana Mannon
Judge: Margaret Craig
10/24/2018 11:37:27 PM

Margaret Craig will see through the outdated VE -- Vocational Experts opinion on what jobs I can do in the national economy. ODOT is outdated since 1991 a new OIS to be used in 2020. In a previous post I mention I have tremors... I wouldn't be able to do this because it requires me to use my hands to place a mark, a price on boxes, etc. The way I shake there is no telling where that marker/price will end up!!! This involves fine manipulation with my fingers and use of my hands Retail marker 209587034 250 k jobs nationally 209.587-034 MARKER (retail trade; wholesale tr.) alternate titles: marking clerk; merchandise marker; price marker; ticket maker Marks and attaches price tickets to articles of merchandise to record price and identifying information: Marks selling price by hand on boxes containing merchandise, or on price tickets. Ties, glues, sews, or staples price ticket to each article. Presses lever or plunger of mechanism that pins, pastes, ties, or staples ticket to article. ay record number and types of articles marked and pack them in boxes. May compare printed price tickets with entries on purchase order to verify accuracy and notify supervisor of discrepancies. ay print information on tickets, using ticket-printing machine [TICKETER (any industry); TICKET PRINTER AND TAGGER (garment)]. GOE: 05.09.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M1 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77 I wouldn't be able to do this because it requires me to use my hands to place a stamp, readdress an envelope when I can't write. So many problems with me doing this job!!!!The way I shake there is no telling where the stamp will end up!!! This involves fine manipulation with my fingers and use of my hands 209.687-026 MAIL CLERK (clerical) alternate titles: mailroom clerk; mail sorter; postal clerk Sorts incoming mail for distribution and dispatches outgoing mail: Opens envelopes by hand or machine. Stamps date and time of receipt on incoming mail. Sorts mail according to destination and type, such as returned letters, adjustments, bills, orders, and payments. Readdresses undeliverable mail bearing incomplete or incorrect address. Examines outgoing mail for appearance and seals envelopes by hand or machine. Stamps outgoing mail by hand or with postage meter. ay fold letters or circulars and insert in envelopes [FOLDING-MACHINE OPERATOR (clerical) 208.685-014]. May distribute and collect mail. May weigh mail to determine that postage is correct. May keep record of registered mail. May address mail, using addressing machine [ADDRESSING-MACHINE OPERATOR (clerical) 208.582-010]. May be designated according to type of mail handled as Mail Clerk, Bills (clerical). GOE: 07.05.04 STRENGTH: L GED: R3 M1 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 87 This one could be possible if it's okay to sort and fold them like a 4 year did it. I can still iron, but get burnt from shaking. Hmmmm workers comp? Garment sorter 222687014 60 k job national 222.687-014 GARMENT SORTER (garment) Sorts finished garments, such as shirts, dresses, and pajamas, according to lot and size numbers recorded on tags and labels attached to garments. May fold and package garments in boxes and bags. May iron garments prior to folding [PRESSER, HAND (any industry)]. May be designated according to garment sorted as Shirt Sorter (garment). GOE: 06.03.02 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L1 SVP: 2 DLU: 77 Again this involves fine manipulation with my fingers and use of my hands. My doctors note numerous times in my record how I drop things from shaking. Office Helper 239567010 225 k Jobs nationally 239.567-010 OFFICE HELPER (clerical) Performs any combination of following duties in business office of commercial or industrial establishment: Furnishes workers with clerical supplies. Opens, sorts, and distributes incoming mail, and collects, seals, and stamps outgoing mail. Delivers oral or written messages. Collects and distributes paperwork, such as records or timecards, from one department to another. Marks, tabulates, and files articles and records. May use office equipment, such as envelope-sealing machine, letter opener, record shaver, stamping machine, and transcribing machine. May deliver items to other business establishments [DELIVERER, OUTSIDE (clerical) 230.663-010]. May specialize in delivering mail, messages, documents, and packages between departments of establishment and be designated Messenger, Office (clerical). May deliver stock certificates and bonds within and between stock brokerage offices and be designated Runner (financial). GOE: 07.07.03 STRENGTH: L GED: R2 M2 L2 SVP: 2 DLU: 81 As I said you'd be lucky if you got Judge Margaret Craig. She listened and the look on her face when the VE gave her answers for jobs available in the national economy was priceless. Like really that job doesn't exist anymore.

Diana Mannon
Judge: Margaret Craig
10/23/2018 11:08:05 PM

Judge Margaret Craig --- she seemed to be firm, understanding, and compassionate with a no nonsense approach. But, I will appeal if not approved. I went to the SSA offce to get a CD of my case. 1. There are medical records in my CD that belong to a male. 2. The recorded report list my condition as trimmers? I have Tremors, not something you cut a bush with. 3. There are errors in what I responded to the judge. 4. There are duplicate medical records which will make it more time consuming for the judge to view my case. 5. I should have viewed the CD before the hearing and corrected mistakes that I could. But, I thought the Attorney's assistant did this. My mistake!!! 6. If I did not speak English the grid rules would have already found me disabled. The Penalty for being an American and paying SS taxes since I was 18. I am 52 and my main disabilities are essential tremors and severe migraines. I feel both my upper arms not being able to do simple task, meet the listing for Parkinson's. I can not type or write. I use a mic voice recorder to type, and go back and correct errors slowly and frustratingly. I was on FMLA for my migraines before leaving my last job. The manager found ways to make my job more stressful because of the fmla. The evaluations from my job are included in my case showing I have difficulty with supervisors. But, it's the other way around the Supervisors have difficulty understanding my set backs and cause me to lash out. Forcing me to quit. This was my last hope. I can't even fill out an application and yes for the type of lower wage job that I would qualify for they have paper applications still. I believe this judge asked many of the right questions. The RFC isn't accurate that was applied. Lift 20 pounds occasionally 10 pounds constantly. Never, I have fibromyalgia too and yes I would struggle to lift the weight she specified, but the next few days I wouldn't be able to move or allow anyone to touch me. I believe eventually the whole picture of my disabled life will be seen in those records with what I explained to Judge Margaret Craig. You'd be lucky to get her in my opinion.

Judge: Kathleen Fischer
10/23/2018 11:19:40 AM

I as well as my representative am beyond baffled as to why this judge made a decision that was an error to the law decision now forcing me to struggle longer and go through an appeals process which could take up to a year. I have met state guidelines and the ve said there was no jobs for myself to do. Why a judge would go against what the law says is beyond me. We look to these judges to uphold the law.

Judge: Nancy M Stewart
10/13/2018 3:31:31 PM

Judge Nancy Stewart was so nice and fair. I wish I could of gave her a hug. She helped me when I was going to give up on life. She could see I have been suffering from my illnesses. I love her so much for caring and believing in me.Thank you Judge Stewart. I will forever be grateful. Now I can focus on my illnesses and try to get better. God help me..please.... I love you god. And I pray for you to bless Judge Stewart. Amen

Attorney Representative CA
Judge: Joseph D Schloss
10/3/2018 5:04:29 PM

I am an attorney representative who has appeared before dozens of judges throughout California and have appeared before this judge several times. Unfortunately, the comments that describe he lacks professionalism and general courtesy in treating claimants and representatives professionally (whether he agrees or disagrees with the strength of the claimant's case) are true in my experience. This is something that judges are bound to exercise and demonstrate pursuant to the model code of judicial conduct; Joseph Schloss however does not abide by those canons when he is frustrated or opines the case is not a strong one. Again, this is a fair comment based on my experience as a lawyer having appeared before numerous judges throughout California.

Judge: William K Mueller
9/6/2018 2:14:31 PM

He asked fair questions and was genuinely concerned.

Judge: Jesse J Pease
7/25/2018 2:07:56 PM

Nearly 20 years ago Jesse Pease helped me get on SSI, as I had been denied previously. I was on this time in 3 months so obviously he knew what he was doing and did a good job. Now 20 years later SSI is telling me I am not disabled anymore for having missed their recent reevaluation medical exam. I was hoping he could represent me again though I see he is a judge now. Unfortunately it is difficult to really get a clear picture on the merits of a judge. These reviews all contend Jesse Pease is a pretty awful guy unfit to be a judge. This is more than likely because they lost their hearing. Most of the people that take time to write reviews are the ones that were negatively affected. Statistically, about half are denied benefits and half are approved, so naturally a whole lot of people are not going to be thrilled with the final decision. To those people don't give up hope. If you really need to be on it, like I do than you can always file a Federal lawsuit. Or, you can wait one more year and come back for another hearing. Much of this is because Social Security is limited on funding, so they have to come up with criteria that will deny half the applicants. It ***** but the way it is!

