Alexandria, Louisiana ODAR Office

At the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Alexandria, Louisiana, 11 different administrative law judges (ALJ) conduct Social Security Disability (SSD) hearings and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearings. Currently, in Alexandria, the average wait time for a SSI or SSD hearing is 15.0 months. The average case processing time in Alexandria is 478 days.The Alexandria average for winning a SSI or SSD disibility hearing is 34%. Click on the name of one of the ALJs below to see detailed information about their hearing results. This information for the Alexandria ODAR office was last updated on 6/11/2019.

Average statistics
OfficeJudgesAvg. Hearing
Wait Time
Processing Time
Per Day Per ALJ
Alexandria 11 15.0 months 478 days 2.5 21% 34% 46%
Louisiana12.8 months449 days2.522%37%41%
National Average:14.9 months500 days2.120%42%38%
Full NameDismissedApprovedDenied

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Jennifer stanley
Judge: Glenn A Neel
4/6/2020 4:21:36 PM

I have a hearing coming up on the 13th an after reading everyone's comments I am so nervous, I jus pray he will have an open heart that day.

Judge: Lawrence T Ragona
3/22/2020 12:53:51 AM

No stars, thinks he is God! He could careless how sick we are. No one chooses this life on purpose. But he can’t see this. When he gets sick I will make sure to send him a “ don’t get well card. SOAB!!

Judge: Lawrence T Ragona
3/22/2020 12:44:31 AM

This ALJ is absolutely the most out of touch with the sick people that come before him. To have someone so uncaring for what we go through is a shame. How could he sleep at night. I know it is bad to say but I hope someone close to him have to go through this. I want to know what is the use in going before him if he will deny you. All I know with man it is way more than a ALJ. He really think he is God. I wan him, his wife, grandkids some one to die a slow painful death because this is what he does to us. He is a damn waste of space. Die of cancer already!!!

Lisa Diane Britt
Judge: Carol L Latham
3/19/2020 11:45:53 AM

I'm asking for Judge Carol Lynn Latham to make a final decision on my case as soon as possible. Lisa Diane Britt. I 've been told she has the current diagnosis from Dr. Bowie for my neck surgery, Spondylosis, neuropathy, myelopathy. And requested this to fast track my decision. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME KNOW the status of my case. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. 318-599-1987

Judge: Janet Akers
3/4/2020 11:10:14 AM

I've never been treated so rudely or disrespected in all my life. Judge's mood changes from being nice to being very hateful. You never no if she's going to be nice, talkative and smiling, or if she's going to DEGRADE and BELITTLE you. So sad. Very unprofessional, and hard to believe she was hired as an Administrative Law Judge. She needs to be re-trained and take an etiquette class.

Justin Casper
Judge: Janet Akers
3/3/2020 3:26:24 PM

Janet Aker findings and determining are lies and differ from the facts . In black and white her denial differs from what vocational expert said in hearing . Judged me on my appearance. Racist I think. I have a three vertibra fusion in my back , and left arm fracture with a rod as hardware. No physical evidence here . LIar .How does one become a judge being as blind and twisted as she ?

Judge: Lawrence T Ragona
2/21/2020 10:14:53 AM

This Judge will not approve anyone in their late 30s or early 40s. He denied me my disability and gave bulls**t excuses as to why. I'm sure I'll get him again. I'm hoping to find a Lawyer this time willing to take me. No one wanted to go up against Ragona. He twisted all my answers to his questions around to his liking. Just ignored the MRIs proving I'm disabled. Ignored my mental health. This man is a sad excuse of an ALJ and needs to retire! If you get him, you better be on your death bed. That's the only way you're getting approval.

Judge: Mark Schafer
2/20/2020 1:31:59 PM

This mark Schafer judge twisted my words and I think it's unfair. I AM not going to give up. I will win.

Judge: Lawrence T Ragona
2/18/2020 3:09:06 AM

Was denied! Case was remanded! I’m 45 and suffer from several debilitating pain from waist down on a walker! Will go before Mr.Ragona again beet soon ! I hope and pray he has mercy upon me ! Disability has disrupted my life my marriage and you just don’t quit a $20 hr job and decided hey I’m gonna draw a check! My parents raised me with strong work ethics! Young people get hurt ! I’m glad he doesn’t endure what I do ! I wouldn’t wish that on anyone at all! So to you Mr.Ragona I understand you have a job to do! I understand that people work the system but you need to understand that some of us aren’t playing.We are desperate for any help we can get ! My fate my daughters fate lies in your hands sir! Please have mercy on us!

Judge: Glenn A Neel
2/7/2020 8:17:29 AM

Took a while but he saw what nobody else which lead to my approval. Over 5 years of fighting, two hearings and I’m done fighting, thanks to Judge Neel! I thank God for him and his sight.

Judge: Janet Akers
11/23/2019 6:26:36 PM

An unethical and lazy judge. If your case is assigned to her, consider your case lost. She doesn't listen to the testimony and then defaults to what the Adjudicators have already ruled.

Judge: Glenn A Neel
10/31/2019 4:32:01 PM

People wait years just to still get a no after even seeing a judge. People who absolutely need the money who are actually disabled to still get a NO. People who get approved that have no disabilities ruin it for the ones who are. Headaches or anxiety I guess is what we need to get a yes. I've had 2 hips replaced back surgery and still need another back surgery waited over 6 years to see the judge yet again and still waiting to get a decision. I saw there dr that they wanted me to see who said I'm 100 percent disabled but yet it means nothing to them. Everyone who is still waiting claim migraines and just anxiety you'll get approved in 3 months. Good luck to everyone who has applied and actually are disabled not for the ones who lie and fake there's..

Judge: Glenn A Neel
10/24/2019 10:09:58 AM

Had my hearing in June of this year and still haven't heard anything back. It's like the law (Code of Federal Regulations) telling you that the judge is suppose to issue a decision within 90 days doesn't even exist! America. Smh

Judge: Glenn A Neel
7/30/2019 2:59:45 PM

I agree with the two other comments posted. I had my hearing in September of last year. Hear it is August of 2019, he's had all that he requested sense April 've lost everything and everyone. There is no excuse for this. I think you have taken your power too far. You should have to live the life you force us to live while you take your time with it for just one day. I bet you would feel something then. SHAME ON YOU! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU FOR LACK OF DUE PROCESS. THAT INCLUDES MY LAWYER TOO! HOW MANY PEOPLE DIED LAST YEAR ALONE WAITING FOR A SIMPLE YES OR NO!!?? LIKE 2000? AND I WONDER.... HOW MANY WERE SUICIDES? It will be four years in October for me. I worked all my life....... Now I'm all alone because I've become a burden on those I cared about most. But hey, "Make sure you keep your percentages consistent Mr Neel".

