Jackson, Mississippi ODAR Office

At the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Jackson, Mississippi, 13 different administrative law judges (ALJ) conduct Social Security Disability (SSD) hearings and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearings. Currently, in Jackson, the average wait time for a SSI or SSD hearing is 13.0 months. The average case processing time in Jackson is 448 days.The Jackson average for winning a SSI or SSD disibility hearing is 36%. Click on the name of one of the ALJs below to see detailed information about their hearing results. This information for the Jackson ODAR office was last updated on 6/11/2019.

Average statistics
OfficeJudgesAvg. Hearing
Wait Time
Processing Time
Per Day Per ALJ
Jackson 13 13.0 months 448 days 2.6 19% 36% 45%
Mississippi12.0 months443 days2.517%37%46%
National Average:14.9 months500 days2.120%42%38%
Full NameDismissedApprovedDenied

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C. Ingram
Judge: Jim Fraiser
5/4/2020 7:14:28 PM

I was very nervous not knowing what to expect but Judge Fraiser made me feel comfortable from the beginning of the hearing. Seemed very polite. Just waiting on his decision but the hearing wasn’t bad as I thought it would be.

LaWanda Hoffman
Judge: David J Shea
2/13/2020 1:50:02 PM

I had my hearing on feb 4 2020 at 8:30 and judge david oshea was kind and he gave me hope that day,his presence was a blessing. So even if i get a denial,im still grateful to have met you.

Vicki Corkern
Judge: Michelle Thompson
12/27/2019 9:04:38 AM

The disability rules, law, I should of got my disability, but this judge denied me my disability. I am a very sick person, there is days I can barely walk, I honestly don't know if I am going to make it some days.. I have so much pain , so forgetful, the social security doctor said I was disable to work, because of my disease. She mention of me being obesity, and lack of education. It never stopped me working before. I have worked ever since I was 12 years old, worked hard for over 40 years. I have worked for everything I have, and now I am not able to work and about to lose everything I have ever worked for, because I am not able to work, and this Judge made this unfair and inhumane decision, on behalf I felt she is a prejudge Person. It is such a shame that a judge can make this kind of decision, because they don't like a person. What has our country become to. So sad that's it's become that such cases are treated like this. God be with us all.

Judge: Patricia Melvin
10/5/2019 1:25:40 PM

She's racist

Judge: Gwendolyn M Hoover
8/25/2019 12:11:49 PM

Has anyone gone before Judge Hoover? I have a hearing soon and I was wondering what to expect. Thanks

Judge: Nikki A Flowers
7/25/2019 9:58:36 AM

I hope she make a great decision dis time i cried last time cause of my ms it have me emotional bad and told her da truth. About my life she denies me now im nac at it again i can't take another one fa my son sake mighty as well died

Hattie willis
Judge: Marilyn R Brand
7/13/2019 8:16:34 AM

Judge: Randi E Lappin
7/13/2019 2:06:04 AM


Hattie willis
Judge: Marilyn R Brand
7/11/2019 7:06:37 PM

My cousin yolanda smith has a hearing with her november 6,2019 .i hope the best for her she going throw hold lot has mental problems her father died and her mother died she is working on trying to draw her father soical security i hope this judge will grant her that she deserve all i hope lord she gets it .she dont like been around alot of people .i hope the judge grant her in favor god .

Judge: Todd Spangler
2/27/2019 7:06:17 AM

Todd Spangler is an ***** of the 1st degree. Doesn't know anything about medical issues and should be fired. He does not go through all medical records as he should, he knit picks and uses what he wants to use.

Judge: Barry C LaBoda
2/13/2019 9:54:13 AM

I felt very comfortable with this judge...I didn't have an attorney last time but had one this time that knew the judge and walked me through everything beforehand...Hes a good judge. Very understanding...

Rhonda Adams
Judge: Robert Ballieu
12/24/2018 6:05:56 AM

I went before Judge Robert Ballieu in the early part of December. I am prone to horrific panic attacks and the moment I stepped into the courtroom I had a sense of calmness come about me. I believe it was from his initial demeanor, his professionalism, politeness and smile. He was not confrontational or belittling. He is there to listen to the facts and medical evidence of the case and make an informed decision based on what's presented to him. I was still nervous, scared and in tremendous pain, but I was Blessed To have had him as a judge. I'm not sure how my case will go. We were in there for an hour which was a bit debilitating for me, but I wish I could have gone over every detail about me and what my health conditions were and how each one affected me in various situations throughout each day. My memory is horrible and I barely remember what took place other than he made me feel like a human and comfortable. Regardless, of the outcome I made it out of there without a panic attack because of his professionalism, demeanor and his calming voice. I was told I'd know something within 90 days.

Stephanie Herrin
Judge: Jim Fraiser
12/16/2018 3:30:33 PM

Seems my review wasn't put on here. My husband was told by a doctor he is not able to work and my husband has several chronic problems he has COPD with a 50% lung compasity which he has to do breathing treatments throughout the day and he does the brio puffer everyday. He also has Ademia he has had 2 open heart surgeries and he was in an accident that left him crippled broke both legs he has a pin in his right hip that is the size of a railroad spike also he has a rod from his hip to his right knee with screws holding his knee together he also has a plate in his left ankle with screws holding it in and he has a screw in the talos of his left foot. His left foot swells constantly which causes him to have to prop it up several times a day and ice it just to be able to walk and the swelling never goes all the way down he walks with a Cain because he has no balance anymore he desperately needs surgery on his left foot again but with him but having any kind of insurance he is forced to live with it and he also has high blood pressure and high cholesterol and severe depression my husband is NOT able to work he has not been able to in years the Judges decision should be looked at again and my husbands conditions and medical records should be takin into consideration again. If he reads this I Pray he finds in his heart to reconsider we are sending an appeal and we are at a loss as what to do if he doesn't help I can see my husband dying because we just could not afford to get medical help. I am the only one with an income and I am 100% disabled this has been so hard on me and him both I can see how depressed he has become again and it has me worried because he is not able to get the proper medical help and he is NOT able to work. Please please please Judge Frazier if you read this I Pray you will reconsider my husbands case he has had a long hard road and he has come a long way but you ultimately hold his life in your hands all of his back pay and his medical help please reconsider my husbands decision we really need help I'm desperately begging you to hear us out one more time. We will be sending an appeal please if you will we Pray you will look at how his life is in the ballots with your decision in more way than one. Thank you sincerely Stephanie Herrin

Judge: Nikki A Flowers
9/10/2018 8:00:19 AM

Judge Flowers had thoroughly reviewed my file and asked a few questions for clarification. The hearing was conducted in a forthright, fair and respectful manner.

Edward Luna
Judge: Barry C LaBoda
9/5/2018 9:37:24 PM

Had my SS case today with Judge Barry C LaBoda and it was very smooth! This Judge asked the right questions and gave me an advise out of his own time in which was very helpful! Thanks for being amazing!!

ana cales
Judge: Barry C LaBoda
6/13/2018 4:03:32 PM

i wanted to take the time and address MR JUDGE BARRY LABODA FOR being so compassinate person and understanding my needs his judgement on my case was well taken care of i was very happy with his decision and will forever thank him from the bottom of my heart. thank you once again mrs ana cales

Judge: Patricia Melvin
5/24/2018 3:15:37 PM

Judge Patricia Melvin didn't have updated information and refused to consider it after I paid for it and sent it to her. She was rude and uncaring . Because of her my son can't see the doctor and get his meds . He is on 9 different meds and we can't afford to buy them . I wish there was something I could do to make her accountable for his doctor visits and meds

Renee Exendine
Judge: Ted W Armbruster
4/28/2018 7:42:59 PM

Your Honorable Ted Armbruster proved to be a conscientious, thorough and experienced ward of the court. Judge Armbruster was well prepared and had perused my case completely. His attention to detail pointed to his experience and ability to follow protocol. Judge Armbruster displayed he was very knowledgeable regarding the years of my long tenured medical issues. His inquiries were sound and required, in order to document his findings, of a fully favorable decision. I commend the Social Security Administration for their preparedness and employing Judge Ted Armbruster.