Lill Snow
Judge: Thomas Cheffins
5/13/2018 9:08:48 PM

BEST JUDGE EVER. I am 19 year old white male from Arizona . At the age of 15 I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and was prescribed Xanax 2mg x 4 times a day. Due to the side effects of my drugs, I can not work. However, I need them to manage my condition. The judge was understanding and granted me full disability. Never met a more understanding judge!

Andrea E.
Judge: Troy Silva
5/8/2018 9:27:52 AM

I am so grateful that the fate of my case landed in the hands of ALJ Troy Silva. His professionalism, fairness and compassion rekindled my faith in the "system" when I thought that was no longer possible. I was most impressed by his discernment in reviewing my case file (that was filed 6 years ago). I feared that after all these years a favorable decision was not going to happen. It was no so much my lack of faith in the SSA, but rather in my attorney, Dr Bill LaTour, who was supposed to be representing me in my claim. His office was extremely negligent, sloppy, uncommunicative and unprofessional with my case. It was difficult and at times impossible to get a return call, medical records were lost or not turned in, his representatives were rude and unprofessional, etc. His office is ran like a puppy mill. His clients are just another digit on his paycheck in my experience. ALJ Troy Silva was able to look beyond that and focus primarily on my disability, which saved me from a denial of benefits due to incompetencies of my own representative. I cant explain how saved I felt during my hearing when I suddenly realized that Judge Silva could sift thru it all and see my case clearly and now he was going to step in and handle my case how it should have been from the beginning. Thank you Judge Silva. You are a fair, intelligent, patient and discerning man and our society is blessed to be judged by someone like you! Respectfully, Andrea E.

Judge: William K Mueller
4/18/2018 1:34:14 PM

As a rep I have appeared before him many times and he is a fair Judge who wants to do the right thing. If you have anything negative in your medical records HE WILL SEE IT and ask you about it. If he feels that he does not have enough information he will work with me on what we can do to shed more light on the case. He is a former trial attorney, advocate for yourself/your client and be prepared to answer tough questions! Actually, if you are not represented, get an experienced disability attorney. I love going into his courtroom and find that he truly cares.

Judge: Joseph D Schloss
3/11/2018 10:51:42 PM

I went to see him on 2/20/18. He automatically decided that just because I haven't had any seizures in nearly 6 years that I am well enough to work. He also dismissed the fact that even though I was on the CPAP for sleep apnea, my PCP noted I was on it for smoking cessation. I never smoked a day in my life. When I stated that I was still on in because I may die in my sleep, he said, "Well, you're not dead, so why are you still on the CPAP?" I pray that there is no one else who gets this judge when they appeal.

Judge: Vadim Mozyrsky
2/22/2018 1:21:07 PM

for future applicants, talk with your lawyer about what's in your case, this guy asked me a bunch of stuff about what my doctors said that I didn't know. luckily my lawyer was able to help me answer questions

Judge: Michael D Radensky
9/14/2017 2:15:49 PM

This judge is awesome!!!!! Whoever says otherwise probably didn't have proper documentation or didn't have enough medical evidence...we were given a fully favorable decision on a child's ssi benifits and child's cases are often more complicated...He was very very nice and understanding towards my sons inability to remain still and was very professional and handled my sons case very well!!! after reading comments from previous claimants making it seem like he was a horrible person I can honestly say that those reviews are wrong! There had to be a reason he didn't approve it and only you know why...if you are really disabled this judge isn't going to question it he is very honest in his decision making!! Way to go judge Radensky!!!!

Christopher Kalt
Judge: Joseph D Schloss
8/29/2017 1:10:42 PM

Judge Schloss heard my case this past August 1st, 2017. I was very pleased by is professionalism. He is definitely a "no nonsense" kind of guy who bases his decisions on evidence and logic. My hearing was short and to the point. He asked questions and I answered them. He was pleasant, friendly, and noticed my long work history (16 years on my last job). I really appreciate him acknowledging that. When my hearing was over (approximately 15 minutes) Judge Schloss wished me well. I have to admit, I was terrified when I walked in to that hearing room, but my fears were soon forgotten within a few minutes of starting the procedure.

Robin Arnold
Judge: Margaret Craig
8/24/2017 9:21:01 AM

I felt comfortable with this judge. I actually feel like she listened to what i had to say.

Judge: Joseph D Schloss
6/26/2017 4:42:27 PM

As an attorney rep, it is my experience having appeared before Judge Schloss that he is a fair and empathetic judge. His demeanor may be perceived as a bit 'gruff' but from a judge's perspective (especially with attorney representation) hearings really should get down to the issues and legal theory being presented to show CL meets the definition of disability.

atty rep
Judge: Carolyn Cohn-Morros
6/21/2017 11:09:18 AM

As an attorney rep, I can comment that Judge Cohn-Morros is a very respectful, patient and fair judge. During the hearing, she treats both counsel and claimant with dignity, respect and empathy.

Judge: Joseph D Schloss
5/13/2017 2:34:07 PM

I have appeared before him several times as a representative and I have always had a good experience. I do not feel that he has discriminated against any of my claimants as claimed by the other comments, and I have represented a wide variety of people. If you do not understand the Social Security administration's regulations for disability and the five step sequential evaluation then you should not be going into a hearing without an attorney.

Tasharrya Morris
Judge: Margaret Craig
4/28/2017 6:10:14 AM

Judge Magaret Craig seemed to be a very nice and polite judge. I felt at ease with her. I feel the hearing went smooth but you never know!! So now I'm only awaiting a decision which should be made in 2 weeks. I still believe she was an awesome judge regardless of the decision she makes on my case.

One Person
Judge: Michael D Radensky
3/27/2017 11:13:16 AM

Judge Radensky reviewed my case in 2008. I too have been through the "medical nightmare" that life puts us all in - seven spine surgeries, one shoulder surgery, countless medicines and thearapy. While I feel that my hearing may have been stacked to illicit reactions from me, the reviewed, it was nothing but fair. That's not to say others in need won't be denied. Mistakes happen, not a single being is capable of being perfect. However, I feel with 100% certainty that Judge Radensky is completely honest in his assessment of us and his attempt to do his job - judging us, the people. Sometimes people need some proof of the claims of others. Here's the proof I can give you. I leave my property, which is owned 100% by me in Priest River Idaho, where my parents have resided for the last 20 years at my expense. I paid for it while I was healthy, with legitimate funds, to ensure my parents would have a place to lay their heads as they travel through the "golden years". This week, the week of March 27, 2017, My father, whom I hate and love, like and dislike, want to hug and kick at the same time, is in need of a new heart. He has needed it since the early 80's. If we as a medical society have progressed to a point where its possible to give him said heart, I will leave 100% of said property (14-15 acres in the beautiful, and I mean BEAUTIFUL, Priest River Idaho in the hands of Judge Michael Radensky to pay for the cost of said procedure. Note that it is a prime piece of land all would envy. Love One Person

Judge: Vadim Mozyrsky
3/18/2017 9:07:27 AM

I am so grateful for your help! Ive spent years fighting the system to get what is owed. Judge Mozyrsky actually took the time to look at what my doctors were saying about my disability.

Relieved in Redlands
Judge: Troy Silva
3/14/2017 1:20:55 AM

My high rating is due to receiving Judge Silva's favorable decision though it was unexpected. The SSA is a wonderful institution which grants me the fortune of their assistance. Yet, their processes are intimidating and, in recent years, have resulted in diminished security for individuals of need. Consequently, I suffered severe anxiety when the SSA noticed me of an over-payment issue and had a dismal outlook about my hearing. With the help of Legal Aid, I presented my case honestly and Judge Silva was fair and compassionate. His decision offered me relief for which I am profoundly grateful. The world would be a better place if other judges aspired to be like Judge Silva!

Judge: Thomas Cheffins
1/30/2017 1:35:30 PM

I am 60 years old. From 2014 until 2016 I I was disabled with a non-union fracture of the femur. I also had medical history of soft tissue sarcoma. First occurrence was in 2000 and a second occurrence in 2002, and advanced degenerative disc disease. Even by the rigid DDS standards, I have a disabling condition, and should have been allowed SSDI. but that did not seem to occur to the "judge." My doctor generated a letter indicating I was not able to work full time, even at a DOT sedentary level, but this was also disregarded.