Judge: Kim A Fields
7/11/2019 8:02:02 AM

dear judge my name is Demetrius H. DuFauchard I was late to my hearing and miss it the bus was running late and I was there at 1 20 please reschedule me thank you.

Judge: Lawrence T Ragona
5/29/2019 10:28:28 PM

He seemed like a nice guy but obviously has no business being an alj.

Judge: John Antonowicz
3/28/2019 11:55:30 AM

Thank you so much John Antonowicz you was the only person in the world that believe me .Bless you for your favorable decision and you are fair and fast

Judge: Glenn A Neel
3/12/2019 6:22:42 PM

I went before Judge Neel. I had a lawyer, medical documents, mri, specialists, surgeries, diagnosis, etc. He asked me why I did not get a fusion in my back after one doctor suggested it "might" help. I had already undergone a lumbar laminectomy with no help. I told him that I feared the fusion because it had the potential to paralyze me permanently. He told me that he didn't see that in the doctor's notes.....well of course a doctor isn't going to write that in a medical document! So after sitting in the chair that was very uncomfortable and having to stand 3-4 times in the middle of court to keep my back from spasming, he tells me that he wants to wait to make a decision until 2 records that had not came in yet were in. I told him after finding out which two records it was that they were consultations for referral to other doctors that he already had records for. He didn't now I'm on 2 months of who knows how long to wait to see if he returns a decision. I have had several friends and family elsewhere go through SSA cases and be done with them that filed after I had filed. This is a huge joke and nobody in social security considers the people that used to work that have real bills. They just hand out checks to **** ****** that never worked and would have never worked anyways.

Judge: Lawrence T Ragona
1/2/2019 11:00:33 PM

This man has denied me not once but twice. I have seizures, sever hearing loss, NF2, and multiple schwanomas on my spinal cord along with multiple neurofibromas throughout my body. I'm not allowed to drive at all. All the jobs the so called vocational specialist talked about were not even in my dang area. ****, he's not even from the same state as I am. I can't drive or work but I'm according to him not disabled. Tell me who the **** is gonna hire a woman that uses a walker and falls if she don't and can't even drive to get to work.

Bobby Myers
Judge: John Gaffney
12/12/2018 5:38:44 PM

Judge John Gaffney was very professional and treated me with respect. 2 and half months after my appeal hearing I was favorably approved with full SSDI benifits. I am now waiting on my decision letter to arrive. Bobbym

Judge: Lawrence T Ragona
10/24/2018 9:44:10 PM

Zero stars.... I’d like to know when he is going to retire.

Judge: Janet Akers
10/12/2018 11:47:18 AM

Horrible judge!!! Horrible human being!!!

Bobby h james jr
Judge: Holly Hansen
10/4/2018 10:24:34 AM

why is it taking so long to write the decision my ele will be true off the 10th oct ralph aberham sent you a request why i went back in hospital right after the hearing for chest pain

Judge: Kathleen S Molinar
9/4/2018 11:14:15 AM

she was very nice and understanding she made me feel very comfortable haven't got a decision yet but i know she will make this best choice with information given. thanks for listen to me.

John Bryan Bothe
Judge: Stanley M Schwartz
7/21/2018 3:51:54 AM

I went to this so called judge on April 6, 2018 in the Dallas North office on Coit road with a mountain of evidence to prove my multiple mental disabilities and he denied my case 101 days later. He makes political decisions. Because I am an educated white male from the affluent neighborhood of Colleyville, TX he denied me. My family pays a fortune in taxes to pay for Stanley salary which he clearly doesn't earn. Warning this judge hates white men from affluent backgrounds.

Judge: Robert Grant
6/16/2018 7:03:47 AM

My husband recently went through a hearing with judge Grant. He was very fair and patient. If you are truly disabled you have nothing to worry about.

Judge: Holly Hansen
4/4/2018 9:48:17 AM

When I appeared before her she remained informal the entire time. I felt she made her decision before I even opened my mouth. I'm certain she will deny my claim not only because of her stats, but my claim should have been a bench decision.

Steven Patrick
Judge: Carey Jobe
3/10/2018 12:36:28 AM

Judge Jobe, does not do the one thing judges should do...that is to listen! Secondly, he is very biased against young white males, in particular, and strikes me as an ultra "Left wing" socialist. Social judges tend to be activists, rather than follow the written laws as they should, they do what they want. People like this should never be appointed to any judge-ship position because they tend to misuse their 'given' authority to punish people they personally do not like. Practically all Liberal Socialists are mentally ill and for this very reason, should never serve in the capacity, as judge.

Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
3/2/2018 2:45:43 PM

Guy is 82 years old and basically denies everyone.

Judge: Daniel Curran
10/30/2017 9:33:36 AM

Very very fair if you approach the situation in the right way you’ll get approved but if not you’ll get denied. I went in there with no medical records and no attorney and got approved!!!!! Thanks Judge Curran.

Judge: Mark Schafer
9/14/2017 4:17:52 PM

According to my husband's attorney he got the luck of getting this judge Mark Schafer, the attorney said it's not a good thing but that's what happened and how it was after waiting years to even to be seen or heard for his disability with a crippling spinal stenosis and disk degeneration that's going to end up for a life time which he will be in a wheelchair within 5 years because of this disease. We're praying that this judge will have some heart to understand that this is not preventable and he's condition will not get better and he cannot work or drive anymore. We always have bad luck or we wouldn't have any but we're leaving this into gods hands. Please Pray that he get his disability approval and that this judge can be understandable and reasonable with my husband and help our family with a quick approval and not put my husband on trial cause he hasn't committed any murder as everyone is saying he's going to treat my husband like and I pray for my husband he has strength and he will get through this he's waited so long and I mean years.