Stewart Small
Judge: Larry J Stroud
3/23/2018 12:55:49 PM

Judge Stroud approved my husband’s Social Security Disability. Judge Stroud was very professional and to the point. He seemed to be a very good judge.

Judge: Robert Martin
3/22/2018 9:13:11 AM

Judge Martin was very attentive and fair. Asked questions to the point. Made me very comfortable in a worrisome situation

Sharon Norwood-Lewis
Judge: Patricia Melvin
3/17/2018 6:43:54 PM

Bases cases on her personal opinions and not the facts of the case. Someone's sexual relationship or personal appearance shouldn't be a a factor on a mental disability case

Judge: John T Molleur
3/8/2018 11:50:37 AM

Judge Molleur denied my case. I had lumber fusion of the l4,l5, S1 with all of my attending physicians writing that I am unable to work. Even the Dr that sits in the hearing stated on record that hypothetically he cannot do any work of any type. I was in severe pain and and was unable to sit while the hearing was going on. However the Judge still denied me. How unfair the people that need it can't get it.

Rene marquez
Judge: Kieran McCormack
2/26/2018 6:15:19 PM

Just had my hearing with him seems fair and honest

Judge: Michael L Levinson
10/11/2017 11:14:37 AM

Did you know that even though you are denied you can still appeal to the board for another decision.

Judge: Michael L Levinson
10/6/2017 1:15:18 PM

I will say that I was not impressed with how I was treated at my ALJ hearing for my SSDI. Being a medically retired veteran and 100% disabled rated by the VA. After going through a heart attack, several spinal procedures and injections for pain from injury sustained in Iraq while deployed for a year and over 20+yrs in the service. I felt he was more concerned that I was receiving my military retirement pay instead of focusing on what I was at the hearing for "My SSDI" that I have paid into and earned over the past 30yrs! As I had to keep saying, I was forced to retire from my full-time job and it's hard to deal with the pain. Over 700 pages of medical documentation from doctors/specialist and still denied! The hearing was a complete waste of time and I think this judge did not like the fact that I draw my earned retirement and applied for my SSDI!!!

Judge: Michael L Levinson
9/26/2017 3:36:58 PM

This judge is great -- he has a sense of humor, abundant common sense, compassion, and a unique ability to relate to a diverse variety of people.

Judge: Robert Martin
9/18/2017 7:03:54 AM

Very fair, listens to the case and knows the file. You can't ask for more than this when trying a case.

Nancy Jo
Judge: Ted W Armbruster
9/7/2017 10:48:39 PM

I had my hearing with Judge Armbruster a week ago. I just knew that I would be denied. That being said, he was very professional in his demeanor. The questions he asked were required of him and my council and I were able to speak our peace. I became emotional and he gave me time to recoup and answer more questions. Fair yet, by the letter of the law. Not once did he make me feel "less than". I did have a preponderance of medical and had heard of many being denied. With 3 cervical surgeries, depression, anxiety, PTSD and lumbar issues. At the conclusion of the trial, he gave me a fully favorable bench decision. I was amazed and had to let it sink in. My advice, keep your cool and appreciate they have rules to follow.

Judge: Brian Jones
8/5/2017 4:24:53 PM

First of all I give my life and my gratitude to my Lord and savior. And also I give my thanks to u Mr Brian Jones, because u understood my disability and now the financial side of my life will be better again. And also want to thank the VE that was there, sorry I regret not remembering his name.

Good Riddens
Judge: Willie L Rose
8/3/2017 6:54:24 PM

An absolute *******, he's dead now---won't be rude & disrespectful to NO ONE else!! We won't have to worry about him and his evil courtroom antics!! Thank you Lord!!! 💁🏼👌🏼✌🏼👀👀👏🏼😋

Good Riddens
Judge: Willie L Rose
8/3/2017 6:54:04 PM

An absolute *******, he's dead now---won't be rude & disrespectful to NO ONE else!! We won't have to worry about him and his evil courtroom antics!! Thank you Lord!!! 💁🏼👌🏼✌🏼👀👀👏🏼😋

Judge: Barry C LaBoda
8/1/2017 10:51:25 AM

Florida Attorney/Reps: Have hearing coming up before Judge LaBoda. Please tell me what he is like, opening statement, he leads off questioning, etc. Thanks.

Alice Cruz
Judge: Kieran McCormack
7/28/2017 4:15:31 AM

I don't have my results yet, (just saw him yesterday) but regardless of his decision, I have to say he is wonderful, he totally understands what it's like feeling intimidated in court, he makes sure you understand every question asked, I wish there was more of him in this world

Melissa Ann Escobar
Judge: Todd Spangler
6/26/2017 10:10:14 AM

I had my hearing with Judge Spangler 26 Jun 17, he is very professional and quite knowledgeable about your ailments. He asks very pertinent questions and is always on point, he presents a very calm demeanor which quickly puts you at ease. I was a nervous wreck and fatigued and had a tendency to go off subject a bit...he is a patient judge. Thank you and have a great day

Ricky Walker
Judge: Jim Fraiser
6/16/2017 8:56:42 PM

Such a calm and relaxed court room.Judge was very respectful and polite. He was to the point with great questions and very attentive to my answers. Allowed plenty of time for me to respond. He made his ruling from the bench and I was out of there. Thank you Judge Fraiser for such an experience in life.

David johnson jr
Judge: Sarah B Stewart
6/11/2017 6:35:16 AM

Judge stewart was a Wonderful judge June 2 9.00 I met a great human being willing to listen and had heart

D Nixon
Judge: Nikki A Flowers
6/1/2017 9:17:44 AM

Judge Flowers was well aware of the issues in my case and had thoroughly reviewed my file. Her decision was based on the facts in my case and on the law. She told me before I left to expect a decision within a week or so; took a little longer but I know the delay was not her fault. Thanks Judge Flowers!!

Judge: Marilyn R Brand
5/13/2017 9:47:31 PM

Has anyone had a hearing with this judge this year? If so, how did it go?

Intimidated by Reviews
Judge: Frederick McGrath
2/21/2017 10:23:01 AM

After reading these mixed reviews, I feel intimidated

Judge: Willie L Rose
2/2/2017 1:19:29 PM

I found this judge to be fair. HE spoke with me and my representative with respect even inquiring about my activities as far as my illness. He was fair with myself and representative with all respect. It was calming to see his pleasant smile as he held court. Thank you

Henry Brown
Judge: Jim Fraiser
1/29/2017 1:23:51 AM

Thank you Judge Fraiser. You saw all of the evidence in my medical records and gave me a favorable decision. Thank you sir!

Judge: Larry J Stroud
12/26/2016 3:47:08 PM

Denied my case after being told no jobs i can do. I have a son that i can not do nothing for financially and still no work yet. This man is not fair at all.