Judge: Vadim Mozyrsky
12/17/2016 10:36:48 AM

Good judge. He asked a lot of questions at the hearing but I just got a favorable decision and think that he is fare.

Judge: Dante M Alegre
12/7/2016 9:04:25 PM

Does not meander about but instead efficiently gets down to the heart of the issue of the claimant's case. Judge Alegre is a very fair and knowledgeable in my experience as an attorney rep.

CPL felix
Judge: Thomas Cheffins
11/12/2016 3:32:29 PM

Had court last month and I'm a medically retired vet apparatus to him I can work because I tried to find a job Because I have 4 kids in o provide for which nobody would hire me!!! Started stating that I said certain things which I never said ... Twisted things I said in court to his favor to were it made it seem I wasn't disable. I serve my country I get fucked up and this is how he treats wounded veterans .. I can speak English well.. Oh he's not disable .. He has hearing loss but rt he has hearing aids he's not disable. I get migraines take medication everyday but yet don't see doctor everyday. Oh his problem has dissminish in his words. Wait till it happens to one of his kids or grand kids then they will really know how unfair the system is

cornell childress
Judge: Jesse J Pease
11/11/2016 7:35:31 AM

Even though the judge gave my daughter fully favorable for backpay my daughter she didn't make it to the hearing becase she passed, but I as her mother kept fighting on her behave because she was very ill she died with and horrible disease called systemic Lupus erymatatosus before the hearing so the judge read all her medical records and found that she was very sick and social security did not do what they should have done to help her when she was alive and still yet even with the judges discision fully favorable they want honor his judgement because social security saids my 17 year old daughter was not disable, she had luspus with other major problem going on to her organs so by the time she was twenty she died hear at home with me together, my love for my child could never compare to any amount of money my daughter and I was a great team for each other. She's gone now but net forgotten she lives in my heart forever, its just the principal on how she was treated when she was hear, and now social sent me a letter stating I owe them $19,876.00 and i would have to pay it back which is not true then they said they cannot find her seal Records they destroyed them already i dont believed it. she just passed May 22, 2015 well with that being said I do believed the judge was a just judge in her case I just can't understand how social security can be so heartless and cruel in turning his discision thankyou judge jesses pease I guess I'll keep fighting to the End.

Valerie Stephens
Judge: Paula J Goodrich
10/26/2016 4:19:58 PM

Although a decision has not yet been made on my case, overall this judge, although formal & polite, appeared to be very biased against me in regards to some of the questions that she asked, and they manner in which she asked them. I was not treated with dignity or respect, especially whenever I would assert myself & attempt to elaborate upon my lifelong conditions & how they have impacted and limited me from being able to work any full-time job in the competitive marketplace. I came away from this experience feeling very disparaged, and disheartened. Claimants are already suffering from conditions which make life harder to bear. It does not help to be treated with such disregard & prejudice, not to mention the time which we have to wait, and the often demoralizing process that some claimants are put through. Also, a lot more weight seemed to be focused on the fact that my mere chronological age is under the age of 50, than on the facts of my case. Just as many 'younger' people find it difficult to find jobs which are seeking older applicants. It does not seem, from what I heard, that many of these people dealing with these cases truly understand what the market is really like out there, especially for people who struggle with handicaps & limitations. Their vocational specialists are also not required to cull stats about jobs that are available in a person's local area. They only must show the 'national' stats. Nevertheless, all of this is beside the point. My claim for benefits is based on the fact that I cannot maintain full-time employment due to my conditions-not just any type of work. I definitely felt that this fact was brushed over by this judge. All in all, she was formal, and polite, but also very biased & seemingly limited in her depth of understanding concerning my struggles and conditions. However, with that said, I have every intention of fighting this on the next appeals levels, should it be denied.

lissa Baker
Judge: Margaret Craig
10/3/2016 8:01:06 AM

I didnt rate

Lissa baker
Judge: Margaret Craig
10/3/2016 7:36:00 AM

I really felt comfortable with this judge. My lawyer on the other had was terrible, spoke to him only time for 3 minutes before we went in and he did not give some of my medical records to the judge until morning of hearing. I have tests my docters want to do but cant afford them due to all the money spent getting my medical records. It is hard for a judge to do thier job if the lawyer doesnt do his. Now ii have to wait until Nov. For another hearing. I want my spouse to be able to go in there with me because i just cant remember things and my lawyer didnt help at all. I told my lawyer i need to put my feet up cause i felt i will pass out-nope. Well after hearing passed out, my spouse got me in a chair by hisself. It gets me upset the government is paying for college, but i am not old enough for home care. At this point its a desition between bills/food and docts/medicine. I dont want to die and my husband everyday wonders if today is the day. HELP

Judge: Vadim Mozyrsky
9/16/2016 9:31:52 PM

This judge doesn't care what happens to people with mental health diagnosis. He twists everything so he can deny you. He has a very high denial rate. He needs to try to get SSD so he can go thru the hell the SSD puts people thru. I have now been denied five times. They don't take into account what the vocational expert says. Why waste taxpayer money on the VE if this judge doesn't listen to them. He also must like people with mental health disabilities. He must think everyone who has that diagnosis is not credible. I'd like him to try to get SSD. The entire system is flawed from your first filing to the appeals council you don't get a fair shot at getting SSD unless you are obese, alcoholic or a drug addict. He needs to retire from the bench or show some compassion for what the claiments are going thru. I hope he doesn't stay in Portland very long he needs to go back to Texas or California this man has way to much power and he screws people what is rightfully yours.

Judge: Marti Kirby
9/16/2016 3:40:53 PM

this judge does not look at the MEDICAL EVIDENCE... she goes by your age and if you are under 50 you are screwed...i had 250 pages and 10 yrs of medical evidence and was still denied after witness letters... STRONG medical evidence, letters by therapist, psychs... etc etc... had the dr get a RFC form that states severe in every aspect and still said lack of evidence...what else do they want?...if you are under 50 beware is all i can say...

Judge: Marti Kirby
8/12/2016 4:03:03 PM

My experience with Judge Kirby was nothing but positive. It was a quick hearing for SSDI. She was genuine, considerate, cooperative, and friendly. The hearing was very brief. She introduced herself and the others in the room kindly. She explained the process of the hearing to me plain and simple. Overall my experience with this judge was nothing but pleasant.

Judge: Joseph D Schloss
8/4/2016 11:23:13 AM

This judge and I use the term loosely, staight up lie in the brief that I was sent. He had me having an anurism and off work almost 10 years before my accident happened. Either he can't read or someone else did the review of my case because the majority of the stuff he put in the fact finding brief was NOT me. SMH

This judge is a bigot
Judge: Joseph D Schloss
7/31/2016 12:31:39 AM

This is not a judge. He is rude, disrespectful and has a serious God complex. He rolled his eyes and cut me off everytime i spoke. He would twist my words and everything i would say. In the decision paperwork my disability was stated as severe, but the "judge" said he did not agree with the fact i met all the requirements! How is this justice and right!

Judge: Jesse J Pease
7/25/2016 11:47:46 PM

Heartless unfair judge my attorney says I must wait another year when I have already waited 18 months only to receive an unfavorable decision by ALJ Jesse Pease I hate this jerk for the hell I'm going through because of his inability to judge fairly who are you to judge anyone

Judge: Jesse J Pease
6/26/2016 10:31:58 PM

I think the judge Is fair judge he handle my 20yr old daughters case even through she was deseased I kelp fighting for her to get disability because she was very I'll I appreciated the judge goIng throughout her medical record and finding her disabled well with that being said he gave her fully favoble and was to received back pay well I wrote a letter To the judge to let him know that they said, ssi he didnot know what he was doing so SSi stated she was not disable and put his letter in with my desease child case and said I want be getting any money.

Judge: Vadim Mozyrsky
6/19/2016 7:24:42 PM

Judge Vadim Mozyrsky, he should be fired. He denies claims saying that your not credible and your doctor and therapist are not credible also. He needs to be disbarred. I called my Senators office and they were upset also. I am trying to get my SSD again. I have already been denied again. My attorney and the guy reviewing my case didn't get my medical records. The determination guy only went by the denial I got the first time I called. He contacted people I have never had anything to do with. My attorney didn't do there job either. SSD didn't recognize who my attorney was until after they made my decision. I've had to get my own medical records for my appeal. I am not very happy. I think the guy in the determination depart need to be fired. When I was working I would never be allowed to do a half a**ed job.