She know if she reads this
Judge: Nancy M Pizzo
8/24/2017 2:16:20 AM

I've never seen a judge fight so hard, to (deny) a child's disability. I've been up against her for the past several years, I've even went all the way to the Federal District Court, suing the SSA on behalf of her. A Federal Court judge (remanded) the case back to her, and she has once again, denied my child's case. She's been instructed to consider (all) evidence/facts involved in the case, and continues to deny on the very basis she was (remanded) for. She doesn't believe a (learning disability) is actually a disability. If your child takes ADHD medication, and may have a couple days that weren't a issue during a school day etc...and you report to the child's psychiatrist these momentarily calm times, judge Nancy Pizzo determines that to be (improvement), therefore, not disabled. She thinks a child with ADHD, compounded with a learning disability, isn't considered being disabled at all. My child has been in (special education) since the start of 1st grade, he remains in (special education) currently, and is now 12 years of age. Dr.s/Teachers etc... all have tested, and determined that my son has these impairments, and is considered (disabled) under their findings of facts. But leave this all in Nancy Pizzo's hands, none of these certified trained professionals, have a clue what they are talking about. She's determined to show me, she makes the rules regarding cases that fall into her court. She doesn't care about being (remanded), as she still will not follow the SSA rules, which again, she was previously (remanded) for. Certainly I will again, appeal her decision, I don't even want her no longer affiliated with my child's case, but in fact, would like a fresh set of eyes to view this case from the beginning to now.

D. Jones
Judge: Janet Hollings
7/13/2017 3:52:47 PM

This has to be the worst judge I have ever encountered. Her knowledge of the law was the eqauivlent of a google lawyer. She is extremely rude and very open about not wanting the hearing to take a long time. I have practiced in front of every level of court in Louisiana and this girl takes the cake for there are no standards to become a disability a judge. It is as if they selected her for her overwhelming lack of disability ability law knowledge and horrible attitude! Would have rated her in the negative but they don't have that option.

Ken Blackburn
Judge: Monica J Anderson
6/27/2017 10:00:43 AM

If judge Anderson cannot or will not reign in Gary J Suttles , she is as bad as Suttles. Tell her to keep sitting on her hands and let him do anything.

Judge: Benita A Lobo
6/16/2017 3:20:31 AM

As someone has already mentioned, she is insensitive to mental health issues. With judges like her, why is there even an appeals process? Over a year of waiting for this hearing and turns out it was a big waste of time. And yes, before she even hears what all you have to say, she has already made her decision.

Judge: Daniel Curran
5/13/2017 10:01:59 AM

When we walked in the room he was already mad. He didn't look at any of the information on my case prior to my hearing. He was mad because an exhibit had a page 2 and his assistant Fred knew it was a blank page and didn't note that in my file. He was mad because my file was a paper file not digital. He was mad because my attorney didn't know all the exibit numbers that corresponded to the documents because it wasn't made available until the day of the hearing. He postponed the hearing for a third time. I would not recommend him for a Judge on a dog show. He needs to retire or be evaluated for Biopolor disorder. I'll be 60 in a few months I guess he's waiting until I reach retirement age.

Judge: Mark Schafer
2/10/2017 8:58:31 PM

Here it is 9 months after the hearing and 7 months since sending it to the appeals council and I am still waiting and in more pain than before. I do believe that Judge Schafer was very impartial to my case. I read somewhere it could take up to a year and a I am hoping that it doesnt.. Im not going to give up. Im will stick it out to the very end.. and to those of you who are going in front of this judge be careful and hope you have a great attorney... if you do not have you one you will need one.. good luck everyone...

Judge: Glenn A Neel
1/16/2017 8:39:28 PM

My mom went before this judge Nov 2015. Took him until Oct 2016 to make a decision, took his office until Jan 2017 to write up the decision. A denial. From what all the medical records agreed (including the doctors the social security sent her to) that she had a disability. But according to him and his office she's not. I think they all should have to answer to someone for why it takes 14 months to let someone know a denial, she could have already started her appeal to a higher court. Must be nice to sit there and get paid a nice paycheck while your taking your time. People's lives are on hold, squeaking by on bills just for a man to decide on your future. His office is a joke!!!!! But you can get out of prison and within 3 months you can draw a SSI check without ever paying anything in. If you work for 25 years and your job finally takes a tole on you and you are forever disabled don't think you will be taken care of, instead be lazy, obese and a convict and your good to go.

Bryan Buck
Judge: Matthew Allen
1/12/2017 3:11:09 PM

Fair Judge. He does not degrade you in his courtroom. He listens to your testimony; however, he rules according to the law and not emotions. I won my appeal, but I was denied a considerable amout of backpay. (14 months).

Judge: Daniel Curran
12/7/2016 2:06:02 PM

Judge Daniel Curran was fair. If you have the facts and required documentation he will rule in your favor. If you do not then he won't. My husband worked for 30 years at the same job before he became disabled. I believe that was taken into account as well. Its good to know that Judge Curran follows the guidelines and rules fairly based on the evidence that is presented to him. Its up to you to do your homework............................

Gina Fletcher
Judge: John Gaffney
11/25/2016 11:58:16 AM

Hi judge Gaffney, Gina Fletcher. Applicant, again. I bessech you with all the humity I have to please assist me with a response that would help me live a life if quality. Preparing for back operatuin after two hip replacements is traumatizing.I have no income, no stable housing and on cane. I am still seeing psychiatrist as a result of my life being turned upside down. Disability would help me get an apartment, peace of mind and an environment to have providers come help me. Your decision will enhance my life. I've worked for 40 years but unable now. Plez help

Judge: Carey Jobe
11/14/2016 3:41:54 PM

This Judge is a joke! He uses his position to make decisions to exact vengeance on attorneys that challenge his authority!

Gina Fletcher
Judge: John Gaffney
11/2/2016 10:33:07 AM

Plez, plez, plez help. Can't work. Had both hips replaced and preparing for back surgery. No income. Saw judge on may 17, 2016. No response yet. Plez help me judge Gaffney

Gina Fletcher
Judge: John Gaffney
10/12/2016 5:03:19 PM

Hi. I'm Gina Fletcher and I saw this judge on may 17, 2016. Waiting for outcome. After bilateral hip replacements, pending back operation and diagnosiss from OMH, I was told that I should get determination width n four months. Hope so. Having hard time.

Judge: Mark Schafer
9/8/2016 1:31:12 PM

Would like to hear from any Reps who have had Judge Schafer. Does he usually ask for opening statement, does he question clmt first, etc. Thanks

Tired of the pain
Judge: Mark Schafer
9/1/2016 6:53:52 PM

Judge Schafer was very friendly however he disregarded my medical documentations from the paper work that my attorney had submitted on my behalf. He was very impartial to what my paper said and my condition which is really hard to understand until you have been through it yourself. He told me that I could change professions since i am young which goes against what the Vocational expert said. This is ok as long as my medical history shows what i have and i fight i will win! Just do not give up. He is one of the hardest judges if not the hardest to get approved by. Good luck to all those who go in front of him.

Judge: Timothy G Stewart
8/26/2016 9:46:51 AM

My Attorney and I found Judge Timothy Stewart totally fair, as he was familiar with my case prior to entering the hearing. He actually "listened" to both me and my attorney, as he asked questions relevant to my case. He did award a favorable decision, with my very difficult medical case. Thank You, Judge Stewart!