Judge: Nikki A Flowers
12/23/2016 5:19:34 PM

This Judge is 100% unfair. She does not make decisions based on the medical evidence in the file. She always try to make professional comments that she is not qualified to make. She has denied me twice and each time I appealed it and the case was sent back to her for a new decision. This time the appeals board ordered that a NEW Judge get my case and follow the law and make a new decision. I pray that the correct decision is made this time.

Judge: Nikki A Flowers
11/19/2016 8:21:32 AM

I am curious because a attorney advised me that NIKKI FLOWERS is no longer a judge! I know she has really changed my entire life. I don't think that she is capable of doing her job . I know that she doesn't read information that is turned in regarding my case . Each decision made wasn't based on me , and in the hearing they have a person who decides what work you can do. He said less than minimal! My decision said I can lift 50 lbs and do this for a full time job! I believe that she has ruined many people's lives and not even blinked a eye ! She should not have a job because she doesn't do her job! Rude, states request information but never does! I pray she is gone! Every case that she has made ruling should be reviewed so WE THE PEOPLE CAN ACTUALLY RECEIVE WHAT WE HAVE ALREADY EARNED!!!

Judge: John T Molleur
11/14/2016 6:49:41 PM

All I can say about Judge John T Molleur is he is fair. I was told by my own attorney he was mean and all that but I didn't feel any hostility from him at all, he let me explain my situation no matter how long I took. I had my hearing on 8 Sept 2016 and was told my case was approved on 10 Nov 2016. Now just waiting on my letter and back pay. The thing he wanted was me to change my onset date which I totally approved of, so I have nothing negative to say about him, he asked what he's required to ask but obviously he agreed with me. The Vocational expert did say there was no job for me to do as well, I guess that helped but I haven't gotten my package yet.

Judge: Laura Robinson
11/6/2016 12:19:28 AM

Judge Robinson is a very fair judge. I was issued a partially favorable decision. However, i really think she wanted to help me prove my onset date. She asked great questions and listened to what i had to say. I have a mental illness and i get judged and looked down on by drs. And other professionals all the time, but not this lady. She made me feel very comfortable. I received ssi instead of ssdi. But i do understand tgat this was because i had no medical evidence of my onset date that i claimed. I wish the administration wud understand when u get fired u cant afford health care, not the judges fault. Anyway, im glad i drew this judge and even tho im disappointed to be getting less $$$, she was kind and i feel i was treated very fairly. The wait nearly killed me, but im thankful i got a judge that was kind and fair....

Mike Kinds
Judge: Clarence Guthrie
11/4/2016 12:19:10 PM

Hello please i see this judge got a very low approval rating will someone please tell me how this judge is i see him in Januray!

Judge: Larry J Stroud
9/19/2016 11:07:25 PM

Saw Judge Stroud 6/29/16-wanted additional hospital records & results of pulmonary function test that was scheduled after hearing date. Gave 45 days to receive that info. He has received the info & yet still nothing as far as a decision. How long should it take him? Getting frustrated.

Judge: Sheila Lowther
9/16/2016 12:08:32 PM

I appeared before Judge Lowther and I had a very positive experience. She was kind and attentive. I answered all her questions briefly yet honestly. I was quite impressed with her knowledge of my case, she does her homework before the hearing. I want to express to those who are struggling in this process how important it is to have substantial medical documentation that supports your claim. Get copies of your medical records, go to the doctor frequently, don't stop advocating for yourself!!The burden of proving your disability is on you, it's not just what you say, it's what your evidence can prove. I worked day and night getting every piece of paper I could to prove my claim. I even had notarized statements from caregivers, previous employers, family, friends and most importantly a current letter from my treating physician stating the severity of my illnesses. I worked in conjunction with my attorney (whom had not defended a disability case before). I just didn't stop going to the doctor!!! Medicaid paid for my doctor visits, surgeries, and medications because I had no income. I was very nervous going into the hearing, that's a normal response. I just kept calm, concentrated on what the judge asked me and I was honest. I knew everything I said to her could be corroborated by my medical evidence. Keep your head up and don't stop advocating for yourself!

Waiting patiently
Judge: Jim Fraiser
9/16/2016 2:02:37 AM

He was a compassionate judge listened to me and knew I was creditable, and he ruled in my favor at the hearing on April 20, 2016 thank you Judge Frasier

Ryan phipps
Judge: Todd Spangler
9/11/2016 7:57:16 PM

Very respectful and knoligible judge

Judge: Larry J Stroud
8/13/2016 8:27:44 PM

i am facing homelessness and inability to afford medical treatment because larry stroud disagrees with my doctor, my family, and my friends.

Sherman Meadows
Judge: Rebecca B Sartor
8/13/2016 9:55:18 AM

The allowance rate on the initial claim is 30 % and less than 5% on the Reconsideration but the allowance rate with the Judges is 44% so your best chance is with the ALJ. The key to getting approved is be prepared. You need a Rep that is interested in your case and SSA is not just a sideline. You and YOUR Rep need to Know the requirements for entitlement : the decision is based on age, education, vocational background and your DISABILITY. The judges in the Tupelo office are good judges I have always found Judge Sartor to be respectfully to me and the Claimant. She, as well as the other Judges, will try to give you the benefit of doubt but they cannot approve your disability if you do not have medical evidence to support YOUR Case- SSA will tell you that you must prove that you are disabled. No i have not won all my cases with her or the others but when the Hearing was over I knew and the Claimant knew that the decision would be fair and based on the evidence. This is the best shot at approval that you got so get a GOOD REP and be prepared.

Judge: Jim Fraiser
7/26/2016 12:11:19 PM

Judge Fraiser is not a very nice person. I was struck by a car while walking. I suffered severe injuries to my body, head, spine, leg and arm/shoulder. Judge Fraiser suggested I could work as a parking lot attendent! When I tried to remind him that we had discussed the PTSD I have, and real fear I still have of moving cars around me, he told me to SHUSH! I was denied! I have written a complaint and refiled. A PARKING GARAGE? Is that some kind of sick joke?

Judge: Frederick McGrath
3/15/2016 7:02:39 AM

ALJ McGrath went above and beyond recently, and by his efforts, allowed my client her hearing when there had been a serious miscommunication regarding my client's file (it had been sent to another hearing office by mistake, and the hearing cancelled - all without notice to myself or my client). Another ALJ might have shrugged their shoulders and said nothing could be done, so sorry; ALJ McGrath instead tracked the file down, had it sent back to North, and worked the hearing into his already scheduled docket. While we are still awaiting results, we are grateful to have been able to conduct the hearing as we had planned, especially since my client traveled from TN to Athens for the hearing. Thank you Judge McGrath!

Judge: Frederick McGrath
3/3/2016 8:52:02 AM

He is The hardest working ALJ in the Nation and that office!!!

Louis Burgos
Judge: Barry C LaBoda
2/10/2016 8:20:21 PM

Judge Laboda Awesome person .Asked me questions made me feel very comfortable .But its been almost 3 months with no written letter .When & how long can a person waitl

Judge: Larry J Stroud
2/1/2016 4:21:29 AM

Very fair and reasonable Judge. He was very professional and got right down to business. He definitely seemed liken he actually took concern and care in my case. My lawyer advised me of some questions he may asked that might not help my case but, he instead looked at the important details and made a fair decision. Very pleased. He was polite and even had a sense of humor with his professionalism.