Judge: Lowell Fortune
6/14/2016 11:20:19 AM

I found Judge Lowell Fortune to be fair, kind and pleasant. My disability hearing was presented to Judge Fortune after I had brain surgery in 2014. I had never been to a disability hearing much less my own, so I admit I was a little afraid. I was happy that it was over with quickly and Judge Fortune decided in my favor at the end of the hearing instead of making me wait for weeks as I was told could be possible. During the questioning he was very pleasant and smiled several times. I am thankful that my experience during the hearing process was simple, quick and not as stressful as I thought it would be.

Judge: Nancy M Stewart
6/1/2016 7:01:45 PM

Had hearing this am with Judge Stewart. It was a pleasant experience. She made me feel at ease, listen to everything I had to say and approved my claim after five years waiting. Thanks Again Your Honor.

Judge: Marti Kirby
4/12/2016 10:18:13 AM

Obtaining SSDI is a long and an arduous process, however if you do your your due diligence, go to the doctors, therapist, specialists and show you've tried to work and were unable too...then Judge Kirby will be an advocate for your case. I had over 1080 pages of medical documents from my Primary Care Doctor, emergency room visits, my wrist surgery, Orthopedic Surgeon, Pain Management, occupational therapy, mental health therapist, personal letters from friends and family on the decline of my health. And the most important is to get yourself an attorney. Not to battle with the Judge but because it's someone who can speak with her about your case on a legal level. You have to be your own advocate and make sure you have done all the necessary work. This is a time to teach out to friends and family and ask for help. Have them take you to all of your doctor's offices to obtain your medical records. If you go to the emergency room or a walk-in clinic make sure you ask for a copy. Keep a daily journal of your health issues. If you are working even part-time and you have to call in sick keep a calendar or a log it on a journal. All of these things will help your case and hopefully Judge Kirby will rule in your favor. Good Luck to you all! And thank you Judge Kirby and your wonderful staff who have been very kind everytime I call the Moreno Valley office to make sure my records are in order.

Judge: Vadim Mozyrsky
3/7/2016 10:41:54 PM

This judge needs to try and get SSD himself and try to live in poverty and almost homeless. He is very arrogant doesn't care about people with mental disabilities or medical disabilities. I've been trying for over three years and have been denied 3 times. I'm now appealing his decision. He told me that my doctors and I where not credible. The 'VE said I couldn't do my previous jobs but, I could detail cars, hospital housekeeper or a yard maintenance. I'm 54 years old. Get off your bench and do those jobs yourself!

Brian Soderston
Judge: Paula J Goodrich
3/3/2016 8:43:25 PM

Very nice, she treated me with respect. Don't know the outcome yet, but the judge was polite and thorough.

Judge: Vadim Mozyrsky
1/27/2016 1:46:59 AM

I feel that he does not care about people with mental health issues. He said that I wasn't credible he also said this about my regular Dr. My file was reviewed by doctors I have never seen in my life. The 'VE said I couldn't do any of my previous jobs and my skills where not tranferrible. Was told I could do jobs I know nothing about. I'm over 53 so my age wasn't taken into consideration. He's not a fair judge.

Judge: Vadim Mozyrsky
12/20/2015 10:23:00 PM

Judge Mozyrsky twists your answers to fit a denial. He is not qualified to read my x rays but never states who did. Accused all medical and mental health practitioners and myself of lying, exaggerating and being manipulative.I He gives you every chance to explain yourself but your not going to prove yourself unless you have a good lawyer. Be educated about you own case and confident. I was terrified and under so much mental and emotional turmoil that I barely remember anything. I know I could have given direct answers to his questions. Being vague and not specific enough gives them an opportunity to guess at your claimed disability. It also doesn't seem to matter what the Vocational expert says so why do they even bother with them? Judge does not take onto consideration your documents but that of his own medical staffs opinion, again he never mentions who they are. The Judges medical staff never examined, evaluated, met or even spoke to me. So if my Dr's, the x rays and myself are lying what chance do we have? Judge I understand it's your job to sort out the undeserving but you are so wrong in many of your cases. I'm not willing to lose everything I have including a roof over my head just to get disability, apparently you must think I would. Please use a little more compassion.

Bernadine Martin
Judge: Danny Pittman
12/18/2015 4:27:04 PM

Danny Pittman has denied me twice I have worked about 30years. First denied he made a decision before more medical records came. Then they tell me I can work with limitations then I hear I can't work then they I can work. As I deal with since 2010 until this year he denied me again. Medical records and X-rays don't lie and doctors will not put their jobs on the line to lie. I am a dietbic, depression, insomnia, shoulder needs to be replace knee replacement glacoma, two disc problems in my lower back, can't sleep on my back. I feel it's discrimination because I am native Americans/African American. I wasn't treated fairly and that's not right or fair I have other medical condition but my records is on file. I been fighting to get my Disabilty since 2010.

Judge: Vadim Mozyrsky
12/3/2015 4:39:55 PM

I give it his judge 0 stars. I am 50 years old and I haven't worked since 2010. I am single and my 12 year old autistic son lives with me. We live on $733 per month plus food stamps. I went before him in November 2014 in Portland Oregon. My lawyer was very happy be ause the doctors all agreed except one that I don't even remember seeing (this includes three of Ssd doctors). The vocational expert agreed and said I could not be gainfully employed. When I received my denial letter and read the absolute garbage this guy stated as fact I couldn't believe that it was real. My lawyer sent in my appeal that same week. He decided that I could be employed as a bank monitor watcher even after the expert said no to that very job. Did you know there are three jobs in the entire state of Oregon for a bank monitor watcher? He said that since I was able to smoke that my hands are in fact not disabled. He took things that were written in my records by my specialist totally out of context and didn't ask me anything about them during my hearing. He said I refused to follow his orders about physical therapy. Totally not true. My insurance does not cover it! My doctor in fact wrote that it would help and there was a request made and denied. He said I have a boyfriend to take care of me. What has that got to do with my disability? Not to mention that is 100% untrue. He said since I was able to smoke my hands aren't in fact disabled. What? There are over 50 mistakes and lies in his findings. Now I am still 9 months away from another shot, but it will NOT be in front of this person! I am requesting a new judge this week!

Judge: William K Mueller
10/28/2015 11:53:31 PM

I had my hearing with Judge Mueller and I must say I have never been so degraded as a human being until I had Judge Mueller hear my case. Not only did he degrade me but he made every effort to belittle me and mentally and emotionally attack me. He took various parts of my reports and misconstrued them any way to put me down. It seemed to only upset him when I re-clarified those parts of my records that he was taking out of context. This judge is non-compassionate, ignorant, unworthy of doing his job in a professional manner, arrogant, disrespectful and the list can go on. Judge Mueller also felt it was his right to question me on personal information not related to my medical information or disability. It is really upsetting that someone with his characteristics is someone you should be comfortable to discuss your disability and hardships with. I felt from the moment I walked in he had already stereo-typed me as an unworthy person. I really hope he never finds himself in my position and have someone like him determine his fate.

Judge: Mason D Harrell
8/21/2015 12:15:03 PM

Judge Mason Harrell Jr. Is a fair judge waiting on his decision.

Judge: Sharilyn Hopson
8/3/2015 12:51:07 AM

I have a neuromuscular disease. She sent me to an internal medicine doctor. Then ignored the results. She told me she doesn't like me and that my doctors, my mother and I are all liars.

Judge: Vadim Mozyrsky
7/29/2015 9:36:48 PM

I'm not sure how to rate this judge. I agree with what others have said, he was professional and courteous during the hearing. On the other hand, he asked some really hard questions about things I didn't know my doctors said. I'm not sure if I won my case or not.

Kenneth Cameron
Judge: Joseph D Schloss
6/28/2015 4:01:03 PM

Fix the SSD office and hire honest judges. Judges that state the truth. I received the letter of decision which was full of #'#'#, let's just say I would rather read something that stated the truth.

Kenneth Cameron
Judge: Joseph D Schloss
6/27/2015 12:33:29 PM

I am a Med. Ret. Service-connected Veteran with a VA rating of 90% disabiled and 100% unemployable. But this cat thinks he knows more than the medical people and denies my case. Can I see your License in Medicine? And don't they need to be honest?

Judge: Joseph D Schloss
6/5/2015 3:29:56 PM

I filed a motion for recusal after he accused me of lying and he ruled on his own motion, DENIED.He tries to be intimidating but is really just a coward in a robe and a disgrace to the whole judicial system. I have made it a personal objective to make sure everyone knows what a disgrace he is but guess what, I could not file a complaint with the State Bar because he isn't a real judge, he is an administrative coward. My last hope is to expose him in Federal Court. My best advice if you happen to draw this Judge is to change the venue to another county and hirer a good attorney and if you have to represent yourself as I did preserve and state objections do not get bullied object to the paid hired guns he brings in to discredit you make sure you have more then 5 minutes as I had to review their resume and object,object,object,!