Judge: John Antonowicz
8/16/2016 11:14:28 AM

We had a hearing on June 18, 2016. We knew when we walked out that we had a favorable decision. He was more than fair.

Kizzie Castille
Judge: Kathleen S Molinar
7/19/2016 9:18:34 PM

Just wanted to say Judge Molinar you were my daughter judge for her hearing n I'm truly blessed to have u as her judge u listened to her n made her feel very comfatable at the hearing n we still haven't heard anything so I'm hoping u made the best decision u can in her case n whatever your decision is I support it n you also thank you for being my daughters judge

Disability Rep
Judge: Rowena E DeLoach
6/10/2016 9:15:00 AM

Would like to hear from any Rep about Judge DeLoach. Does she require opening, does she do the cross first, etc. Thanks.

Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
5/15/2016 10:56:23 AM

Is he in Las Vegas now? I have a May 2016 hearing with a Judge Gary L. Vanderhoof in Las Vegas.

Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
4/4/2016 7:46:50 PM

I find him to be conservative but very fair. I have been a disability lawyer since 1984. He knows the law and follows it.

Judge: Benita A Lobo
3/16/2016 12:08:34 PM

You know its bad when my attorney tells me his firm no longer takes SSDI cases that will have hearings out of the Metarie office, specifically because of this judge. Even the lawyers know they don't have a fair chance in front of her. A lack of genuine qualifications and an angry hostile attitude kind of tell you where things are going BEFORE she has even heard any evidence. Just wonder how long SSA will allow stuff like this to continue as it is genuinely harming folks who have paid into this system for decades and deserve a fair hearing and to be treated civilly and respectfully.

Judge: James A Burke
1/4/2016 2:26:50 PM

Judge Burke was very fair, and each time I called ODAR the person who answered my request was very helpful and professional! (and I called often)

Judge: Carey Jobe
1/3/2016 12:44:09 PM

Ive waited 5 years my advocate didn't do her job looking for a Atty that can do something.. This is crazy but a person can get caught selling her much needed meds ,she got her disability. Really maybe he needs to step down r look at what drs r saying

Judge: John Antonowicz
12/4/2015 6:22:43 PM

Truly a wonderful judge. I've represented hundreds of clients before boatloads of judges, and he is one of the best I've ever worked with. He's tough - don't kid yourself that he's going to award just because he's engaged and professional at hearing. But, while I wish he'd see it my way every time, he is fair. He is also affable, easy to get along with, and kind to my clients. Really I can't say enough good things about him.

Lance Landry
Judge: Benita A Lobo
11/29/2015 11:23:48 PM

She was the most insensitive judge that I ever met ..she denied me even with all the evidence in her face ..she told me over time slipped disc in your neck and back will heal overtime..yeah if your superman ..she needs to retire she's has no worries she eats good every night I think she gets bonuses from the state for denying people ...I'm suing the state thanks to her judging ethic ..way to go lobo

A claimant who filed complaint with SSA
Judge: Mark Schafer
11/6/2015 8:57:44 PM

I did NOT receive a fair and impartial assessment of my physical and mental disabilities. ALJ Shafer wantonly and without total regard to SSA laws, rules, and regulations: (1) deliberately ignored critical medical evidence, (2) failed to properly evaluate and consider both precipitating and aggravating factors of my disability and the type, dosage and effectiveness of my medications, and (3) failed to properly assess my limitations by failing to properly theorize appropriate hypotheticals to the vocational expert on the record as a whole; therefore, ALJ Shafer could not rely on the VE's testimony as substantial evidence in support of his denial of benefits. See Chrupcala v. Heckler, 829 F.2d 1269, 1276 (3d ir.1987); Podedworny v. Harris, 745 F.2d 210, 218 (3d Cir.1984);

A claimant who filed complaint with SSA
Judge: Mark Schafer
11/6/2015 8:55:20 PM

ALJ Shafer has one of the lowest, if not the lowest, approval decisions in the Little Rock ODAR. There is a reason for that. He is capricious, deceitful, and obviously predisposed to denying many qualified claimants their SSA benefits. In my opinion, ALJ Shafer needs to be removed from the bench and replaced with an ALJ that will consider the facts of the whole case impartially and without bias when making a decision. Keeping ALJ Shafer as a federal judge trashes the entire SSA system by forcing claimants to appeal to the Appeals Council, which has a backlog of cases due to ALJ Shafer, and will now take 18 months or so to have a decision rendered and finally start receiving SSA disability benefits. It is ALJ Shafer that causes our government to waste millions of our tax dollars to have armed officers at SSA offices nationwide – to protect the employees who violate the people’s trust.

Judge: James A Burke
10/21/2015 2:42:01 PM

Judge Burke was a very kind and professional Judge! He was very respectful and really listened to me , he gave me advice which I followed and I was successful in my case! Thank you Judge Burke!

Judge: Kelley Day
10/9/2015 7:44:25 AM

Denver ODAR getting a really good ALJ in Judge Day. Judge Day has been in Shreveport ODAR and was a pleasure to go before as a representative. She is fair and a great disposition for a Judge. I wished she had not left Shreveport, but I don't blame her for going to a place like Denver. Best wishes to her!!

Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
8/24/2015 6:38:23 PM

you have a better chance of winning the powerball than a favorable decision from him. completely dismissed all my dr diagnosis. you wouldnt win if you were just a head on a stick.

100% Disabled Combat Veteran
Judge: Lawrence T Ragona
8/17/2015 12:54:50 PM

My hearing was with "Judge" Ragona, 10 days ago. My lawyer called and told me that that the judge had sent my case to the decision writing part less than 48 hours of our hearing which meant that he made his decision during the hearing or shortly afterwards. They were confident that I would receive my benefits. What kind of person would rule against a 100% disabled combat vet? It was hard to phantom that I was denied. The VA rates me 100% Permanent and Total in 2 categories and a combined 60% in 4 categories and in addition to my ratings I am unemployable by the VA standards. Despite my combat injuries, blood disorder, liver problems, 48 surgeries, 3 surgeries scheduled next month, I am covered in scars, I have 2-4 dr appointments a week, two time cancer survivor, bilateral hearing loss, TBI, tinnitus, back injury, knee injury, in physical therapy, had a cortisone shot TODAY, heart condition, lung condition, loss of use of my thumb and partial use of a finger, and several other things I was still denied. Can anyone please explain to me how I can work? Who will hire me for a 40 hour job and work around my dr appointments, physical therapy, surgeries, recovery for my surgeries, etc? That is right. No one. Even if there was, I am UNEMPLOYABLE thru the VA. I fought for my country. Greatest honor in the world was serving my country. Unfortunately, I came home to fight an uphill battle to get the benefits I earned in battle. Today, I wish the IED would have taken my life because the government has abandoned me and the other vets.