Judge: Robert P Kingsley
1/27/2016 1:08:22 PM

DO NOT believe the negative comments about this JUDGE. He is fair, patient, and does a thorough job. As for not ever approving African Americans, that is a lie, as sure as I am breathing now. Stop the nonsense and gets Your facts together.

jeanida smith
Judge: Robert Ballieu
1/11/2016 8:50:52 AM

What a life saver. What an understanding judge. Just tell him the truth.

Judge: John T Molleur
12/13/2015 7:18:02 PM

i seen him on 12 8 2015 when should i expect to here from him?????????

Judge: Laura Robinson
12/2/2015 1:54:37 PM

I had a hearing with this Judge, and I think she is a very pleasant, calm and fair Judge. She was very professional and empathetic in my case.

Judge: Laura Robinson
11/30/2015 9:35:30 AM


Judge: Windell R Owens
11/18/2015 10:44:19 AM

Judge Owens is VERY thorough, but very fair! He is an excellent Judge in my opinion. As long as the claimant is honest and the rep is prepared, you have a good chance! He does numerous lengthy hypotheticals and asks for the rep's legal theory before testimony.

Judge: Nikki A Flowers
11/3/2015 8:05:48 PM

I thought she did not have a lot of knowledge on what social security finds to be disabled. when she was not sure of a case she leans toward denial.

Sharon Norwood-Lewis
Judge: Laura Robinson
11/2/2015 10:30:44 AM

Laura Robinson, I would like to know why none of my disabilities were considered in my case on September 9,2015? Instead,you insisted on defaming my character.you used past statements in my mental file to my psychiatrist. You tried to make me look like a drug addict without carefully considering those statements you were referring to dated back when I was a young adult. You not once considered looking or even taking a drug test of me before the hearing.my opinion is you went in pre-judging me before you even viewed the facts. You not once considered the pain I suffer on a daily basis.not once did you consider my disability of cervical spondylodis,which is the wearing and testing affecting the spinal fish in my neck.jobs that involve repetitive neck motions,awkward positioning or a lot of over-head work puts extra stress on my neck.tingling,numbness,and weakness in my arms,hands,legs,and feet.I sometimes have loss of bladder control.neither did you consider my other disabilities,like,major depressive disorder(bipolar),personality disorder,personality disorder NOS,asthma,chronic kidney disease,right renal hydronephrosis,infection in my bloodstream,migraines and a few minor disabilities. My understanding was that you're supposed to base your decision on facts, not assumptions.

Judge: Mary E Johnson
9/26/2015 7:46:24 PM

Had my court hearing with Judge Mary E Johnson in June and she was very caring and took time to listen to my and my lawyers comments. I am very pleased with her and highly recommend her to anyone else. Thank you so much Judge Johnson for listening to me and awarding me my benefits. God bless always.

Judge: John T Jacks
9/16/2015 9:19:54 AM

Would like comments from any Reps on Judge Jacks. Would like to know more about him in preparation for future hearings. Does he always do opening statements, etc. Thanks.

Judge: Jim Fraiser
8/20/2015 8:12:31 PM

I have an upcoming date with Judge Jim. I pray tgat my Lord lays it on his heart to see & understand my type of disability and he approves me. And to Sadanddisapointed, i am trueky sorry your daughter was turned down. Don't give up. Try again. I will pray for all that didn't get it......,.God bless!

Judge: Willie L Rose
7/11/2015 8:48:23 PM

I do not know this judge, but to answer your question:  to whom can you report a judge's "awful" behavior,  contact the American Bar Association or that of your state.  Also, a simple search online will give you the names  and contact information of various ethics' review boards.  Judges, even though most have tenure or are appointed for life, are expected to abide by certain rules  of conduct and ethics.  Besides "knowing the law and courtroom procedure", these judges are also expected to conduct themselves and their "court" in such a way that their attitudes and tones reflect the seriousness and "judicial-minded ness" of their responsibilities. (They are also expected to write and communicate clearly and concisely.).     Know this: A tenured judge CAN be disciplined and even removed from his or her position, although several reports may have to be made and his or her behavior may have to be flagrantly rude, bizarre, extremely dismissive of his or her claimants' rights,  etc.  Also, judges must not be biased against any race or sex, etc.; must not hint that they are.  There are other ethical rules they must adhere to, and legal ones as well.  (Ignoring or not being familiar with medical records upon issuing a ruling ---not good).  If all else fails, contact the media.   Local and state news channels/papers have investigative reporters who will be happy to look into what is going on for you if you feel certain you have been mistreated, were not given a fair and impartial hearing, you were yelled at or treated in an unethical way, etc.  (Most hearings are recorded; get a copy of the tape.)  These judges' positions are coveted, so there is always a younger, better qualified, less cynical and irritable judge willing to take the older judges' places.  Im sure SSA would love to hire these younger judges at lower wages, especially if some older judge is behaving in ways that embarrass the SSA in the media.  However, if you are just mad at a judge because you didn't get what you expected, look out.  You could be sued for libel at the very least.  Remember, most judges are doing the best they can in a system that is cracking under the weight of so many people who are now claiming disability.  At the end of a long day of listening to everyone's stories, you might be tired and a little grouchy too.     But if you have a legitimate complaint, remember too, some of these judges have private practices, so you can go to a webpage and leave a review so that others are forewarned.    And know this, if an SSA judge is labeled as HORRIBLE to deal with by a few lawyers, well,  lawyers share information formally and informally, and eventually, there will be negative repercussions for the judge.    

Stephen B.
Judge: Ted W Armbruster
6/13/2015 9:26:56 PM

Judge Armbruster is a compassionate thorough but fair judge. He asks a lot of questions that make sense; no tricks or games. His decision in my case was based on the preponderance of evidence.

Pat McCusker
5/24/2015 9:51:13 AM

This is the most fair ALJ I have ever encountered.

Judge: Clarence T Guthrie III
4/21/2015 9:34:14 AM

Judge Guthrie immediately took away all of my nervousness, a true Southern gentleman and funny as well. I truly appreciate his insight to my progressive illness that is debilitating and issued his approval from the bench with a caveat "have to make sure the law is right" followed by a wink and a smile. His clerks were super nice as well and the vocational expert was spot on. Overall a very good experience restoring my faith in our system.

John Payne Jr.
Judge: Jim Fraiser
4/21/2015 7:32:34 AM

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU JUDGE FRAISER, My file has been hanging in the balance since 2012, was sent to Jackson Ms.from Ga.. Between Belinda Hemphill, Judge Fraiser and Sonya Frisby I had an appt. schld within 2 weeks for a hearing. I have to use the library computor due to being homeless and a friends phone. I have prayed a Judge would see my file and approve based upon the facts, but at least I got an appt date because Judge Fraiser saw it as dire..Thank you Sir and those ladies who help make this possible...God Bless you all and Jackson Ms ODAR for doing their job above the national avg. Thank you so much

John Payne Jr.
Judge: Edwin E Kerstine
4/17/2015 11:16:14 AM

I trust someone in your office will please advise Ms. Hemphill of my thanks, my file has lingered for too long in Ga. In Feb it was sent to Jackson Ms. within a few days Ms. Hemphill had my file transfered from aged to critical. I do not know much about Jackson Ms. ODAR, but I know this one thing, yall get slammed for doing your job are other states would not call upon your area...Looking forward to a positive outcome soon on my case from 2012...God Bless

Judge: Patricia Melvin
3/8/2015 2:29:25 AM

Very good judge

Judge: Nikki A Flowers
2/9/2015 8:19:51 AM

I went to court for the second time ! My appeal got her decision revoked and lucky me had another court date! She couldn't make a decision because records that were faxed to her got lost!!! LOL ! So the info has been there because I collected and turned in the information! I was told by the professional person that says if u can work! He agreed I can't work! After 6 years you think degenerative disc disease would be approved ! No i have lost everything and now losing hope period ! I'm stuck in a room waiting and will not keep waiting I'm done! My life is ruined! Thanks for all the help!