Judge: Mason D Harrell
6/4/2015 3:31:26 PM

Judge Harrell was fair. When he asked questions I didn't feel like he was trying to trick me like the previous ALJ. He was aware of my medical issues where the previous ALJ was uninterested.

Joaquin Apuente Hermano (Hack Jerman)
Judge: Joseph D Schloss
5/23/2015 11:10:28 AM

Back a number of years ago, I found myself caught between a rock and a hard place and emailed him. He gave good advise, I followed it and sent him a thank you note via USPS. This is a good and honest judge.

Judge: Sharilyn Hopson
5/16/2015 12:37:26 PM

MY ADVICE: DO NOT GO INTO HER COURTROOM. Reschedule, find a new lawyer, whatever, but avoid her at all costs. Horrible, absolutely horrible. She breaks rules, the law, and still the appeal council does nothing. A useless parasite on the system. She ignores anything that any doctor you have ever seen has said, any claim of pain is "you're a liar", puts you into job categories you've never done and can't do because of your sciatic lumbar pain and arthritic knees, and literally fabricates testimony and evidence so that she can deny your claim. I've been through many custody hearings and by far Sharilyn Hopson is by far *the worst* judge/administrator I have ever come across.

Judge: Jesse J Pease
3/5/2015 10:48:02 AM

I am a single mother battling leukemia. I have had major brain surgery 3 times. now that I have cancer and know that there is no known cure for my cancer and will be on chemo meds for the rest of my life I been fighting for ssi. this judge denied me already twice. supposedly they ran cognitive testing on me and based off that I am able to work. so sad to say this is a lie because they never ever ran any test or exams. I was praying I get this being a single mom and battling cancer to possibly use any back pay for final funeral expenses so my 7 and 10 yr old will be able to bury me. but he ruled against it. even knowing that I have been on 4 different chemo medications and they all stopped working and was switched yet again. what ever the case maybe its kind of sad that my neighbor who has nothing wrong at all got approved for it instantly. well ok I take that back the only thing she has wrong with her is that she is a heroin user.... must be nice to be paid to abuse drugs by our own system. woo those of us who have life threatening disease get denied. but he said despite me having cancer that I am still able to work and do work I have done in the past. yes get it in the past before the brain surgeries and before I was diagnosed with cancer. if I was able to work I would be working. some one needs to review this judge. I know some one else who was denied by him and the poor guy is in a wheel chair paralyzed from the waste down. just because the man worked before his accident.

Judge: Joseph D Schloss
2/2/2015 4:23:49 PM

I have spent 7 years trying to get approved under this ALJ ! He was rude yto me from the start , " I have tattoos"so he assumaed I am a lazy druggie , said so & treated me as such ! Told me Didn't have a disability,but my situation was the lifestyle choice of a lazy man

Judge: Lowell Fortune
1/20/2015 12:57:35 AM

This "man" is the worst type of person possible and should not be adjudicating disability cases. He is heartless and has zero empathy for anyone appearing before him. He has denied me twice and I demanded my case be sent before a new judge this third time. I'm hoping that Judge Hartman is more sympathetic to my situation.

Judge: Joseph D Schloss
1/18/2015 7:43:31 PM

My son who is 26 years old was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia 4 years ago. We went before this judge and was told he could shine shoes. He was denied. When we arrived home my son burned himself with a cigarette 26 times. Enjoy this beautiful day.

Jerry Ballard
Judge: Danny Pittman
1/14/2015 3:04:44 PM

This judge did not do his Home work. the court refused to allow me to present evidence I thought important and in the letter that followed after my day in Court, I was called a liar while my disabilities are fully documented from the military. He chose to use a reference from a Doctor at VA Hospital named Dr. Martin Lauber who lied and falsified my Medical Records and He never mentioned that I said under oath that the Doctor lied and i could prove it. In my view, This Judge must get paid by Social Security to deny certain cases. I worked 40 years and paid into Social Security and when I become Disabled? I can't draw my Social Security because the social Security Administration robes us who are disabled I am 80% disabled from VA I have 50% sleeping Disorder and 30% nerve damage from active duty in the Military. I have been to 4 Physical Rehabs and over 3000 pages of medical records. The fact is I did not get my Disability because I am white and not Hispanic. Social Security you are crooks and i bet you pay an incentive to judges who deny cases too but that is my view and my right to hold it. my social security goes to social Security unions for their trips not to those who need it

Bay Area Rep
Judge: Katherine Loo
12/25/2014 11:00:46 PM

Unprofessional and rude. Wears crocs and tacky clothes to hearings. She hates the sight of any woman who looks better than her. She has the nerve to criticize people's weight when they are barely overweight. She could lose some weight herself. She really needs to go... She has an ugly personality but it's not surprising, she presents herself like a stereotypical pathetic looking government employee.

Judge: Marti Kirby
12/5/2014 8:00:03 PM

I had the opportunity to meet with Judge Kirby in November 2014 with my friend applying for SSDI. I was surprised to see the negitive comments written because when I met with her she was nothing but kind. Judge Kirby was sympathetic, companionate, and pleasent. She had nothing but patience with us, and I appreciated that very much. I'm happy I had the pleasure of having judge Kirby.

Judge: Marsha Stroup
8/8/2014 9:55:50 AM

I have been before Judge Stroup several times over the years representing claimants. She is always personable and allows the claimant's to have a fair and full hearing. In my opinion, she weighs the evidence objectively and without pre-conceived biases as some ALJ's seem to do. She knows her record well, and is thoughtful and balanced. Even in the cases that have been disapproved, my clients felt respected by her which says a lot about her nature.

Shaneela Marlett
Judge: Mason D Harrell
7/12/2014 9:42:14 PM

I am an attorney. I see lots of comments on here about the law that are completely wrong. If you want to see what kind of Judge you have, look at the percentages of awards provided on this site. Do not look at the comments for an understanding of the law. It seems many of the commenters are very misinformed about the hearing process. All and all, I highly recommend using an attorney at your hearing so someone who understands disability law can help you understand the procedure.

Eugenio Medrano
Judge: Joseph D Schloss
6/16/2014 3:43:11 PM

I think he is a strong judge and just wants to hear your case clearly to help him make a decision but my lawyer said I definitely have a case he just said it might be hard because of my age but I didn't pick my age to become disabled its runs in my family and I have more than enough work credits I just hope he makes a decision over my medical records rather than my age!!

Judge: Nancy Lisewski
5/19/2014 2:09:19 PM

IF you want a fair Judge that listens and ask the best questions about your case, she reads and understands, i been threw alot but i kept on because i have worked, and this judge is differant than the other one i had. shes a great judge i will tell anybody that. thank u judge NANCY FOR YOUR FAVORABLE DECISION ON MY CASE. ITS BEEN A LONG AND HARD ROAD FOR ME.

Judge: Tamara Turner-Jones
4/10/2014 11:21:29 PM

I feel she is not fair, she makes assumptions and will base your denial on her assumptions. The doctors they send us to are a joke. My sister is dying because they kept denying her and her cancer has returned and spread throughout her body. Frankly speaking I dont know how they sleep at night !!

Daniel Murphy
Judge: Jesse J Pease
4/6/2014 2:35:35 PM

How can a reasoned medical opinion of a medical examiner who never examined a patient , never saw or spoke to a patient ,never reviewed a patients complete medical records stand behind his report as being fair and legitimate . How can an administrative law judge use a report like this to deny a disabled person the disability benefits that they deserve ? The judge did so because it was the best way to deny benefits and it fit easily into his biased decision . I have lost all faith in our American judicial system because of how unfairly I was treatedi . On the day I had my hearing judge Pease had an armed security guard protecting him and as I was preparing to go into my hearing the security guard stepped outside to get some fresh air for a minute and when judge Pease noticed his security guard was not there judge Pease panicked got scared and immediately yelled for his security guard . Judge Pease verbally reprimanded his guard for stepping outside for a minute . I am five feet four inches tall I weigh 110 pounds I am thin weak from my disability and was on crutches as I am unable to walk but this judge is such a coward I guess I freightened him . I think it's this judges blatent bad decision s that make him think someone will hurt him . The thought never crossed my mind to physically hurt him or anyone else I have ever come in contact with. It saddens me that I have lost all faith in our judicial system because of the way I was unfairly treated . Everyone I come in contact with I will tell them how I was treated .