Judge: Benita A Lobo
7/23/2015 4:43:11 PM

Echoing previous sentiments: is out of touch when it comes to mental disorders and came across as snappy and angry. I felt like I did not receive a fair hearing in the slightest. As a matter of fact, I feel as though her decision was made right when I entered the courtroom.

railroaded hard
Judge: Benita A Lobo
7/12/2015 10:52:31 PM

My impression of this judge is that she is angry and openly hostile to attorneys and claimants even the voc rehab person. After reading how long it takes to get approved I was prepared for a denial but nothing prepared me for the judge to be rude and angry? Disappointed that this judge totally ignored Dr.s reports and restrictions? I paid into the system four decades and if nothing else everyone in the courtroom should speak to each other in a civil manner. I knew within the first two minutes she would deny me. I knew it prior to any evidence being presented. Felt like it was a done deal to be denied regardless of the evidence. Something is very wrong here and this lady should not be judging anything until she gets her anger issues under control.

Bill Allison
Judge: W. Thomas Bundy
6/11/2015 4:32:54 PM

These comments are interesting. A few people actually like him and think he does a good job (the winners). Then there are the "worst judge ever" and "biased and judgmental" (the losers). I have appeared before Judge Bundy several times. I haven't always won, but I usually do. My take on him is that if the claimant is deserving, and his representative does a good job of representing him and is prepared for the hearing, he will award benefits. He doesn't always get it right, but who does? All in all - if you are a SS disability client - don't go to a hearing unrepresented. If you do get representation, get referrals from lawyers or other people who have been through the process. If you find a competent SS representative and you truly fit the SS definition of disabled, you will get a fair hearing from this judge, in my experience.

Debra faucett
Judge: John Antonowicz
4/6/2015 12:22:49 PM

Seen him for my hearing he was nice and kind asked a few questions then he listened to my lawyer and gave us 2 weeks to get info in we needed but we was unable to get it due to my Dr I had but in all he did good still haven't got my answer on my hearing yet though but was nice while a as there..

Judge: Rowena E DeLoach
2/3/2015 9:06:10 AM

forgot to mention that my lawyer said if my case was presented 2 years ago i would have been approved. he said they are denying so many people anymore that are deserving.

Judge: Rowena E DeLoach
2/3/2015 9:02:03 AM

denied. she agreed that i have major medical problems but the job person said i could bag groceries for a living! the ss psychiatrist they sent me to flat out lied. this doctor suggested i eat healthy, lose weight and wean myself off of the antidepressents and i would get better. but of course this wasnt mentioned in the denial letter. what a quack.

Judge: Matthew Allen
1/31/2015 8:44:02 PM

It great to see the how the process works even though I did get it got turned down. everyone in the court was very nice. hope next one goes better

Judge: Timothy G Stewart
1/11/2015 6:22:42 AM

It would be wise to request another judge if you get this one, he has an agenda of no to please his corrupt government bosses.

Judge: Daniel Curran
1/3/2015 12:45:09 PM

I received a partial judgment from Curran and one can see from his decision he will hunt and peck what ever evidence he wishes to deny a favorable decision to a high income earner. He used my age as the main reason to give me a partial decision and not my disabilities I suffered when I first applied for back almost two years ago that made me unable to work anymore. ****** my lawyer and myself to no end. Whoever else comes into this man's court room come very prepared and make sure you have your RFC filled out and in your records. Have all your "i's" dotted and your "t's" crossed. You'll need to beat this guy at the game. He will listen more to the "vocational expert" than you.

Judge: Ronald L Burton
11/13/2014 8:29:21 PM

My hearing was 11/7/14 Judge Burton started off the hearing with kind of ajoke smiling and making me feel at ease. He was very easy to talk to and I didn't feel like I was being looked down at. I actually felt like I was talking to anold ffriend. My hearing lasted all of 15 minuets at the most, and while a V.E. was present the judge asked him no questions and he did not speak. He said that he was going to get things expeidited for me and I should receive his written decision in the next 2 to 3 weeks. After it ended my lawyer stated that I had won. I guess in all o the nervousness I didn't catch him saying that but he did I guess. He definitely appreciates well documented cases that are easy to make a decision on I do remember that. This judge was fair kind hearted and like I stated before easy to talk to. Make sure you have your ducks in a row and all of your Dr backing you and you will have a pleasant experience with this judge. I did and would have regardless of the outcome

Judge: Mark Schafer
11/8/2014 11:08:54 AM

Maliciously,writes deceptive court results and he should be punished and fired. Its shameful all of the very unnecessary,unjust bullcrap that the real disabled are subject to due to some person of authorities opinion. I challenge each and all people of power, to step down off that high chair and get a dose of "real life"! How is it that I have one hearing with an very un organized or just plain dumb! Judge Knowles, whose decision on my case was so screwed, they had to allow a remand. Cause, I know after listening to him briefly, that he wasnt gone to be fair. Why do I, the dISABLED cONSUMER hAVE TO BE PUNISHED OR UNFAIRED JUDGED? I DIDNT ASK FOR THIS. BUT IM GOING TO FIGHT IT TO THE DEPTHS OF PURE D ****!!!

Judge: Carey Jobe
10/5/2014 6:28:43 PM

How could he deny my son when he has only one ventricle, artificial valve, pacemaker, and arrhythmia, and panic attacks? After waiting 2 1/2 years. I don't understand.

Judge: Benita A Lobo
9/14/2014 5:50:55 PM

Another ALJ whose stats have remained the same year after year. Judge has a denial agenda.

Judge: Carol L Latham
9/10/2014 8:42:43 PM

Just look at his record. Advocate for no benefits.

Randy Bland
Judge: Monica J Anderson
7/25/2014 9:21:08 AM

I think Judge Anderson is a very smart and fair person and our government needs more just like her.

Judge: Steven C Graalmann
6/18/2014 5:32:25 PM

Judge Steven C Graalmann, Everyone that needs a good Judge Steven Graalmann is very understanding and listens very well on Disability cases, He takes his time to listen to all cases plus gives a very good outcome.

Judge: Rowena E DeLoach
6/14/2014 12:48:24 PM

Sorry I forgot to rate her on last post. She was a very sweet lady that seemed like she actually cared.