Judge: Robert P Kingsley
2/5/2015 7:50:28 PM

I thought that this judge was a very caring and considerate person. He was extremely thorough in his line of questioning. I do not know the outcome of my case yet but I am hoping that I will be approved.

Judge: John T Molleur
1/29/2015 4:58:54 PM

i have to go in front of him what should i expect

Judge: Rebecca B Sartor
11/13/2014 10:59:01 AM

I saw others comments that she is unfair I agree

Judge: Barry C LaBoda
10/22/2014 5:34:56 AM

i would like to thank the honorable judge Laboda for his patience and kindness in approving my case after three years of appeals i finally had a human being that seemed to care about me as i struggling individual It is great to know that there are people like u in this world

Manuel Soldevila
Judge: Barry C LaBoda
10/10/2014 10:43:41 PM

I salute you Judge LaBoda, for standing and fighting alongside with us, the military veterans. I thank you not only for your high degree of professionalism, but also for your compassion and care toward the military veterans. I am an US Army veteran with 2 combat deployments. Our lives, after we return from a deployment is never the same. We lose friends, we get tired, we get lonely, we get depressed, we question if we will come home standing or being carried by six people. We worry about those we love, our children and spouses. But yet, we must be strong for the man on our left and the man on our right. But once we come back, there is another long war against suicide, depression, and many mental and physical challenges. Thank you again Judge LaBoda...and God Bless you!!!

Judge: Frederick McGrath
10/8/2014 3:52:25 PM

Judge Frederick McGrath approved my case on yesterday. I believe he's a very witty, smart & compassionate guy....charming & interesting...I may add... My hearing was brief & to the point...The past 21 months of my life has been the most challenging time in my life...happy to know it will get better soon...very thankful I was approved.

R. Harrison
Judge: Barry C LaBoda
10/1/2014 5:44:35 AM

This Judge is very competent and fair. He treated me fairly and looked at my entire case. After waiting over 2 years to get this far, this Judge was quick and fair. He had already reviewed my case prior to my arrival, was ready to ask relevant questions he had. He gave me a verbal decision on my case, so now I am just waiting on the formal approval. I am glad that we have such a hard working and fair judge here in Orlando.

Judge: Barry C LaBoda
9/28/2014 12:51:34 PM

Just have one question, when they are sending out the written decisions. Do they type like one word a day. You are told it takes 60 days to receive a decision that is basically boiler plate in design. Is this a federal mandate to see if the claimant will die before any funds are paid.

Judge: Robert P Kingsley
9/25/2014 9:20:41 PM

This judge is horrible, he never takes any of his cases seriously hes very judgemental and has never approved any African American person. I know him very well. Its just sad I dont see how hes a judge

Judge: Robert Ballieu
9/20/2014 8:22:56 AM

Was a very nice Judge. When I first filed a motion to skip the hearing and just get a decision based on the medical and other evidence, he denied the motion and then 3 weeks later he reversed the decision and amended my disability claim and approved it without a hearing. Upon reading his decision 2 weeks later I found that he is a very thorough Judge and very fair and intelligent. By him reversing his earlier order it showed me that he is a very Judicious person and Judge and he examines every aspect of your disability file and by his decision it saved me another 4 months of time that I would have waited on a hearing to arrive at the same conclusion after having waited already 11 months..

Social Security Disability Attorney
Judge: Frederick McGrath
8/27/2014 3:10:35 PM

As an attorney, I practice before several Social Security hearings offices and numerous judges throughout the Southeast. My experience with Judge McGrath has been consistently positive, and I have found him to be fair-minded and efficient in his handling of cases where I have appeared before him. While he takes a streamlined, no-nonsense approach to hearings, he appears to do this out of a sense of duty to move his cases efficiently and to minimize delay in resolving claims where claimants have already been required to wait months (or even years) without income leading up to finally getting their day in court.

Judge: Patricia Melvin
7/25/2014 12:09:14 PM

I have had one hearing with this judge. She does ask most of the questions. Also she understands claimant's "most of them" continue care and wants the file updated before she decides. With that said I believe she reads the whole file. Doesn't require an opening statement. Seems like most judges do not require it or don't want to waste there time with the rep stating what they have already read. Practice tip: But you must always be prepared to open so you don't look like an idiot.

Judge: Frederick McGrath
6/4/2014 11:54:48 PM

This Judge knows his job. He gets straight to point and does not waste anytime or taxpayers money. He is well prepared. He has an idea of what his decision will be before the hearing. He shows concern about the claimant and takes everything into consideration. He does his job well without hesitation. He can see right through a person if they are full of BS. Great service for the people!

Judge: Mary E Johnson
6/2/2014 4:24:55 PM

HI my name is april curl my judge in the case for disability is judge Johnson. Have anyone let the judge decide and not have the hearing? what should I expect from judge Johnson. Right know I am suffering with bipolar depression very bad. I did not have a hearing because I feeling not myself. I have been fighting to get disability because my condition has woresen

Judge: Michelle Thompson
5/28/2014 8:27:26 PM

I would like to just say she is a fair and just judge she truly listen and provide fair decisions based on the evidence if more judges were this unbiased and did everything on a case by case basis and not under any preconceived stereotype this world would be a better place

Joe Lee
Judge: Sarah B Stewart
5/22/2014 2:35:32 PM

Very fair and very professional.

Judge: Michelle Thompson
5/19/2014 8:08:53 PM

She took the time to listen to me and was very caring.

Judge: Rebecca B Sartor
4/15/2014 2:02:17 PM

Do not like judge sartor. She just looks at the social security dr findings too much. She had me nervous and upset for the get go. I believe she already had her mind made up when I went to the hearing. A lot of things can come up from the time u see their dr and the hearing. In my denial letter is looks like I am completely lying abt all of my problems. I am not making up migraines bc it is no fun getting botex shots all over my head.

Just a Rep
Judge: Barry C LaBoda
1/29/2014 1:55:58 PM

Very nice judge. Have your case up to date. This will expedite your decision. Explains what will take place and that he is trying to get to know the claimant a bit better. Wants the claimant to be at ease and reassures them some duringthe hearing if he sees they are getting restless or nervous. He will be familiar with the evidence to be sure. Again, have all of your recent medical records in the file before the hearing!

An experienced attorney
Judge: Robert Ballieu
11/22/2013 10:03:07 AM

The judge is very well prepared, very polite, runs a good hearing, appears to have no "agenda" to deny or award. Know your medications! Does the initial questioning on background and work history, then lets attorney do the rest of the hearing. Appears to be a really nice person, but obviously from his approve-deny record, not going to award weak cases. Even though I'd love a "liberal" judge for my clients, at least give me a "conservative" who let's you present the case and be a real and independent judge - not, as some do, regard themselves as the opposing side. I'd be happy to be in any courtroom - Judge Judy to the Supreme Court - with this jurist.

Brenda Benjamin
Judge: Barry C LaBoda
11/6/2013 8:44:20 PM

when I walked through that door and he seemed to have a halo around his head,I knew It was a good day.thank you judge Barry,you literally saved my life.