Takyesha Allen
Judge: Duane D Young
3/17/2014 6:48:46 PM

I seen Judge Young on March 12 and I must say, he was very respectful and actually LISTENED!!!! He did not rush through my hearing and I feel he is a very fair Judge.I can say I was one of the blessed ones to have had a Judge that knows what he is doing!! Good luck to everyone on your hearings.

Kenneth Cameron
Judge: Joseph D Schloss
3/6/2014 5:07:44 PM

I had my Disability Hearing in Moreno Valley with Joseph D. Schloss as the Judge. To start, I always thought that judges were to be fair and honest. I guess that does not apply to Joseph D. Schloss. I received my Notice of Decision. The decision did not bother me as much as the fabrication of statements I did not make and the twisting of the statements I did make. This is unfair and NOT honest. Where are the laws to stop judges from perjury?

Judge: Lowell Fortune
2/4/2014 11:22:12 PM

Judge Fortune wrote in his decision that I did not display the symptoms of PTSD in the courtroom. I thought it was the judge's job to examine the facts and put together the puzzle from what the doctors diagnosed, not to diagnose conditions themselves, after all they are not doctors so they do not have the training to diagnose medical conditions. I was discharged from the military for PTSD and am currently rated 100% disabled by the Veteran's Administration for PTSD, based on their doctors who specialize in PTSD, but I guess judge fortune (I did not capitalize intentionally) knows more about PTSD than the dozen or so doctors I have seen and am still seeing from the military and VA. Also, he was very disrespectful and utterly rude. Two things that have no place from a judge. Maybe his parents never taught him to treat people properly. I have never said someone should be fired but judge lowell fortune has no business as a judge!!!

Judge: Danny Pittman
1/17/2014 2:58:56 PM

This is the worst alu judge I know he denied me cause I visit my dad and go to church he reasons other then that were lies said I had surgery I never did claimed I made statements that werent true and attacked my character waiting for appeals decision to take case to federal court

Daniel murphy
Judge: Jesse J Pease
1/12/2014 9:14:23 AM

The date is now January 12 ,2014 and I still continue to live with a poor decision made by administrative law judge Jesse J. Pease regarding my claim for disability benefits . I hope Judge Pease reads my comments and I am sure they mean nothing to him but I have to live with his bad incorrect decision every day of my life. Unable to work and denied my SSDI benefits my daily life has been a struggle . I want judge Pease to understand the impact of his unfair treatment that I received that day . With only an income of $627 from SSI I have lost everything I worked so hard for and I currently am packing up my home as I lost my home to foreclosure and face eviction in 3 days . Had I been approved for my SSDI benefits I would still be able to make my monthly mortgage payment and would not be facing eviction . Judge Pease I will be evicted and will be homeless and I attributed this to your bad decision . I would have much rather been told by you judge Pease that the system has no money left and that's why I would not be receiving disability benefits rather than having a fabricated medical examiners report used against me .

karla l felix calderas
Judge: James P Nguyen
12/20/2013 1:10:52 PM

with so many people in the world i always know that when a jugge is present I couldnt ask for no one smarter to decide my case with all igot i am doing all i can on behalf of my life.Iam still feeling suicidal but i thank you judge james nguygen for giving me oppurtunity.I hold close your words and i am doing what you said even though i shake every second trying to do what i need to ,I know i have to take my medication and anyway thank you karla lani felix

Judge: Marti Kirby
12/20/2013 4:59:41 AM

What a horrible feeling, not having any money, no where to go, not being able to get hired anywhere, and even if I was that lucky not being able to keep employment because of my disability. After being denied by Marti Kirby I am at a complete loss on how to even exist. My stomach hurts so bad, and i am so wrecked with fear that I can hardly keep food down. I really hoped and prayed Marti Kirby would've given me a hand up instead of a foot down.

Judge: Marti Kirby
12/18/2013 12:34:26 PM

“If you are looking for compassion and common sense try finding another judge. “ After my denial by the SSDI system and another ALJ, I no longer have any faith or pride in the United States. This country is a pitiful disgrace to the world. The rich and able bodied can continue to get richer while the disabled can die and go away, in their eyes the sooner the better. Wonder how many bonuses were handed out for meeting the “disposition” quota's? They might as well fire all adjudicators and judges and just let random computer picks make the decision, it would probably be equally accurate.

Judge: Marti Kirby
12/17/2013 7:37:48 PM

If you are about to present your case to Marti Kirby, I have two words for you: Be Scared. I say this because she does not seem to care about facts. I personally have not worked in two decades, have no real education, have been homeless for over a year and suffer from a condition even Marti told me she believes exists. The job rehabilitation person was present during my hearing and it was decided I was unable to work in any meaningful capacity. I have been told that there are some judges who act as pen pushers for the social security administration and are blind to any evidence, this is in my opinion what Marti Kirby is. Kind of like how a patrol cop needs to reach a speeding ticket quota, Marti needs to deny even valid claims. Her denial of my case could be the final nail in the coffin for me, it was bar none one of the saddest days of my life and will negatively impact the lives of my loved ones who are equally baffled by the denial. If you are looking for compassion and common sense try finding another judge. If you are the social security administration and need a judge to find any tiny reason to deny a hurting person Marti Kirby will fit the bill.

Shaneela Marlett
Judge: Mason D Harrell
12/13/2013 12:00:12 AM

I am an attorney. I see lots of comments on here about the law that are completely wrong. If you want to see what kind of Judge you have, look at the percentages of awards provided on this site. Do not look at the comments for an understanding of the law. It seems many of the commenters are very misinformed about the hearing process. All and all, I highly recommend using an attorney at your hearing so someone who understands disability law can help you understand the procedure.

Judge: Duane D Young
9/7/2013 12:01:21 AM

I haven't received my decision regarding my SSDI hearing yet, but I do want to say that Judge Duane Young is a pretty fair judge. I didn't see this page until after my hearing when I was told the judges have their approval ratings online, so I wanted to present a fair view of him now and how I feel regardless of how he rules. He's good when it comes to your records and will allow you to explain what's in your records. I was honest with him about my records and my physical limitations and he was respectful. He did ask me a couple of tricky yes or no questions that were hard to answer in my situation but he understood what I was talking about. I've heard about other judges and how they do things, but Judge Duane Young actually seems to be one of the more respectful judges. Plus there are a lot of people out there who hope for a judge that gives them a fair shake and they don't always get that, especially from the sound of some of the newspaper articles around the country talking about how the judges don't hear them out or pay attention to the medical evidence. My final 2 cents is that as long as you're honest with him and you try to answer his questions the best you can, he's fair and you'll feel comfortable.

Kathleen Hoover
Judge: Sharilyn Hopson
6/26/2013 11:36:23 AM

Judge Hopson was lovely. She was very respectful and made the proceeding comfortable. She asked questions that showed she had reviewed the evidence. Judge Hopson genuinely cared about my sons disabilities. We are waiting for ruling via mail. Did not have lawyer.

Bob Smith
Judge: Michael D Radensky
6/16/2013 7:12:20 AM

Not enough room here to state all of Radensky's blatant lies! Never even reviewed my medical records because they're "older" and I have no medical or income, so I CANNOT afford to see a Dr. Mountains of evidence MORE than proving several severe health issues easily amounting to a disability. He made ALL kinds of false statements and assumptions instead of asking me questions. He gave NO WEIGHT to the opinion of the physician I saw most recently because he's ONLY a PA, even though he works under the direct supervision of a Dr. This man is an IMBECILE who's apparently only concerned with maintaining the HIGHEST DENIAL RATE ANYWHERE of 61%! Almost DOUBLE that of ALL OTHER ALJ's in the entire nation!The average in CA. is ONLY 34% and his own office is ONLY 49%!

Judge: Mason D Harrell
5/16/2013 1:54:22 PM

This judge gave great weight to the testimony of the experts who did not have a face-to-face interview with me and little weight to the doctors who had a personal face-to-face interview with me. Judge Harrell's final determination was filled with subjective inconsistency and relied on his on medical reasoning. Judge Harrell played doctor with my case. Of course, I appealed to the board in Virginia who discovered that the audio tapes of the medical doctor and vocational experts were missing and remanded my case for a new hearing in front of a different judge. Judge Harrell definitely needs a refresher course in ethical behavior.