Judge: Rowena E DeLoach
6/14/2014 12:43:18 PM

I had my hearing at the beginning of Jan of this year. Today is June 14th and I reached my 5 month mark the other day and still have not been told a decision. I called to check the status and they told me the Judge mad a decision but they were not able to see it and there were still a couple more steps they had to go through. She did say it would be another month or two and I would be notified through the mail of what the decision is.

Judge: Rowena E DeLoach
6/12/2014 3:06:08 PM

Does anyone know the approximate turn over time between alj hearing and decision? I found this judge comfortable to talk to, asked good questions and things seem like she's a fair judge. I was glad to have her regardless of her decision

Daniel Waters
Judge: Daniel Curran
6/3/2014 12:55:55 PM

Daniel Curran Unlawfully and willfully (Judicial Temperament)denied me my witness (Friends, family, Doctors and their reports/lab work/evidence/medical records)and asked me if I needed any one subpoenaed and when I said yes, he didn't make any of them show up for testimony. At one point his clerk looked at me and said "You don't need to be subpoenaing anyone, including your mother!" This is all illegal, including coercion by Daniel Curran toward me to try and force me to agree with what he is doing by unlawfully controlling the court room with no due process at all and not allowing me to have a fair trial and Daniel Curran is falsifying documents by filing reports and saying I have no evidence, and bringing in his friends and his own Doctors who have never met me or treated me or even talked to me before about my illness instead of my witness and Doctors to testify on my behalf to my court hearing. This guy needs to be looked at before "We the People" investigate him!

Judge: Rowena E DeLoach
5/29/2014 5:43:24 PM

Judge Deloach was very kind to me. I had my hearing in January 2014 it is almost June and I still haven't heard anything. I know that I am not her only case so I am trying to be understanding in this matter. No matter what the out come is God is still in control.

Kizzie C Castille
Judge: Michael M Wahlder
5/7/2014 8:08:06 AM

I had Judge Wahlder as my judge for my hearing case n I found that he is a good judge n very understandable even though I haven't yet recevied my decision yet I feel that his recession will be very understandable but I really think he is a good n fair judge keep up the good work.

Bernedine Fontenot
Judge: Steven L Cravens
4/9/2014 6:23:59 AM

I can't immagine the decision how many decisions you have to make daily.I don't know what being in your position is like.All i know is that you LISTENED and took took everything said into consideration.All that me and my fience's been through to get to this point(disability hearing)and scary IT WAS!My fience has been through over a year of strain,disbelief,uncertainty and that no one cared or had any concern about what he was going through medically,financially and mentally.You Listened to him Judge Cravens,and you gave my life relief,i am free from strain for now,it feels like a vacation.My fience's worked since he was 12 yrs old,all his life until 2012,we have a five yr old.I had to keep things positive.this was a hard thing to do for a year and a half.When your decision was delivered to our home,i could hardly breath with tearsin my eyes for the rest of the evening. i couldn't stop.We understand the process after recieving your decision.Thank you for listening and asking questions that most wouldn't even care to ask.Bless you for our family releif.

Mark E.
Judge: Mark Schafer
3/20/2014 2:30:53 PM

I found judge Schafer to be very fair. You had better be well prepared, and able to answer many questions that he will ask of you. He allowed me to answer every question that he asked of me, and I had all the time I needed to do so. Although I did think he was asking me questions he thought would trip me up. In all honesty I found him very open minded and very fair.

Allison L Wall
Judge: Daniel Curran
2/23/2014 7:33:31 PM

I felt that it was only right to update everyone after my previous post. My husband Wendell Lynn Wall 45 yrs old, husband, father, grandfather and friend to many passed away after fighting for 3+ years multiple illnesses and system shut downs. He went to be with God on February 8, 2014. He always said he would never live to see his disability approved. Congradulations Judge Curran another win under the belt.

Frieda Parson
Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
2/3/2014 10:42:13 AM

Wow I was sitting here reading everyone's comments about this ALJ I was denied also and I have stage 3 colon cancer and have a statement from my treating doctor stating I was permanently disable and he threw that out so I'm going through the appeal process I hope each and everyone of you guys appeal your cases because I don't think his decisions was the right decision on all of our cases

Judge: Kelley Day
1/30/2014 2:32:06 PM

GREAT Judge. Her hearings a laid back and she listens to everything. really a great experience.

Judge: Carey Jobe
1/17/2014 9:50:35 PM

Judge Jobe was tough but fair. Gave my husband a partially favorable decision. Moved his disability date up some but was thorough and pleasant!

Allison L Wall
Judge: Daniel Curran
12/31/2013 8:44:21 PM

After waiting 7 months for your judgement, we get it on the same day the doctors tell us that my husbands time is limited. He is on continuous o2 now and is unable to get out of bed even on somedays, leaves the house only for MD appts or hospital. So here the last day of 2013 all I can say is I WILL PRAY FOR YOU. We started this 3 Years ago and God willing we will see it to the end. DISAPPROVED, WE WILL TAKE YOUR ADVISE AND APPEAL WITH A LAWYER.

Dennis L Watkins Jr
Judge: W. Thomas Bundy
11/15/2013 6:03:45 PM

I thought I'd back Mr. DeGregorio's statements. I've also had the "honor" of meeting this particular judge during my last hearing. He is so biased and judgmental that he refuses to look at the FACTS and EVIDENCE in front of him. He SHOULD NOT have the power to decide the fate and/or well being of a lab rat, let alone a human being.

Straight Shooter
Judge: Mark Schafer
9/27/2013 7:15:00 PM

I found Judge Schafer to be a No nonsense sincere steward of the people's money. He ask some pertinent questions and allowed me to answer without interruption. He was well aware of what was in my case file and often made reference to statements that were made my myself or my doctors. He may come off as a hard case because most people aren't use to hearing the truth. I appreciated his direct no nonsense approach. He is a lawyer's nightmare if he's not prepared to represent his client.

Jaydens Mommie
Judge: Kelley Day
8/16/2013 9:56:46 PM

She was kind hearted and took all my son medical evidence into consideration she listen to every thing I had to say... She treated my case fairly... Thanks Judge Day....

Joe DeGregorio
Judge: W. Thomas Bundy
8/16/2013 5:26:32 AM

After having to deal with the particular ALJ twice now, I can confirm what most of the posters here have said. This man's action border on the criminal and hopefully someone within SSA will see this and conduct an investigation into Mr.Bundys actions. He does not accept what a claimant's Doctor's say nor does he consider any MRI reports as credible either. I wish there was a way to have this man removed and banned from ever serving in a legal position again. And Mr. Bundy, IF you happen to read this, you know how to contact me if you want to address my grievance.But be forewarned, I do have a few choice words for you that I will refrain from publicly posting. And if anyone else out there has had bad dealings with Judge Bundy, please post and maybe enough of us can get SSA's attention and get Mr.Bundy put to pasture where he belongs.