Judge: Sarah B Stewart
8/21/2013 11:15:51 AM

Very good judge. She's a fairly new ALJ but you'd never guess by the way she conducts her hearings. She handles them like she's been doing the job for years. She is very fair-minded and treats claimants and counsel with respect.

Judge: Mary E Johnson
7/3/2013 4:11:54 PM

I am very upset i just recieved my ss decision today.... denied! I served in army and ihave many issues...and cant work...she did twist alot of my words and left out parts of what i was saying...im appealing this.

Judge: Marilyn R Brand
6/17/2013 6:36:44 AM

Have had one hearing with this ALJ. She is pleasant and patient. She did not ask for an opening statement. She questioned the claimant generally for about 25 minutes. She did ask the VE a hypo based on less than full time sedentary work and the VE listed 3 sedentary jobs. I had to correct that on cross exam. She did not ask for closing argument. I had the impression this ALJ was fairly new to the bench. Her award rate is on the conservative side.

Judge: Nikki A Flowers
6/10/2013 5:51:05 PM

ALJ Flowers very professional and straight forward.

Judge: Robert P Kingsley
5/25/2013 12:18:09 PM

This judge very unfair very political he did nit like my attorney and he carried it through the whole trialnand in to my denial I ave seven out of nine qualifiers for social security but got denied I am now going higher up and file complaints against him he gets no stars

Judge: Mary E Johnson
4/17/2013 9:10:07 AM

a cherry picker. she looks to twist your words into what she thinks she can get them to mean. she did not explane a good reason for her judgement to me she needs all of her case's reviewed by the better higher ups.

Judge: Mary E Johnson
4/17/2013 8:37:19 AM

i was not payed a great deal of attention to only was heard to be unfavorable denied my social security benifits. i can tell when people don't liston and care "judge mary elizibeth johnson" should be fired for not doing people right it's ******* people to go thru the proscess and then to be carelessly judged against with silly old women resentfull like ideas she is discrimination material.people are not statistical numbers miss johnson is using people for her benifit. hopleyfull she will be gone fron ss soon.

Judge: Frederick McGrath
4/16/2013 2:06:29 PM

my first claim was DENIED by this alj, even though he stated in his decision that i did in fact have two severe impairments.. of course the AC kept his ruling intact and my atty filed in federal court. well here it is 6 1/2 yrs from initial filing and 3 yrs after it was denied at appeals council and taken to fdc, my claim was remanded due to ERROR by the alj for NOT giving my treating doctors RFC any weight and going by what the ssa med examiner (which i never saw to begin with)said at some point before my initial denial (which only took a few months to get)..my hearing was NOT that quick, and also we waited for at least 15-20 minutes before hearing started as the VE was LATE. mind you judge started without the VE, and he finally arrived about 10 minutes before my hearing was over..he heard me answer the last 2 question is all. yet the judge took his opinion that there were thousands of jobs in the national economy within our region that i could do?? i am like the rest of you, i believe he has his mind made up before you go in the door...well, he messed up on this one and now i get a new hearing and hopefully with another judge

Robert Bishop
Judge: Nikki A Flowers
4/14/2013 11:40:35 AM

This ALJ seemed to me as straightforward and fair. My lawyer bailed on me two days before hearing, and I decided to represent myself. She explained proceedings, and seemed to try to put me at ease. She struck me as impartial to past denial, and more than willing to weigh all evidence on both sides to make a fair and just judgment.I think to many people are looking at her approval/denial ratings, and jumping to conclusions.If you have the evidence, which you need in any case no matter who the ALJ is, she will render a just and fair decision.

Judge: Nikki A Flowers
4/4/2013 1:26:05 PM

She starts out as a denial, then basically challenges you to change her mind. There is nothing of merit about her.

Judge: Larry J Stroud
3/28/2013 2:47:01 PM

We have had many hearings with ALJ Stroud. He has a reptuation for liking to work fast; start early; will book numerous hearings at the same time assuming some no-shows, takes first come/first served. Likes to amend onset dates and offer closed periods. Is friendly, personable, easy to work with. Likes reps who are well prepared as he knows the file well. He's very fair, but his award rate has come down quite a bit in the last couple of years.

Judge: Todd Spangler
3/28/2013 2:42:34 PM

Based on our experience ALJ does have a tendency to come to the hearing without a strong handle on the facts of the case and rep may need to get him back on track. He will do most of the questioning and won't usually ask for opening or closing.

Judge: Willie L Rose
3/28/2013 2:38:57 PM

I've had one hearing with this ALJ. I found it very hard to understand him when he speaks. He did not seem familiar with the medical evidence in the file. He does not usually ask for opening or closing statements. Questions claimant first and then let's rep follow up. From the comments by others it sounds like he has a tendency to be less than cordial with claimants.

Judge: Windell R Owens
3/28/2013 2:32:43 PM

I've had one hearing with this ALJ. He was very professional, calm, and gave claimant a very fair and complete hearing. His award rate has come down a bit over the last year. He will ask some general background questions and then will give you specific direction on how he wants the medical testimony developed. He asks a full range of hypotheticals. He ended up denying this claim for lack of supportive medical but it was still a very fair hearing and a well reasoned decision.

Judge: Frederick McGrath
3/28/2013 2:26:12 PM

Our office has had numerous hearings with Judge McGrath. He has a reputation for scheduling several hearings at the same time and taking them on a first come/first served basis; will start early if you get there early; does NOT like submission of medical records on the day of the hearing. Generally does not ask for opening; lets rep do most of questioning and just cuts in when he has a question. I think he often has a good idea of how he feels about a case and uses the hearing to see if it changes his mind. His award rate is not out of line, so he's not denying everything that comes through the room. (Claimants need to understand it isn't the number of pages of records you have, but how well the opinions are supported by clinical evidence, diagnositic testing and your own credibility).

Judge: Kieran McCormack
3/28/2013 2:19:09 PM

I've had a couple of hearings with this judge. He's new to the bench within the last couple of years and I think he's originally from NY. Tends to work quickly, talks a little fast, asks general questions first, then turns over to rep. My impression is that he is very fair and awards cases with merit, although his award rate has come down significantly from when he first started.

Judge: John T Jacks
3/28/2013 2:14:54 PM

I've had one hearing with Judge Jacks. He's an older "southern gentleman". He knows the law and the file very well and expects rep to be well prepared. He will ask for your theory of the case and any applicable listings or SSRs. He listens carefully and takes notes when rep is making argument. Seems very fair and thoughtful.

Judge: W. S Hubbard
3/28/2013 2:11:51 PM

Judge Hubbard is friendly, easy to work with. Does not usually ask for opening or closing. Has rep do questioning and he cuts in with questions he needs answered. He will order CE's on medically weak cases. Is fair and awards cases with merit.

Judge: Jim Fraiser
3/28/2013 2:05:14 PM

Based on our experience this ALJ used to be very friendly, easy going and had a much higher award rate. In the last couple of years he's become much tougher and has a very conservative award rate. He tends to like to work fast, asks rapid fire, pointed questions to claimant. Usually asks one hypo based on DDS and one assuming inability to do full time work. Does not usually ask for opening or closing and does most of questioning himself.

Judge: Laura Robinson
3/28/2013 1:56:32 PM

I've had about 5 hearings with this judge. She is very pleasant, calm, professional and empathetic and understanding with the claimants. She is well prepared; will ask rep for opening; she then questions the claimant in a patient and fairly thorough manner and rep can follow up with additional specifics. She usually gives a hypo based on DDS RFC and one based on claimant's testimony or inability to be on task more than 75% of the time. SHe will also ask for closing argument. She strikes me as very fair and impartial.