Judge: William K Mueller
5/8/2013 11:11:44 AM

This official of the courts was one of the best I have ever encountered. He allowed me to speak and he gave me the courtesy to present my evidence. I will say, that he was very stearn from the outset of the case, but once he realized that an error had been made by the Social Security Administration, the Judges' demeanor changed. I wish that all Judicial officials could take a page from this Judges court etiquettes. I have encountered many Judge's that demoralize and treat the disabled as harden criminals, but this Judge was neither unprofessional, nor stereotypical.

Steven Sanchez
Judge: Duane D Young
4/30/2013 10:34:42 PM

My husband just saw judge young the other day and he was very nice. He seemed to know what he was talking about! Prayers to all that are in the process!

Judge: Joseph D Schloss
4/27/2013 3:24:11 PM

I am currently working with him to prove my case. Because the doctors I went to did not give me a decent examination it was basically visual and they did not have enought of my medical records from my specialist I complained to congress and have been assigned someone who is going to review my case from the Senate.

Judge: Lowell Fortune
4/19/2013 10:23:18 AM

What is Judge Fortune's allowance rate on remand?

Judge: Joseph D Schloss
4/9/2013 4:34:04 PM

Abrupt, arrogant disengaged with claimant. Jumps all around timeline of illness and rushes you out of his courtroom

Judge: Troy Silva
3/30/2013 3:41:52 AM

Awful judge. Doesn't think straight sometimes. Doesn't understand limitations too. However, there are worse judges than him so he's just okay.

Judge: William K Mueller
3/23/2013 6:31:10 AM

actually called 7 doctors i saw for my conditions liars!!! Also, that the 3 mri's 4 catscans and 5 x-rays of my 3 herniated discs in my neck c-5/c-6/c-7 as well as c-9 barely hanging on by a thread, as hyping up my condition, and the facts don't show the severity i claim???Oh, did i mention that i was found totally and permanently disabled by the dr. review boards of hillsboro mo. for my conditions, ste. genevieve mo. for same and st. francois co. in mo. all 3 by THEIR GOVERNMENT drs.(when they tried to deny me medicaid and i appealed and won all 3) as well as 4 others they sent me to, (also military dr.s for my early discharge), all at different times over the last 7 years which i've been unable to work at all.(he called like 17 college educated dr.s evaluations, 13 image scans of various sources etc. etc. etc. as opinion evidence!!!) Also did i mention the 3 cancers i had so far??? including the eventual loss of my kidney, as well as 5 other disabling conditions??? Also, they changed dates around of dr's. i saw to discredit me, as well as left data out completely, altered some facts, some dates, and actually made up things i supposedly said that i did not say!!! (is that not libel???) as i can prove this and would like to sue his ignorant @ss!!! P.S. SOMETIMES THE JUDGE GETS JUDGED HIMSELF!!!!!!!!!! P.S.S. the dates are wrong too, it took me over 3 years to be denied from the time i applied not the 8.5 months they say here, just more lieing @ss jewberment crap!!!!!! Oh and get this the judge states to try to discredit me anyway possible, "Indeed treatment records reveal that the claimant had no psychological complaints, and no suicidal thoughts on nov. 22, 2011. (Ex 36f, at 5) Further a mental status examination showed that the patient had normal orientation, affect, speech and memory." (ID) I SAW THAT DR. one time to get a steroid injection in my neck for the pain. THis guy isnt qualified to make a mental evaluation, this is pure crap!!!! also why would i tell a one pain injection dr, a thing about my mental state

Judge: Joseph D Schloss
3/22/2013 11:40:42 AM

He is very arrogant and disrespectful towards claimants and their needs for disability. He will find a way to discredit everything!! If you are unlucky enough to have him as your ALJ be prepared for a very long and stressful time proving every aspect of every tiny detail.

Judge: Mason D Harrell
3/11/2013 12:48:45 PM

He is a coward. He is abusive and takes advantage of his position. He is a liar and a thief.

Judge: Thomas Cheffins
3/8/2013 11:01:12 PM

Today i went for 2 hearing and i was granted ssd :) so happy wish all the best to all

Judge: Nancy Lisewski
2/20/2013 9:45:55 AM

I find her to be respectful to the claimant and the representative. She may not approve many cases but she is professional.

Judge: Nancy Lisewski
2/6/2013 8:06:05 PM

Low-class. Should be disbarred. She is disgusting.

Judge: Michael D Radensky
2/2/2013 1:08:53 PM

I have more than enough medical evidence to back up my claim. Stated things in his ruling that i never said. So now thanks to degenerative disc disease and Judge Radensky we will loose the last thing our family has our home I wonder how you can sleep at night after sitting and listening and watching a so blatently broken person in every way possible and then deny them. Now my family and i will be homeless thanks for that. I hope god has mercy on your soul !!!!

Judge: Vadim Mozyrsky
1/25/2013 9:51:08 AM

Fair judge. He knew my medical record and was polite. I got a chance to say everything I wanted to say. I'm not do sure about the vocational expert who said I could work as a hand packager. I don't know what that is.

Shawn West
Judge: Lowell Fortune
1/16/2013 4:51:33 PM

Judge fortune or mis-fortune as he is referred to by those who have the mis fortune to be in his court is the worst type of person the world has produced. I have been in front of him three times and each time he is more rude and strange the previous times. I had four experts witnesses find in my favor, two are doctors, one was fortunes own expert on my kind of heart condition and the vocation expert, he had gone out and found another doctor that said I was not disabled. To call this obscene is an understatement and to call him a professional or judge is and over statement. If you get this judge, be afraid, very afraid. He is charge of peoples lives and shouldn't be in charge of a broom.

Judge: Marsha Stroup
1/2/2013 1:11:30 PM

She is actually the Regional Chief Judge, and doesn't really do many Utah cases.

Judge: Thomas Cheffins
1/2/2013 2:39:29 AM


Judge: Thomas Cheffins
12/28/2012 4:44:08 PM

Agree with the previous comments. He is biased. ALJ routinely goes against treating source opinions even when they are consistent with the evidence as a whole. When multiple treating physicians and even consultating physicians are in agreement on limitations and the AlJ still goes against these opinions then you know something is up. why do certain ALJ's believe they can play medical doctor and God.

Judge: Lowell Fortune
11/30/2012 11:31:55 PM

This man needs to see a therapist himself!

Judge: Lowell Fortune
11/27/2012 11:32:36 AM

This man is very disrespectfull he started my hearing by lecturing me. He went so far as to call one of my highly reguarded doctors a lire, He was very hostile and seemed to have an agenda of making a personal attack

Judge: Sharilyn Hopson
11/17/2012 2:31:51 PM

She is so unprofessional. She discredits every doctor you have even if they are the treating physician. She outright states that there is a disability, but doesn't believe the doctors, even when there is FDA evidence of the challenges one faces. Distorts information and twists the hearing so it is not in favor of the person to receive the disability payments. She will even discredit their own doctors and not accept their evidence. She places so called experts on the stand that know nothing about the disabling conditions, than uses their testimonies.

Judge: Vadim Mozyrsky
11/10/2012 5:42:13 PM

This judge is very professional, kind and courteous. He will let you explain yourself to the fullest, but also ask the appropriate questions as well. Make sure you have all medical records to back up your testimony. Because if not he will see right through you, his numbers can contest to that. Again if you don't have the medical records to back up your statement, I suggest you don't waste his time or your time........

Judge: Nancy Lisewski
11/8/2012 8:17:32 PM

Brash, rude, and condescending. She has decided the case before you even walk through the door. Disgrace.

Judge: Sharilyn Hopson
11/6/2012 2:02:03 PM

She and her team of consultants not only ignore the medical evidence of disability, they outright state that there is none, making her decision so obviously biased.

Ben T. Over
Judge: Lowell Fortune
9/17/2012 4:17:32 AM

He should be called a federal pre-judge. He is the epitome of disrespect and biased analysis. After destroying so many lives, I can only hope that he doesn't sleep well at night. But, then again, I should know better; a psychopath is incapcable of empathy or remorse.

Judge: Duane D Young
9/12/2012 9:35:56 AM

Ever notice how if approved, someone rates a judge great, but if denied, he is a devil? Just sayin'.

Judge: Nancy Lisewski
9/7/2012 12:58:35 PM

Conducts a quick hearing. Lets the representative do most of the questioning. However, she will find any loophole to deny; especially D & A.

stacey meals
Judge: Duane D Young
8/28/2012 11:11:13 PM

Judge Young Alj odar is not fair and dont no the system of mental and psychical disability.He needs to be removed of bench.God dont like ugly you devil.