Judge: Benita A Lobo
4/17/2013 9:16:54 AM

How can she turn down people who have given all for their country and only ask for what they have earned in forty years of working, even though she, her husband or any of her childern have only taken from my country. She shouldn'nt be allowed to judge a dog show.

Judge: W. Thomas Bundy
3/28/2013 2:38:49 PM

This jerk is a nightmare. Fortunately, writes crap decisions that are frequently overturned. Shreveport gained and Alb. lost when this guy moved!

Judge: Benita A Lobo
3/15/2013 12:04:10 PM

If you are a natural born white or black american and find out your judge is benita lobo cancel and request another judge it will delay your disablity but it is better to delay it than to be denied which will happen if she is your judge. The woman has no cooomon since.

Judge: Daniel Curran
3/11/2013 11:16:18 AM

A bias joke of an ALJ who likes to play GOD and thinks he is a ME and VE.

Judge: Benita A Lobo
2/28/2013 3:02:31 PM

very insensitive to mental health issues. inappropriate demeanor for a judge. she must be trying to bethe next judge judy. well, she is an indian so she has that cold, insensitive, yelling thing going on

Tina Montgomery
Judge: John Antonowicz
2/12/2013 5:08:06 PM

Thank you sir for reviewing all the evidence so thoroughly. Your favorable decision has taken a great weight off my mind.

Judge: Steven C Graalmann
2/8/2013 3:37:54 PM

This is a very good Judge because he (1) acts professional, (2) appears to care about the claimants, (3) will entertain attorney discussion about the case, and (4) uses common sense to decide cases. I wish all Judges were as fair as he is. This is not to say he approves alot, because he is 50-50. However, you will not lsoe if you have a good case, even if you have one or two shortcomings in the evidence, as long as it is a legitimate claim.

Judge: Benita A Lobo
2/6/2013 12:20:27 PM

Hearing is conducted very professional. She makes you feel relaxed and enough time to answer her questions.

Judge: Benita A Lobo
2/5/2013 2:05:31 PM

Very strict. Be careful how you answer her questions.

Judge: Carey Jobe
1/23/2013 2:53:40 PM

he does not listen to what the doctors say my wife was approved 18 yrs ago for the same thing but i got a part time job so the took it away but the jude did not care about her problems that are worse now

Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
1/10/2013 10:13:30 AM

Judge Vanderhoof statistically denies almost everyone. You are very unlucky if you have him. Apparently he is dumped in the Corpus Christi, Texas area so he does not deny everyone in San Antonio, Texas.

Judge: W. Thomas Bundy
1/4/2013 2:29:51 PM

Made a decision based on the testimony of the expert when the expert could not say how he got his info. said the claimant twisted his doctors arm to get a statement from him. cut off the claimant when testifying about the circumstances of his depression. UNFAIR.

Judge: Stanley M Schwartz
1/2/2013 8:06:28 AM

Great Judge! Really made the situation relaxing and explained the hearing process and his process in deciding cases. Too bad he's a senior Judge and only hears cases part of the year. He has been the best Judge I've been infront of. If you get Judge Schwartz you are VERY lucky!

Judge: John Antonowicz
12/16/2012 3:03:22 PM


Judge: Mark Schafer
12/15/2012 3:05:51 PM

I feel the same way you do, Judge Shafer was reading a case log which didn't even belong to me, he was getting all the wrong information. I too was told there were no jobs I could do as stated by the VE, when given a hypothetical scenario there was nothing available. It makes me angry to know that the system would approve people for disability who go from day to day with no physical impairments and individuals who profess to be mental get approved and control their own monies. God knows what is best and he has the last word, Faith the size of a mustard seed works everytime. Therefore sit back and allow God to work.

Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
12/11/2012 7:02:10 AM

Judge Vanderhoof denied my case, I have medical evidence that shows 3 different dissabilities,Essential tremors,Anxiety disorder and Degenerative Arthritis and he still denied me. When I did receive my letter of denial he failed to mention in the report my Degenerative Arthritis which would have qualified me. I have trouble walking,sitting,standing because of my arthritis,my body is in a constent tremor which keeps me from holding an eating utensil or a pen to sign my name if I need to,my Anxiety disorder is because I cannot function like I use to. Why I was denied I will never know.

Judge: Gerardo Mariani
12/7/2012 6:14:41 PM

He does have difficulty hearing but I have always found him to be very fair. That isn't to say he can't make mistakes but I don't believe his denials are based on bias.

Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
12/2/2012 7:00:02 PM

The guy denied my claim, based on not believing the psychiatric evidence that clearly showed my severe depression and my inabiity to work.Funny how a guy that needs a psychiatrist himself gets to deny my psychiatric case

Judge: Gerardo Mariani
12/2/2012 6:53:19 PM

This judge presided over my hearing. At all times, he was very proper and professional and showed a deep knowledge of the law. He corrected the vocational expert in his testimony and that led to an allowance in my case. People that bad mouth him are very unfair and very ignorant.

Judge: Mark Schafer
11/28/2012 10:57:46 PM

Do not go to this judge, he will lie about every thing you say to him, he will not consider your doctors evidence he will only listen to what he has to say,i dont even know why he is a judge if he cant judge his own mind. In my case he made statements that were untrue, and lied about statements i made, i laughed at his denial because i knew i would win at the next level, it was like he thinking about someone elses case while he was working on mine. for ex, he said the ve, said i could work two jobs when incase the the ve said there was no jobs i could work. Thats ok, i will still get it.

Judge: Gerardo Mariani
11/24/2012 6:35:11 PM

The guy is not only totally clueless, he's also totally deaf. Crazy how someone with these deficiencies gets to play God with my life.

Judge: Gerardo Mariani
11/20/2012 3:06:44 PM

Judge Mariani needs to retire. I was rude to me from the start. Needless to say, he had made his decision on my case way before I had a chance to speak.

Clementina Ross on behalf of my son, Ellis Wise
Judge: Raymond F. Gollmitzer
11/17/2012 3:12:09 PM

I am very grateful of your thorough review of my son's case. Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude. This has been a long journey, but I know my son and I have more to overcome. Thank you for your part in clearing the thicket of receiving support for my precious son, who has sickle cell disease and asthma.