Judge: Ted W Armbruster
3/18/2013 8:26:41 AM

He is terrible! Good luck with this idiot!

Frank jackson
Judge: Nikki A Flowers
3/13/2013 9:13:27 PM

I like her she seems fair and nice

Judge: Frederick McGrath
3/11/2013 7:35:08 AM

Yes he has mind made up before the hearing. He schedules way too many hearings on one given day and they are conducted to quick. Rarely uses a VE. The Jacksonville ODAR is filled with fairly negative ALJs.

Judge: Frederick McGrath
3/7/2013 7:45:47 PM

Judge Frederick McGrath claimed he could not read the RFC filled out by my doctor because "the doctor's handwriting was not completely legible and his signature was indistinguishable." There were approximately 30 cases he ruled on before he saw me the day of my hearing and it seemed like he had already made up his mind on each case before the people even entered the courtroom. He wrote about my mental health in his official ruling even though my claim was entirely a physical case with all of my mental health issues (depression because I am unable to work) being a direct result of my physical disability.

Judge: Frederick McGrath
3/7/2013 6:57:22 PM

I was denied even though I have more than 4,000 pages of medical records, dozens of doctors supporting my claim and submitting written statements, and the court-appointed vocational expert testified that there was not a job I was suitable to do. Mcgrath ruled against this suggestion and said I could do a job that did not require standing, sitting, working with my hands, concentration, memory, interaction with people, and would allow me to lie down for extended periods of time each hour. I also require a caretaker (who is writing this message as I am unable to do so) on a fulltime basis to feed, cloth, bathe, drive, make appointments and manage my dr. schedule, clean, cook, and take care of basically all of my needs/activities of daily living. He made the decision in less than 5 minutes and asked me less than 10 quick questions. His decision was overturned on appeal and has been sent back to be heard in court for a second time. I first applied for disability in 1999 and have spent the last 6 years appealing his ruling. I am going back to court in the next 6 months or so and will let you know who I get and the judgement.

Judge: Rebecca B Sartor
2/21/2013 10:04:47 PM


Judge: Rebecca B Sartor
2/21/2013 9:55:48 PM


2/20/2013 8:14:17 AM

This judge is cold-hearted and has no empathy for mental illness claimants. He not only called three psychiatrist and a social security psychologist, two primary doctors liars but me as well. His problem is since he can't see the illness physically then you can work. I believe he wants me to go out in the workplace and have one of my mental breakdowns whereby I hurt someone or vice-versa for him to see that a person that suffers with bipolar I & II are very moody people who can't always control themselves. I also suffer with manic depression, PSTD, social anxiety, anxiety, claustophic, panic attacks, OCD, high blood pressure, asthma, bronchitis, heart disease,etc. I am a 50 year old black female who has worked 30 years of her life always giving and caring for others. I have attempted suicide twice because I am my wits end. It took almost 4 years for this unfair system to tell me no I don't qualify for sdi in which I paid into the system. I guess, I will have to prove to this ### and the rest of them that I refuse to let others come here and live off of me when they never worked a day in this country.

Judge: Sheila Lowther
2/19/2013 9:15:22 PM

I got denied by this ALJ and she was very nice and listened very carefully. I have Fibromyalgia along with other things. In my denial letter she actually accused me of lying. I don't know what I lied about I was very nervous and I can't help that I am that way. I just told the truth and it really upsets me to be called a lair. I have never lied about my condition, no one but myself know how I feel unless they have walked in my shoes. Not even the doctors. I know they see all walks of life with everyone they see on a daily basis. And yes I would say at least 75% do lie. If I have to lie to get something, then I will do without but I have worked most of my adult life, paid in to ss and they tell me I am not disabled? I will not stoop to the level that some do.

Judge: Robert Ballieu
2/7/2013 1:32:02 PM

Judge Ballieu is a good guy, I went before him about a month ago and he was easy to talk to and was very professional with a smile.

Judge: Patricia Melvin
1/29/2013 9:33:45 AM

Really nice judge asks most of the questions ensure that all medical records are in

Judge: Robert Ballieu
1/27/2013 6:14:49 AM

I think he's very nice,but a lot of questions I didn't know the answer to,like the names of all the medications that I have to take from all the.doctors.Its hard to remember all their names on the spur of the moment, so I had to say I don't know.When I got home I read them all,and one was changed but I still take all the rest. The other questions I haven't thought about because my life if such a struggle trying to find ways to survive and take care of my son. He's a very nice man and looks too young to be a jud

Judge: Todd Spangler
1/8/2013 9:53:08 AM

Watch how evidence is characterized in your case he does not seem to read file prior to hearing so you will need to educate about the case AT hearing. He is friendly but that is fatal to your case if you underestimate what he knows about the file. When going to VE in GRID cases watch as he does not have sedentary evaluated he will just address medium and light work even though there are NO transferrable skills.

Jese james
Judge: Mary E Johnson
1/7/2013 3:35:55 PM

Rushed us through hearing. Given only 25 minutes for case to be heard, and then omitted parts of my testimony from actual hearing. My case was denied. I have a form of cognitive impairment that is Early Alzheimers, but because of my age (46), I am being asked to remain in the work force doing menial work where I will most likely get fired within my 90 day period because of my memory. I have an attorney. I still lost. If I were four years older, I would get a compassionate allowance, by that point I may not even be able to remember it's available.

Judge: Willie L Rose
11/20/2012 1:46:22 PM

Im wondering what can be done about this man disrespectfulness in the court room it ridiculous how he behaves hollering I assume thats his way of intimidating sad who can talk to in reference to his conduct.

Judge: Windell R Owens
10/1/2012 6:08:57 PM

Very nice, took my conditions and feelings serious. Used all my Doctor's reports instead of ce exam report. Made me feel relaxed and at ease. VE at hearing was also considerate.

Judge: Jim Fraiser
9/7/2012 11:21:55 AM

I found Judge Frasier to be quite understanding and personable. He did change the onset date, however he had a sound basis for so doing. I say, "Keep up the good work."

Judge: Frederick McGrath
9/7/2012 10:25:39 AM

What a hoot! Seems to have his mind made up by the time we sit down. Holds 6 minute hearings. Gives great weight to RFCs. Somewhat of a "Nero" approach, either thumbs up or thumbs down, without excessive narrative. Does not like substance use or middle aged women with mental health issues.

Judge: Nikki A Flowers
9/7/2012 10:16:41 AM

She seemed to start in Atlanta as an uber-tough judge, but seems to have mellowed as of late. Fair but tough. Tends to ask a lot of clarifying questions during testimony.

Judge: Willie L Rose
8/26/2012 3:52:01 PM


Judge: Jim Fraiser
8/26/2012 12:31:10 PM

Guys I understand your frustration. Been denied, however not by judge fraiser but my point is I know people that have very limited things wrong with them and yet they get approved no problem. Also I think these judges shouldnt be able to make such decisions based on medical evidence when they have no clue what some of it means. they are not doctors and have never worked in the medical field. So how can they determine whats severe or not? Or as my denial stated you have 3 severe impairments but not severe enough. Oh the world we live in

Judge: Jim Fraiser
8/25/2012 1:42:38 PM

I think Jim Frasier needs to step down!!!! He thinks he is above the law. He is very judge mental!!! He is an awful Judge!!