Unfairly judged
Judge: Mason D Harrell
8/23/2012 2:04:45 PM

Judge Harrell is very intimidating. In addition, he broke Social Security laws when I had to see him more than once, and he referred to my previous hearing when I had no legal representation. By SSA law, he was not allowed to review my previous hearing because I did not have legal representation. SSA law also states that once a judge had denied your case, you will not see that judge again. Further, he intimidated the Occupational Expert when she said there was no job I could do. He basically forced her to change her decision. To cover his errors, he claimed that he audio portion was distorted, and I had to return again. All in all, I had to see him three times and he broke at least 3 laws. He is the head of the judges in the San Bernardino area. AWFUL JUDGE!

Judge: Sharilyn Hopson
8/8/2012 11:18:57 PM

She was so unprofessional in the hearing and rude. I was so shocked. I am suprised she allowed to be on the bench.

Judge: Joseph D Schloss
8/2/2012 2:46:31 PM

Judicial smarts missing.

Judge: Nancy Lisewski
8/2/2012 2:44:02 PM

Looks for the legal ways to deny - disregards the person.

Judge: Thomas Cheffins
7/28/2012 6:53:33 AM

Nice smiley-puss who is pleasant in the hearing room and a nasty creep in his opinions. I really do not know how he sleeps at night. He has condemned many legitemately disabled people to lives of abject poverty. He has adopted a definition of disability different from the standard that is contained in the social security statutes and regulations. The protection we all pay for with our social security taxes is not available in his hearing room. He denies claims by ignoring treating opinion evidence and just making facts up out of whole cloth. And there is nothing we can do about it. Northern Arizona no longer has the benefit of the social security system that they paid into because of this creep and the others in this ****-hole of an office. My advice; if you are disabled and live in Northern Arizona: move. There is no fair hearing in this office, much less before this "judge."

Amra Domazet
Judge: Thomas Cheffins
7/27/2012 1:57:33 AM

He denied my disability after having two open hart surgeries ,2 strokes,two peacemaker and back problems i have contact senator John McCain and also he can not believe that i was not approved i did an appeal.So will see also have new diagnoses now ptsd and also seizures .Best luck to all with this Judge you will need it

Judge: Lowell Fortune
7/16/2012 6:50:21 AM

He is far from a fair judge and he should be brought up on charges for how he treats the people who come before him. I have never met a more unpleasant person in my life and for him to be someone in authority and sit in judgement of others lives is wrong. VERY WRONG. To call people liars and say they are fat, lazy, or any of those things is wrong. He should not be allowed to stand in judgement of people until he has walked in their shoes! He has no respect for anyone's problems in life, so why should they give him respect. FOR HEAVENS SAKE, he rolled his eyes. Teenage girls do that when they are told to do something. This man is no better than a spoiled teenager only he is given the job of calling someone a liar!! I sure would like to see if he treats his family & possible friends the same way he treats the people who come before him in his job. Being a fair judge is a good thing, being one who does not actually listen to the facts before him and makes a decision is a whole other ball game.

Stacey Meals
Judge: Duane D Young
7/12/2012 6:55:53 PM

Judge Duane young was the adminstrative law judge on my case July,11. He was very knowledgeable about my mental and physical disablity, Thank you for being a sincere judge. GOD bless....

Judge: Sharilyn Hopson
7/11/2012 2:00:58 PM

She is a friendly judge at the hearings. You want to make sure you prepare your client to explain their limitations well. Because answers like "a while" or "not to long" is not going to work. She does tend to use ME especiall in psych cases.

Judge: Troy Silva
7/11/2012 1:57:57 PM

He is a nice judge but he is extremely thorough with his cases and so you want to make sure that you know the record well because he will ask you questions about it. He will listen to your argumenst but you kind of know what he is leaning toward at the hearing. Doesnt require a brief or anything. One more thing, make sure you have all of your records and if you dont he will ask why you dont have them especially if they are older records.

Judge: Danny Pittman
7/6/2012 11:35:43 PM

This so called Judge ( puppet ) is Put in a position to do the right thing And completely and utterly failed us. Looking over his ruling with our Newley Hired attorney I'm completely beside Myself, that his ruling was unfavorable. He left out so much! If I were to do my Job like he did for us we would be in the Soup line. I do find solace in the fact That every knee shall bow. And everyone Will give an account for the things they've Done and in this case haven't done.

Richelle Landman
Judge: Paula J Goodrich
6/28/2012 9:46:08 PM

she was very nice and polite!

Judge: Thomas Cheffins
6/19/2012 5:25:35 PM

He denied my disability.Many of the facts he listed in his decision were wrong. I feel he did not listen. One issue he got wrong was listing arthritus as a condition in my left leg when in fact my calf muscle and Achilles tendon were destroyed by gangrene.

Mr Daniel J.Murphy III
Judge: Jesse J Pease
6/16/2012 4:13:26 PM

This Judge is not meant to be a Social Security Administrative Law Judge because he clearly cannot tell whether or not a person is disabled . I stood before this judge and told the truth about everything ,i took my 84 year old mother who testified under oath that i was disabled and i also took my wife who testified on my behalf yet judge jesse j. pease choose to use a fabricated report that was done by a social security medical examiner who never met me ,examined me ,spoke to me ,or had any real complete history on the genetic bone disease i have . the judge used his one fabricated report or what social security called a reasoned opinion to arrive at a disapproved decision to deny me the disability benefits i rightfully deserve. I paid into the system for 30 years and then when i really needed the help financially from the money i paid into the system i am denied.I have a genetic bone disease called osteogenesis imperfecta and i have had 166 major bone fractures iam disabled and cannot work and i have been denied benefits from social security.I am about to lose my home to foreclosure because i have no income because i cannot work and the financial help that i was always told wuld be there for me when i needed it is being withheld because of a bad decision by an incompetent judge.all i can say is how disappointed in our system and that i hope someday that judge pease understands how i feel . i know one thing i kept my integrity and didnt resort to lying or finding some cheap cop out way of denying my claim for whatever reason. Its very sad and very embarrassing to see such an incompetent judge sitting in some makeshift court room pretending to be some one important .i have more respect for the guy who cuts my grass than i do for judge pease because at least i can trust my landscaper and most inmportantly he doesnt lie .your the one who has to go to sleep each night knowing you did the wrong thing to many people or maybe you have a hard time sleeping knowing how dishonest you really are.ALL I CAN SAY IS THAT ILL PRAY FOR YOU JUDGE PEASE THAT SOMEDAY MAYBE YOU WILL COMR CLEAN AND DO THE RIGHT THING

Judge: Duane D Young
5/30/2012 10:28:37 PM

missed the star rating on my prior comment; 5x5 gold stars for Judge Duane Young

Judge: Duane D Young
5/30/2012 9:59:07 PM

I saw Judge Duane Young today. He was empathetic, knowledgeable about my case and handled my aged case in a way that I felt heard and understood unlike before. I feel providentially blessed that he was my judge

Brandon Fleming
Judge: Duane D Young
5/14/2012 1:17:22 PM

Judge Young recently saw my case. He was very nice and very thoughtful. He was extremely nice. I wish more people were like him. HE IS GREAT. God Bless you Judge.

Judge: Duane D Young
4/30/2012 2:22:05 PM

He was very patient,helpful,kind

Judge: Duane D Young
4/27/2012 11:39:15 AM

he was very nice

Judge: Nancy Lisewski
3/13/2012 1:08:16 PM

Appears to know the file well. Does not request opening statement.

Judge: Janice E Shave
3/9/2012 7:05:07 AM

Judge Shave seems very nice. I do not approve of comments that she made about my case. She got information about me that when she blerted out a question about something I said to a Disability Psych. that did a interview with me was way not correct. I feel that she should not attack someone in that way. What was said is Depervation of Character and was way out of line. I would like to see that report and set the Record Straight. She took 3 different accurances and 3 different people and combined it into one incident with 1 person. Which leads me to believe that she was either fed the wrong information by someone that was not listening completely or she intentional did it. I would like to think she would not do that. She stated that she was not medicaly qualified to look at pictures that go with the report made by a Qualifed Phyician and Surgion who took the pictures of my insides, So my question would be how can you be qualified to do a Medical judgment as to if a person is truly in pain or disabled. I feel that judges that sit on this panel should have a medical background in order to get the right decision. Other wise this is a true injustice to the persons she or any other judge that has the authority to make the decision as to how much pain or the nature of the persons true disability.