Judge: W. Thomas Bundy
11/13/2012 1:17:28 PM

He is cold hearted and a big producer. He decides more cases than 95% of the other nudges. He denies most. He is so fast he makes big mistakes so he is easy to appeal.

Judge: Daniel Curran
10/30/2012 2:04:39 PM

The man is unstable. Behavior totally inappropriate. Denies African-Americans no matter how severe their medical conditions. So sad that after waiting so long, he was uninterested and dismissive. He must be stopped!

Judge: Daniel Curran
9/24/2012 1:33:02 PM

Curran I could say a lot of cuse words about his decision on my wifes case.This would'nt help at all and I would get upset futher more,but I can say tho.He does not read what is important.If you need all this information to prove your case then why in the heck is it all not read ??? If you did'nt have it then they would say why dont you have it &^%$#@#$%^&* My wife had a great job and pay was forced to leave because of a botched back operation,the doctor Kevin Teal did and he still works on people. Justice there is none.If you get it praise the lord and run with it.

Judge: Gerardo Mariani
9/23/2012 4:26:04 PM

Judge Mariani is very knowledgeable and very fair. Although he denied my claim, he conducted himself very properly and very respectfully. That is a JUDGE!!!!!!

Frustrated in east Texas
Judge: Daniel Curran
9/12/2012 5:01:56 PM

There should be no stars at all for this judge. I hand delivered evidence yet his assistant pulled only what she wanted him to see. She did not pull my financial records for which I had my SSA 1099s and bank statements to back me up. I had a letter of proof for reporting work but it did not use the word work so he would not even allow me to show it to him. There are major discrepancies in my case money wise but he would not allow that either because he was not aware of it. My case is three combined in to one. One took place years ago and I have a letter that proves I did not owe. Yet the monies were taken from me 5 years later without 60 days notice. I requested a waiver after receiving the notice yet the money was taken a few days later even though the letter stated they would take $50 a month out. I requested a waiver which was approved and made no difference. Did the judge know about that? No he did not because his assistant did not pull those papers and like I said he did not know it was three cases rolled into one. A social security worker took it upon himself to write a letter that stated I was being re-evaluated medically, I never reported workers comp. and I never reported my marriage. I have proof for all three which makes him a liar. Did the judge allow that? No he did not because his assistant did not pull those records to put with his files. My husband was no where around when these incidents occurred with exception of our marriage. We went to the social security office three times and they made a copy of our license. The license had an error on it and had to be corrected. We went before our marriage, after our marriage and when the license was corrected. How in the world was I able to get a new social security card and a new Medicare card and use them the next month after our marriage if I had never reported my marriage? Get real. Part of the monies have been paid back either by my agreeing to pay back $100 or $200 a month and by money being withheld without my knowledge or agreement. Those monies have not all been applied to the monies supposedly owed. Did the judge know that? No he did not because his assistant did not pull those records from my files and add to his. My attorneys filed for an appeal and a waiver the same month i received the letter of overpayment on one case. The local office lost those papers. That attorney no longer works social security cases for the Texas legal Hotline for Seniors so therefore he could not take my case back. The other attorney no longer works for Texas Legal Hotline for Seniors. Did the judge know that? No he did not because his assistant did not pull those papers from my files to add to his. Did he go over my files with a fine tooth comb as he stated? NO HE DID NOT. Why? His assistant did not pull those pertinent papers and therefore he did NOT have those pertinent papers to go over with a fine tooth comb. I have 90 days from the date of that hearing to come up with why my husband who was no where around during these incidents save the marriage...why we cannot afford to pay it back. We are both senior citizens and this is all so asinine. If you are working with a Vocational Rehabilitation Service your benefits continue. Then why did mine end?

Judge: Daniel Curran
8/23/2012 12:00:21 PM

Oh Danny boy Curran This judge is way out of touch with reality if you get him fold in your cards he is pure dog paste.He is on a sandy foundation on his decisions,dont take in medical statements,FROM A DOCTOR THAT YOU HAVE TO GO TO ,TO SHOW WHATS WRONG, THE DOCTORS DONT WRITE LIES,THERE JOB WOULD BE ON THE LINE. He is heartless and dont give a darn MAYBE IF I AM LUCKY ONE DAY HE WILL HAVE TO HAVE BACK SURGERY AND LET IT BE A BOTCHED JOB AND LET HIM SUFFER !!!!!!

Naomi Seymour
Judge: Michael M Wahlder
8/20/2012 1:41:00 PM

Great Job!

charles huesers
Judge: Ruth Markart
8/2/2012 8:26:05 AM

Iam trying to find out about her appeal i need to get her to a dr. cause she is hurting again with her neck, i dont have the money to go to the dr. medicad turned us down cause they said she has have a pending case with her disability we need to see if a discion has been made asap. i have to make all the discion for her cause she forgets alot of stuff.

Judge: W. Thomas Bundy
6/10/2012 6:50:31 PM

ALJ Bundy is a biased ALJ. He has been for years and will continue as SSA has no power. He does not care about the Claimant. He is only there to protect the administration's supposed trust fund.

Judge: David Gutierrez
6/8/2012 1:40:24 PM

Very nice and professional. You will win with good evidence and a good representative.

Judge: W. Thomas Bundy
6/7/2012 11:19:03 PM


Judge: Daniel Curran
4/15/2012 8:35:36 PM

This Judge seems to be an idiot. He not only disregards professional reports on one's disability, but he appears disinterested in the whole hearing process. He can't wait to get it over with and deny the poor soul's fate. Someone really needs to review him and make sure he doesn't affect anyone's life ever again. This is serious. He has no idea how devestating his decision is to a disabled person. Get him out of here.

Judge: Daniel Curran
4/13/2012 7:39:27 AM

To the individual who thought Judge Curran's decision was fair. You were lucky and fortunate not like the many others who were denied without justification

Judge: W. Thomas Bundy
4/11/2012 10:53:22 AM

Worst judge of all time!

eugenia c gleason
Judge: Daniel Curran
3/27/2012 8:16:30 AM

Judge Curran knows how to elecit information needed to make a thorough assessment of a case. I found his decision to be fair and did not feel as if he were trying to trip me up on testimony I provided. Very impressed!!!

Judge: Daniel Curran
3/26/2012 2:57:24 PM

Another negative ALJ out of this office. Look for him to try and trip up Claimant's in regard to their testimony. His decisions appear poorly written as well.

Judge: W. Thomas Bundy
3/20/2012 10:38:22 AM

The states from this ALJ match up with how he conducts his hearings which are a joke. He will close hearings without allowing cross examination of the vocational expert and doesn't pay much attention to testimoy.