Judge: Michelle Thompson
8/23/2012 5:03:21 PM

I dont think she took in to consideration what I have to go through everyday dealing with children that have ADHD and ODD have twins one approved other one keep being denied I wish she could walk in my shoes and see how it feels to get calls from school because your child cant stay in her seat or that the child is being suspended for fighting hope she one day look at the whole picture and not just her question she asked us

Judge: Michelle Thompson
8/23/2012 4:57:14 PM

I don't understand her decision I have twins one approved other denied several times never went to court one other twin but the oldest getting denied they both have the same medical history and they take med everyday which is five to be exact and hopefully when I appeal I will have some type of representation because why do one get approved and the other one keeps getting denied keep in mind they are only three mintues apart bug the oldest twin keep getting denied ever chance I apply

Judge: Willie L Rose
8/13/2012 3:26:46 PM

The judge does not do a indepth study of the evidence of record. The judge discounts the findings of the claimant's allegations although they are supported by the evidence of record.

Seriously Help
Judge: Sheila Lowther
8/4/2012 10:53:58 AM

I am not sure if this was the judge that I got to see. Even though I have not received a decision as of yet I must say that the judge was nice. She smiled & let me know straight up that hey who needs to be here is not here so I will have to do something else. If this can be paid out, I will. Bottom line to that. So now I sit here in pain waiting. I have been diagnosed with cancer which has spread to my lungs, chronic muscle spasms, bone pain & type 2 diabetes (uncontrolled). Most days with medication I am a zombie or sleep. Without the medication I am in pain. My doctor wants to increase my Percocet to 2 at one time in hopes that would relieve the pain. Now tell me, how will I go to work sleep? Come on now

Judge: Larry J Stroud
8/3/2012 6:34:28 PM

Fair judge,he will ask for a change of onset date if any m.e.r. is supportave of such.

8/1/2012 10:13:47 AM

although judge edison wasnt my judge I understand your frustration my hearing was june 20th and I havent recieved a decision letter in the mail yet. My conditions is left leg ampuation, psoriatic arthritis, and post tramatic stress syndrome. now if that doesnt qualify as disabled after i worked many years in the workforce then what would? I often think the same thing you guys do. what does it take to get approved roll in there on a hospital bed or a wheelchair. however my judge was extremely nice and seemed interested in my case but the low approval rates they have speak for themselves

7/30/2012 4:53:14 PM

This ALJ barely even looked at me during my hearing (June 2012) and never reviewed any medical findings after July 2011, which confirm my diagnosis. Also he basically said I was a liar and therefore denied me any disability benifits at all. I am on 19 prescribed medications, I can barely function while taken them, they have impaired my thinking skills. I also have hyper somnia, means I sleep for hours at any given time of day, but somehow that evidence was not in his report. If I was pushed in to the hearing in a wheel chair with drool hanging from my mouth, maybe he would believe me. But since I am an upbeat person ( to hide all the crap on the inside)he sees me as functional. I have good days and I have bad days , some days I have no pain and other days all I have is pain. I'm a mixed bag-who in their right mind would hire a person like myself? I can't sit or stand for too long, i can only do minimal light non-thinkinh kind of work, I will fall asleep on the job, I will forget the task I've been given and wander the office. I would get fired within a week, that or get that special baseball helmet for my head. this man infuriates me

Judge: Elizabeth De Gruy
7/16/2012 11:46:10 AM

God will judge you for lying

Judge: Todd Spangler
7/4/2012 10:00:07 PM

Appraetnly this is what the esteemed Willis was talkin' 'bout.

Deborah Sue Dubois
Judge: Sheila Lowther
7/3/2012 2:46:34 PM

why is it that when someone that has worked their whole life,i'm in Chronic Heart Failure and can't get any help.i signed up on SSI,been denied twice.i repealed it,now i have to go before a judge.i also have a Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm,and will need surgey in a few months.i saw my heart doctor today.he said i'll see you again in 6 months.i looked up and said if i'm still alive.my body is so weak.he said my heart is in real bad shape,it's barley pumping now.why can't i get any help.all i get is 200 foodstamps.i can't pay my doctor bills.i need help now.i have medicine i need too for my heart.is there any help out there for me.i don't have much longer to live i already know this.like my doctor said today,if i was a drunk or druggie,i would have had help already.can you try and help me?why do i have to go before a judge? to get help.

Judge: Kieran McCormack
6/23/2012 5:48:49 AM

I will rate him after I get my decision.

Judge: Kieran McCormack
6/22/2012 5:33:41 PM

I agree with the comment above. I was in a lot of pain when I went in to present my case, and also stated how uncomfortable I was having to ask for this assistance. Judge McCormack was very accommadationg, kind, and made sure I understood every question and even asked if I needed to get up at one time. I too left with peace for either way his decision goes. the best part was having a good judge.

Debbie Harris
Judge: Jim Fraiser
6/19/2012 8:32:19 AM

bad judge

Judge: Todd Spangler
6/12/2012 1:47:18 PM

I had my ssa hearing at 9:00 this morning , june 12th. Judge TODD SPANGLER Preceded over my case and was on time and very professional the whole time. He touched base on every issue i had. He was very blunt and to the point but would also explain why! The Vocational expert and court recorder was also nice and professional! I admit to being real nervous when i first went in the room but Judge SPANGLER was pleasant talking and calm which made me feel the same way after the hearing started. So my experience with Judge TODD SPANGLER was a very good one! GOOD LUCK ! I HOPE YOU GET JUDGE SPANGLER ALSO !

Judge: Michelle Thompson
6/7/2012 4:49:36 PM

Hottest looking ALJ I've seen. Very cute french sounding accent and a nice demeanor as well.

Judge: Jim Fraiser
5/12/2012 8:07:18 AM


Judge: Jim Fraiser
4/22/2012 3:40:30 AM

How does this man sleep at night....really? Has denied my disabled daughter twice already and she has overwhelming evidence proving she is disabled. Idk how all these ppl faking it to make it can get a check yet she has to struggle and cant get help? Someone needs to pray for these folks to start approving...because the economy is already bad enough without us all scrimpimg and sacrificing to get the help we need and medicine and choosing between medicine food and bills to live.smh i bet none of the judges have to evvvvver sacrifice and worry and go hungry or without meds or utilities or be homeless....we have.

Judge: Kieran McCormack
4/11/2012 9:10:26 PM

Today, April,11,2012, I was given the opportunity state my disability case before Judge Kieran Mccormack. I can't began say how comfortable I was in presenting my case. Judge Mccormack was very professional and clearing explaining any question I didn't understand. Whether my answers were harmful to my case, I was very candid. That said, no matter what the results come out to be, I left with a sense of peace. Couldn't have gotten a better judge.

Kerry G. Passey
Judge: Ted W Armbruster
4/11/2012 2:34:19 PM

Awesome Judge.

Judge: Nikki A Flowers
4/9/2012 7:03:17 PM

To her credit, she demands superior preparation on the part of advocates, and will ultimately award a case if it's been expertly argued. Be ready to cite exhibits in support of a case theory, and be ready to defend any positions asserted. Be mindful that she tightly controls when and how representatives may rebut her on-the-record characterizations of what the evidence depicts. As a result of the friendly back and forth repartee that she enjoys, her hearings can run longer than average. While she can be difficult at times, I respect her reverence for process and her willingness to give a representative all the time he or she needs to make the best case.

Judge: Robert Ballieu
3/14/2012 3:10:21 PM